This is an online memorial of local casualties of World War I, prepared by Grangetown Local History Society in Cardiff to mark the centenary of the war (1914-1918).

Most of the names appear on the memorial in Grange Gardens but we have also discovered other names during the project, which are included separately below In 2018, a plaque was added to the war memorial, to commemorate the men and women not included in 1921. Some details of some casualties remain unknown. If you have any details, family information or photos of descendants, please get in touch with us by emailing You can also follow the project on Twitter @GrangetownWWI

We are grateful to those people who have helped with suggestions, stories, and with information from their own research. Merchant Navy and Royal Navy casualties are shaded blue; women casualties amber and any additional inclusions after the publication of our book, It Touched Every Street in November 2018 are highlighted in green.

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Name Commonwealth grave index Service/battalion/ship Rank Death/age Address and biog/family detail (Maritime casualties in blue)
Name Commonwealth grave index Service/battalion/ship Rank Death/age Address and biog/family detail (Maritime casualties in blue)
1 ADAMS, Frederick James CWGC 2759154 Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Imelda Deckhand 1065/DA, d 13 Sept 1918 in Cardiff, aged 21 and buried in Cathays b 31 July 1896, eldest son of the late Frederick James, a fisherman, and Margaret Adams (nee Foggin), one of four surviving children; lived at 5 Kent Street. Born in Hull. Died after a long illness, developed while on service.
2 ALEXANDER, Lewis CWGC 175711 Welsh Regiment 9th Battalion Private 46295 d 21 October 1918, aged c34 Brought up in 43 Clive Street, son of a pilot ship owner, also Lewis, who had remarried Louisa after being widowed and served in the Merchant Navy during WW1; Lewis Jr became a greengrocer at Abertwsswg near Blackwood. His battalion appeared to have been at Avesnes Les Aubert preparing for an attack on the River Selle when he was killed. Left a widow Miriam (nee Sutton) and two daughters, aged six and four. His father was a wealthy man who owned nine houses in Grangetown at the time of his own death in 1920.
3 ALIMOOR, Thomas Robert CWGC 2978911 Mercantile Marine S.S "Forestmoor" (London) Ship's Cook d 6 October 1917, aged 37 Husband of Jane Bowen Alimoor (nee Carter), of 41, Allerton St., Grangetown, Cardiff, born Bombay. He was one of 22 - eight from south Wales - who died when his ship was sunk by a German U-boat carrying a cargo of copper ore to Dublin from Huelva, north of Morocco
4 ALLSOPP, William Joseph CWGC 261411 Welsh Regiment 9th Battalion Lance Corporal 30072 d 26 Oct 1915, France b 1897, 81 Sea View (Ferry Rd), Grangetown, eldest son of ship repairer James - who was an ASC at the Dardenelles; an errand boy in 1911 but worked for the GWR before the war, one of nine children. Lived in Tyneside/Co Durham for some of his childhood, while his father worked as a miner. He was wounded by a sniper.
5 ANDERSON, Andrew Juiles CWGC 2978996 Mercantile Marine S.S "Woolston" (London) Donkeyman 4 May/1918, age 48. Son of the late Peter and Maria Anderson; husband of Mary Jane Anderson (nee Keir), of 245, Penarth Rd., Cardiff. Born in Denmark (it may have been Amsterdam, he lived in Llanmaes Street in 1901). He was one of 19 crew lost when his ship carrying sulphur, having just left Syracuse for Messina, was sunk by a German U-boat.
6 APPLEBY Harry CWGC 738791 Cheshire Regiment 9th Battalion Private 65691 d 25 March 1918, aged 19; Son of John - gas works stoker - and Emma Appleby, of 8 Bradford St., Grangetown, Cardiff. Worked for Llywellyn Eastman's Ltd in Canton, his two brothers were also serving in France and Salonika. He had been feared taken prisoner originally
7 ARKELL, Ernest John CWGC 1644254 Welsh Regiment 1st/5th Battalion Private 241836 d 26 March 1917, aged 41 Son of John Arkell; Oxfordshire-born, worked with his brother Frederick as a manager at family drapers at 53 Holmesdale Street..
8 BARNETT, Reginald John Martin CWGC 926727 1st (Royal) Dragoons Corporal 6328. d 12 Nov 1914 at Ypres, aged 27; Son of Richard and Kate Barnett, of 16 Cymmer St. Enlisted in the RFA. and served in India and there transferred. to 1st Royal Dragoons and served in South Africa, before joining the Bechuanaland Police; he rejoined his regiment on outbreak of war in 1914. "One cold night the corporal, while in the trenches with a number of comrades, volunteered to secure a bundle of hay from a neighbouring farm to mitigate their discomfort. Alone. amid a shower of bullets and bursting shells, he crept to the hayrick and having gathered a supply, returned in safety to the trenches into which he threw the hay. He stood up momentarily before jumping down to rejoin his colleagues when a sniper's bullet struck him in the head causing instantaneous death." His younger brother George, a carpenter, also served in the war as a RE carpenter, joining a year after Reginald's death. Another brother Father Anthony Barnett OSB was an assistant chaplain with the forces, who informed his parents of the details of his brother's death. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque.
9 BARROW, Arthur CWGC 586520 Welsh Regiment 15th Battalion L/Corporal 23852 d 9 October 1918, aged 26. Born in Cogan (Penarth), b1892; eldest of 11 children living with parents William, a docks labourer, and mother Emily at 31 Sevenoaks Road. He worked for Goodall and Simpson's oil works in Grangetown; his brother was in the Navy. He volunteered in 1915 and spent three years in France. Echo photo Nov 9. Also remembered on the Grangetown Baptist Church plaque.
10 BARRY, William CWGC 698605 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 8th Battalion Private 18122 d 19 Aug 1915, age 29, at Gallipoli b March 1886, son of John and Catherine Barry, of 9 Thomas St, one of seven children - lived early years in Madras Street, where his father was a steamship seaman. There is a William Barry listed in 1911 Census as a prisoner in Portland in Dorset, of about the same age. He may have been a Royal Naval Reserve before the war. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque.
11 BEER, Archibald Robert 'Archie' CWGC 2979463 Mercantile Marine SS "Paddington" (London) Second mate d 21 July 1917, age 19. Son of ship's pilot Richard Arthur and Augusta Beer (n e Morland), of 68, Clive St, Cardiff. They had seven children. The Paddington was a Cardiff-owned on a voyage from Cartagena to UK with Admiralty cargo & passengers, when she was sunk by a German U-boat, 250 miles west from Fastnet. A total of 29 people were lost
12 BELL, William CWGC 2759175 Welsh Regiment 2nd Battalion Corporal 12346 d 30 Jan 1917, age 38, buried in Cathays cemetery Husband of Mabel Frances Shimell; the couple lived at 19, Bromsgrove St., Grangetown, Cardiff (formerly her parents' home). Her mother was a midwife, her father a plasterer. William was Sunderland born, Mabel born in London and they had a child William in 1909 - another child died - and he worked as a labourer. He had also served with the Army (8th Hussars) in the Boer war previously, joining in 1898 and later as a reserve. Mabel remarried, to William Brackley in the spring of 1918.
13 BETHELL, Albert SydneyValentine CWGC 844859 South Gloucester Regiment 12th Battalion (Service, Bristol) Private 260421 d 10 October 1917 in Belgium, aged 21 Worked as a baker for his father Sydney, a baker, living at 20 Bradford St - see also Purnell below, his brother-in-law also died. Born in Gloucester. He married Mary Jane Fry in 1912. His battalion was very heavily shelled on the morning of October 9th at Sanctuary Wood, with a heavy barrage again 12 hours later. There was also a heavy bombardment on the morning of the 10th. In the first 11 days of October, four officers and 59 other ranks were killed and eight others died of wounds.
14 BIANCARDI, Edward Charles CWGC 2759179 Army Service Corps M.T Private M2/120753. d 3 Nov 1917, aged 36, at Lansdowne Rd military hospital in Cardiff and buried in Cathays Married to Annie Gwendoline (Kinsey), with two children, aged nine and two; son of Isidore and Annetta Biancardi, of Alexandria, Egypt; living at 19, Coedcae St., Grangetown, Cardiff. A fitter by trade. Records show he had been discharged in January 1916 but he died of cardiac failure. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque.
15 BIRD, William CWGC 2746529 Royal Field Artillery 57th Reserve Battery Gunner W/4444 died 8 April 1918, age 32, buried in Birkenhead Son of William and husband of Elizabeth Bird, of 24 Somerset St. Died of a brain abcess, aggravated by active service.
16 BLAKE, Albert John CWGC 439712 Royal Field Artillery "D" Battery. 121st Brigade Sergeant 4357 d 19 August 1917, age 27, buried at West-Vlaanderen, Belgium Son of Albert, a smith, and Alice Blake of 13 Ludlow St. He died at Pilken Ridge, having fought at Mametz Wood and Ypres. He had been at the front since 1915. He worked for AJ Levy ship store, was known as a vice captain of Grange Juniors FC and was also a sprinter who had competed at Cardiff Stadium
17 BOHLIN, John Edward CWGC 646295 Welsh Regiment 1st/5th Battalion Private 49833 d 9 Sept 1918, aged 32, died in Egypt, buried in Jerusalem. Lived at 124 Paget Street; he was living with wife Ellen at 30 Eldon Rd (Ninian Pk Road) in 1911 and was a sea fireman. His brother-in-law Bertie Forgan died at Ypres in 1917.
18 BOTWOOD, William Harold CWGC 469690 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Howe Bn. R.N. Div. attd. 190th Light Trench Mortar Bty. Royal Field Artillery Able Seaman Wales/Z/1858 d 13 Sept 1916, age 19, buried at Barlin, France One of nine children to Charlotte and the late Henry Botwood, of 8 Wedmore Rd., Cardiff; William had left school and become a milk boy at 14. He suffered a wound to the head and died in hospital.
19 BRACKLEY,Thomas CWGC 928772 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1st Battalion Serjeant 9939 d 30 October 1914, aged 23; buried at Ypres. Family lived at 6 Hewell Street and later at 59 and 61 Kent Street, father George and mother Ellen, Thomas was a smith and a member of Cornwall Street Baptist Church - his name is on the plaque there.
20 BRADFORD, Frederick Daniel CWGC 3054118 Royal Marine Light Infantry Plymouth Bn. R.N. Div Private PLY/16853 d 28 June 1915, age 19; memorial in Turkey Son of Frederick and Mary Ann Bradford, of 2 Tynant Street. Eldest of seven surviving children, a plumber's assistant.
21 BRADLEY, Owen Edgar CWGC 654127 Royal Engineers 6th Mounted Brigade Signal Troop Pioneer 103141 d 12 October 1918, age 23; buried in Haifa cemetery in Palestine Son of John Frederick (stonemason) and Clara Georgina Bradley, of 6 Devon Street. Penarth-born and an office boy. Joined up aged 19 in June 1915, transferred from India to Egypt in May 1918..
22 BRYANT, Sidney Doggett CWGC 3043243 Royal Naval Reserve - HMS "Prize" and HMS Idaho Deck hand 10534DA d 14 Aug 1917, age 23, killed in action with German submarine in Atlantic, north west of Ireland - all 27 crew were lost. Lived at 8 Penhaved St with wife Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Mary Bryant (Cottiero) - and their two-year-old son Sydney Thomas she later moved to 247, Mynachdy Rd, Mynachdy, Cardiff. He went to St Monica's School in Cathays, was a member of Grangetown YMCA and played for their football team. He had worked for Dowlais Works and later for Sessions and Sons of Penarth Road. He married in 1914. His widowed mother Elizabeth lived at 51 Stockland Street, where he lived before his marriage - he was a clerk in a steam packing warehouse. His brother Pioneer Henry Bryant was serving with the Royal Engineers in Egypt.
23 BRILEY, David CWGC 1648912 Welsh Regiment 11th Battalion Lance Serjeant 15071 d 18 Sept 1918, age 27, Salonika, Greece. Son of William Cooper Briley (boilermaker) and Mary Hannah Briley, of 39 Pentre Street. He was a ship's boilermaker at Cardiff docks. Served in the Lewis Gun section, who was initially reported missing then killed in Salonika. Photo Echo Oct 28.
24 BROCKWAY, Fred CWGC 929225 South Wales Borderers 1st Battalion Private 6637 d 31 October 1914; aged 33. Born in Bristol, a docks labourer, lived at 78 Oakley Street with his wife Joannah - they married in 1909 and had lost a child by 1911.
25 BROCKWAY, William CWGC 2759197 Royal Fusiliers 44th Garrison Battalion Private G/110846 d 23 Oct 1918, aged 33; buried in Cathays Cemetery Lived at 62 Hewell Street with his sister Annie and her husband William Came; a docks labourer; both his parents were dead. He died in Whitchurch Metropolitan Hospital of double pneumonia - had served for three years.
26 BROWN, Fred CWGC 62293 Royal Army Medical Corps 22nd Field Ambulance Private 9174 d 16 May 1915, age 25, died of wounds, buried in Bethune, France. Son of Edwin (steam crane driver) and Elizabeth Brown, of 5, Clare Rd, formerly of 76 North Clive Street and 12 Warwick St. Enlisted at Oxford. In 1911, he was a missionary student at Dorchester theological college in Oxford. The 22nd Field Ambulance were attached to the 7th Division when he died.
27 BROWN, Henry George CWGC 875030 South Wales Borderers, 6th Battalion Private 41710 d 9 Apr 1918 - poss age 19 102 Holmesdale St, son of James (joiner) and Jane Brown, sister of Mrs Gutsell. He went missing between 9-15 April after only being at the front for nine days. He worked for George and Elliott wire rope works, according to the Echo on 27 September. Also remembered on the Grangetown Baptist Church plaque.
28 BUCKNELL, Bertie Frederick Veyseyl CWGC 187762 Welsh Regiment, 17th Battalion 48198 d 25 Nov 1917 at Cambrai France Left a widow Alice Beatrice Bucknell (Corbey, m July-Sept 1917); had been a baker; formerly Coedcae Street and Paget Street, widow in 155 Clare Rd
29 BURGESS, Windsor James CWGC 2759204 Welsh Regiment 19th Battalion Private 31552 d 10 March 1917, age 20 A baker's boy, one of 10 children to Thomas and Margaret Burgess, of 46 Kent Street, Grangetown; lately 50 Coveny St., Splott, Cardiff.
30 CALLINAN, Thomas Spencer CWGC 316717 Royal Welsh Fusiliers Regiment, 19th Battalion Private - 73708 d 15 December 1917, c aged 19, France Born 1898 in Cardiff, only son of Thomas and Elizabeth Callinan, 1 Madras Street, Grangetown. Attended St. Peter’s RC School, Roath. Enlisted in Cardiff early in the war just after leaving school. Croisilles Railway Cemetery, France. He also lived in Cathays; his father was a tailor who died before him.
31 CAREY, George Christopher CWGC 2865528 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve H.M.S "Gloucestershire" Able Seaman Wales Z/1089 d 7 April 1916, age 23, accidentally drowned on Gloucestershire; body not recovered for burial. B 29 Dec 1892 and brought up at 16 Amherst Street, Grangetown, son of dock worker John and Honorah Carey; latterly living at 11 Alice St., Docks, also Louisa Street, Docks; in 1911 a shipping clerk living with his parents in Adelaide Street.
32 CASPER, Henry "Harry" Louis CWGC 1542663 Royal Munster Fusiliers 1st Battalion Private 3384 d 9 Sept 1916, aged 35 He was one of 210 men and 13 officers from his battalion killed in the battle for Ginchy at the Somme. All bu three of its officers were "killed or wounded within 50 yeards of our own trench" at the start of the offensive, at 4.45pm. Henry was living at 107 Clive Street and worked at Messrs White and Wilson spring mattress makers in Grangetown, (one mention of being married with two children but no record(; in 1911, was a labourer living at 82 Penhaved St, Grangetown with his parents; listed as son of Annie Casper, of 31 Sophia St., Docks, Cardiff, and the late Joseph Casper (a French-born sailor). He apparently had two brothers - both privates in the Army too - George in the Cardiff Pals Battalion and William in the Cheshire Regiment, although no record.
33 CAVANAGH John CWGC 1656114 Welsh Regiment Inland Water Transport
Royal Engineers
2nd Lieutenant 450004 d 26 February 1918 in Basra Was a Royal Engineers corporal 450004 General List IWT; became 2nd Lt; commissioned 8 October 1917, went missing, believed drowned. His next of kin is given as J Cavanagh, Casa No 11 Trigorfico, c/o Last Palmas Produce Compana Province de Buenos Aires, Argentina
34 CAVEILL, John "Jack"Charles (Not CAVIEL) CWGC 1628343 South Wales Borderers Private d 10 November 1917, age 31 Husband of Winifred Caveill, of 17 Amherst St, Grangetown, Cardiff. In 1911, he was a bobbin winder at Gripoli. His father George was a coal trimmer from 119 Clive Street. John worked as an errand boy for a confectioners when he left school. He married Winifred Bater in 1908 and they had daughters Eileen (b 1912) and Isabella (b 1914).
35 CHAPPELL, Alfred CWGC 697048 Royal Irish Fusiliers 6th Battalion Private 15628, d 15 August 1915, aged 19 Lived at 38 Redlaver St, Grangetown with his father George, a coal trimmer; he was an engine cleaner after leaving school. Born in Roath.
36 CHERE, Richard CWGC 2977513 Mercantile Marine SS Landonia (London) Steward d 21 April 1918, Son of Hannah Chere and the late Henry Chere; husband of Eleanor Chere (nee Gibbs), of 46 Merches Gardens, Grangetown, Cardiff. Born at Cardiff. In 1911. was living at 52 Corporation Rd with wife and baby daughter. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque. He was on board a cargo ship 27 miles NW of Strumble Head, Pembse, when it was torpedoed by the U91 en route from Bilboa for Glasgow with a cargo of iron. He was one of 21 lives lost
37 CHIPLEN, Frederick (Not CHIPLIN) CWGC 434620 Royal Horse Artillery & Royal Field Artillery "D" Battery in the 121st Brigade Bombadier 2331 died 4 Nov 1916, aged 27 son of Elizabeth Reeves (formerly Chiplen), of 42, Picton Place, Canton, Cardiff, and the late James Chiplen. A railway carriage cleaner with GWR. Brought up in Canton. He left for service on Christmas Eve 1915. Married Annie McBarron in 1907 and had a son, also Frederick (b 16 April 1908, who was among 42 crew to die when merchant ship SS Ashbury was lost in a gale off Scotland in Jan 1945)
38 CHISLETT, Robert (Not Chislet) NOT FOUND Royal Engineers Sapper died at home 5 April 1919, aged 39 B 12 Oct 1879, husband of Mary Annie Chislett of 13 Pentrebane St, Grangetown. Employed in the property and markets section, Public Works Department, Cardiff Corporation (on war memorial at City Hall). Died at home after a long illness.
39 CHRISTENSEN (spelt CHRISTENSON) (Tom) Thomas Patrick CWGC 3054211 Royal Marine Light Infantry with the Plymouth Battalion Royal Naval Division Private Ply/16827 d 8 May 1915, aged 17, no information received as to location of grave but memorial at Helles, Gallipoli
B 28 Jun 1897; enlisted Bristol 11 August 1914, son of Charlie (a Swedish-born able seaman. then docks labourer, originally from Gothenbury) and Annie Christensen, of 49, Thomas St., Grangetown, Cardiff. One of two sons who fell within six weeks of each other- two youngest of three sons. A printer's assistant. The family lived in Roath in 1901. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque.
40 CHRISTENSEN, Peter CWGC 1606601 Welsh Regiment 1st Battalion Private 13390 d 28 April, 1915, age 22, Zonnebeeke, Flanders Son of Charles and Annie Christensen, of 49, Thomas St., Grangetown, Cardiff. One of two sons who fell within a few days of each other. He worked as a naval stoker before the war at Cardiff Docks. Pic in Echo on May 18. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque.
41 CLARGO, Frederick William CWGC 1628778 Lancashire Fusiliers 17th Battalion, Ex-RFA Private 25777 died 22 October 1917, age 20 Son of Charles Henry Clargo, of 73, Corporation Rd., Grangetown, Cardiff, a master butcher, who also lived earlier at 112 Paget Street. Also remembered on the Grangetown Baptist Church plaque. He died near Marechal Farm, near Passchendaele. His body was never recovered.
42 CLEAL, John CWGC 2759218 Royal Navy H.M.S "Iphigenia" Stoker (1st Class) SS/114982 d 24 April 1918, aged 24. The stoker on HMS Iphigenia died of his injuries on a hospital ship, the day after an attempt to sink three ships filled with concrete at Zeebrugge. John Cleal, 24, had served in the Navy for six years and it is believed he lived in both Clive Street and 19 Holmesdale Street. In 1911, he was a mill labourer. He had postponed his wedding to volunteer to take part in the raid. Eight Victoria Crosses were awarded, but the casualty rate was high with more than 200 killed and a further 300 wounded. Buried at Cathays Cemetery in renovated grave. One the Grangetown Memorial, it is wrongly stated he died at the Battle of Jutland.
43 CLEVES, Sydney Nicbolas CWGC 275972 C Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 114th Company Private 25260 d 11 March 1918, age 25. Son of William and Florence Cleves, of 35, Kent St., Grangetown, Cardiff. A barber by trade. The family were living at 30 Amherst St in 1911.
44 COCKS, Joseph Montgomery CWGC 2759221 Royal Field Artillery Gunner 41551 d 11 Sept 1918, age 36 Son of Joseph Cocks; husband of Alice Cocks, of 3 Bromfield St., Grangetown, Cardiff. Brought up at 13 Corporation Road, his father a retired shipping agent; he worked as a railway clerk and porter before joining the Army before the War, by 1911 and left a widow Alice and son George, born in 1913. His Army records said he had a "steady sober hand and was reliable" He contracted "trench fever" in 1917, was invalided back to England in January 1918, with heart trouble. Had been discharged as physically unfit a month before his death and is buried at Cathays Cemetery.
45 COLEMAN, James Mark CWGC 315103 Machine Gun Guards 4th Battalion Private/Guardsman 62; Formerly listed as 13058, Grenadier Guards. d 5 December 1917 age 29, buried at Metz. Born in Cadoxton, Barry, 16 December 1888; one of 12 children born to Charles and Kate Coleman, of 38 Wellington St, Canton, previously of Gough Street in Temperance Town. His father was gas works worker. Three brothers were on active service: Sapper Charles (RE), Fitter Alfred (RE) and L/Corp Frederick (ASC) Served in the regular army then employed in the Waterworks Department, Cardiff Corporation (Western Mail). On active service since August 1914. Wounded three times. Served in the Army for a total of 11 years. In South Wales Daily News of 3rd January 1918 (photograph). Western Mail 4th January 1918. Formerly 13058 Grenadier Guards, who he was serving in 1911.
46 COLLINS, Cornelius J CWGC 2759225 Welsh Regiment 1st/7th Battalion Company Sgt Major 290210 d 19 April 1918, aged 30, hospital in Middlesbrough Son of Johanna and the late Cornelius Collins; husband of Kathleen Mary Collins, of 70, Pentre Gardens, Cardiff. A member of the Welsh Cyclist Regiment and who died at the VAO hospital in Middlesbrough. Born at Cardiff, lived at 67 Stockland St, one of 13 children and was a grocer's assistant in 1911. Buried at Cathays Cemetery. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque.
47 COLLINS, Frederick William. CWGC 758556 Dorsetshire Regiment 6th Battalion Private 3/8108 d 1 November 1916, age 24. Son of Alfred and Sarah Ann Collins, of 45 Stoughton St, Grangetown, Cardiff. A mason's labourer, enlisted with his two brothers and brother-in-law. He was killed at Lesboeufs trenches in the Somme. His battalion diary describes vividly the mud, machine gun and rifle fire they were facing. Four others died in the same week. Pic 17 Nov.
48 CONDON,Stephen CWGC 1641890 East Lancs Regiment Private, 33119 d 22 August 1918, age 23,

Lived at 58 Staughton St, Grangetown - mother Mary, apparently deserted by her husband, had remarried Thomas Sexton in 1913 and he was serving in the Royal Irish Fusiliers. Stephen was one of seven children and had been born in Waterford, Ireland and spent his early years in London. His brother John is believed to have served in the Royal Navy and died at home of heart disease in 1919.

49 CONNORS, Roderick CWGC 1459396 Australian Infantry Force L/Cpl, 1933 d 5 September 1916, Pozieres, France b 1888, lived at 7 Corporation Rd, with his father Michael an Irish-born boiler maker and his mother Emily; also lived at 156 Penarth Rd and 36 Thomas St. A St Patrick's schoolboy, Roderick had around 10 siblings, at least two of them served in the war. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque. He joined the AIF in Queensland in 1915 - probably while working overseas as as a sailor. He went over to Gallipoli, but then onto France, where he was promoted from private.
50 COOKSLEY, Albert CWGC 434819 Royal Field Artillery "A" Battery. 64th Brigade Corporal 13342, d 4 October 1917, age 23. Son of Samuel and Sarah Cooksley, of 66, Cornwall St., Cardiff. A shop assistant in a tead merchants in 1911, his father was a general store keeper. A member of Cornwall St Baptist Church and on the plaque there.
51 CORBEY, John "Jack" not Corby NOT FOUND Welsh Cyclists Regiment. There was a 7th (Cyclists) Battalion of the Welsh Regiment Private 7765 Died 1 March 1920, in Cardiff. Born in 1896 and lived at 155 Clare Road and was a former lorry driver with Spillers and Baker flour mill before the war. He was first reported missing in April 1918 and had been at the front for two and a half years. Back in Cardiff, he died of TB and associated weakness (asthemia syncope) at St David's Hospital, Cowbridge Road, with his brother WG Corbey of 22 Taff Embankment at his bedside. He joined the Cardiff City Battalion and joined the cyclist battalion as a dispatch carrier. He was an assistant at a ship's chandlery in 1911, lived with mother Beatrice at 112 Clare Road - earlier at 10 Kent Street; father William.
52 COTTIER (alias COCOLO), Henry CWGC 841456 Loyal North Lancs Regiment 2nd/5thBattalion Private 245096 d 26 October 1917, aged 19 Joined up in 1916, arrived in Le Havre in February 1917. He died in the attack at Poelcapelle. "The ground and weather conditions were dreadfully bad," read the battalion diary. The going "almost impossible." Within 50 yards they came under heavy machine gun fire. 42 soldiers and six officers were killed and more than 150 wounded. Henry lived at 37 Knole Street, Cardiff, son of Nicholas Cocolo; mother was Annie (formerly Cottiero from her first marriage to an Italian sailor in North Shields), so he seemed to have taken an Anglicised version of his mother's name. He was 5ft 5 ins tall, according to his record. According to his obit, he was Grange Wanderers AFC captain and also "an excellent shot." A crane driver at the Dowlais Works. Probably "Henry Cortero" commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque.
53 CRICHTON-STUART Lord Ninian Edward CWGC 62599 Welsh Regiment, 6th Battalion Commanding 6th Bn. formerly Lt., Reserve of Officers, Scots Guards Lt Col d 2 Oct 1915, age 32 Second son of John Patrick, 3rd Marquess of Bute, K.T., and Gwendolen, Marchioness of Bute; husband of Lady Ninian Crichton-Stuart (now the Hon. Mrs. A. H. M. Ramsay), of 87, Lancaster Gate, London. MP for Cardiff 1910-1915 and Justice of the Peace for County Fife. He was killed in action on 2 October 1915, while leading the 6th Welsh in an afternoon attack on the Hohenzollern Redoubt, near La Bassée. Eldon Road in Riverside was re-named Ninian Park Road after the war.
54 DARBY, Ivor Augustus CWGC 49426 Cheshire Regiment 9th Battalion Private 53187 d 4 May 1918, age 32 Son of the late Henry and Martha Darby, of 81 Clare Rd., Cardiff; husband of Florence Annie Darby, of 38 Cairns St, Cathays, Cardiff - they married in 1905. In 1901, he was a butcher's errand boy, his father a mason's assistant.
55 DARROCK, Elmer Robert CWGC 4010493 Royal Marine Light Infantry H.M Yacht "Warrior" Private PLY/15645 d 19 October 1918, aged 23; buried in Arlington USA Born 19 Dec 1894, he served on HMS Highflyer from April 1917 until his death in October 1918. He "died of disease" - believed to be a flu epidemic, while working on an escort vessel off Nova Scotia. Son of Mrs. S. Darrock, of 5, Maitland Place, Grangetown, worked as a railway lamp porter for Great Western until 1911. His newly-married sister also died in the flu epidemic back in south Wales a few weeks later, in Ebbw Vale.
56 DAVIES, David CWGC 2759248 Royal Engineers "G" Depot Company Corporal 31381 d 24 October 1919, age 42, buried at Cathays Cemetery b 1877, Husband of Laura Davies, of 83 Penarth Rd. He suffered a cerebral haemorragh and shell shock and died at home nearly a year after the war ended.
57 DAVIES, Herbert Edward CWGC 3045985 Royal Naval Reserve H.M.S "Hughli" Lieutenant d 26 April 1919, age 25 b April 1893, lived at 49 Penhaved Street with his wife Ethel (nee Harris), He was son of Benjamin and Louisa. Davies, a grocer, of 11 James St., Cardiff; he was a marine apprentice but became captain of the tug Hughli, which was involved in supplying the Navy between Ostend and Dover. He was one of two seamen to buried in France - 29 crew were lost when the RNR salvage ship foundered off the Belgian coast in April 1919. His obit in the Echo says he drowned in rough seas near Ostend at Nieuport Bains. Despite lifeboats answering their distress signals they were too late. "Ten of the crew of 39, were, however, saved by the breeches buoy. Lt Davies remained at his post till the last." He had been captain for a year and was possibly the youngest on board, the newspaper speculated.
58 DAVIS, Albert Henry Ezra CWGC 35885 Devonshire Regiment 1st Battalion Private 20498 d 1 July 1916, age 38 b 1884, was living at 47 Cornwall Street in 1901 as a horse tram driver; in 1911, was husband of Agnes A Davies of 20 Plasnewydd Rd., Roath, and a general labourer, with three children.
59 DAVIES, Frederick Henry   Royal Navy HMS St.George Trimmer, died on HM Motor Lighter K58 - likely a landing craft d 1 Nov 1916, ahed 28; buried in Anglo French Millitary Cemetery, Lembet Road, Salonika, Greece b 26 Aug 1888 and joined up in May 1915; Father: Frederick Davies (also served along with another son), mother Alice, of 42 Ferndale Street, Cardiff, formerly of 118 Clare Road, hs father was a stoker on a steamship. According to his naval record, Frederick drowned in Salonika harbour after falling overboard, possibly from a landing craft although it says he had been transferred to the trawler section on 1 October. It is mentioned later on 5th November in ship's log - when the body is brought back on board HMS George. Ship was in harbour for painting and cleaning. The record also says Frederick was transferred from the HMS Snaefell to the HMS St George in March, and had also servied on the Mars and Europa. It says "it has been decided to presume that Davies's death occurred on 1 November - the aftermath of falling overboard from HM Motor Lighter K58 and drowned." His mother received a RNR award in 1924.
60 DEAN, William CWGC 2759256 Highland Light Infantry, 52nd Training Reserve Battalion, Acting Sergeant, TR/2/200 Died at in military hospital in Edinburgh, 14 May 1917 - aged 27 - buried in Cathays Building labourer living at 30 Stoughton Street, Grangetown, with wife Martha (nee Henders, married 1909) and her family. He was born in 1889 and brought up in Canton, son of Alfred and Ann Dean. By 1911, William and Martha had a child who had died.
61 DEANS, Robert Silvester CWGC 523846 Canadian Infantry Force, 3rd Pioneer Batt, Private, 180567 d 29 Sept 1916, aged 25; buried at Albert near Somme b 1891, next of kin, father Robert Silvester Deans, 109 Clive Street, Grangetown, a coal trimmer - Robert was one of seven suriving children. He was a sailor but "for some years" had been settled in Canada, where he enlisted. He left on the ship Olympic for England in 1916 before his unit (the 88th Victoria) entered final training before being sent to France. He wrote a will a month before he was killed, leaving £52 to his sweetheart Daisy (who lived in Kent) and the rest to is mother, who he sent all his Army wages to.
62 DENHAM,Charles CWGC 511106 Rifle Brigade - alt King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) 11th Bn. Private 22952 d 24 November 1916, Of kidney infection at a casualty clearing station in France. A warehouse porter, lived at 13 Devon Place with his widowed mother Ellen. Born 1895. Son of Ellen and the late Frederick Denham, of Cardiff, Glam. Died of inflammation.
63 DE VINE (DEVINE), James Arthur Forrest CWGC 2978442 Mercantile Marine S.S "Duckbridge" (Newcastle) First Mate/Captain d 22 Feb 1916, age 50 A master mariner, son of Elizabeth de Vine and the late John de Vine; husband of Phoebe Constance de Vine (nee Gammell), of Church Lodge, East Challow, Wantage, Berks. Born at Aldershot. + His ship was taking steam coal from Cardiff to Orkney for the British fleet when it was sunk by a mine north of the Scottish mainland. Presumed he was living in Grangetown while operating from the port at this time.
64 DICKINSON, (Charles) Louis (not believed to be T Dickenson) CWGC 620451 Royal Engineers, 47th Field Co Sapper 494441 d 6 August 1917, aged 24 B 1893, son of Charles - a dock gatekeeper - and Martha Dickinson, of 68 North Clive Street, formerly of 21 Ty Nant Street. Louis had sisters and brother Henry. He worked as a sash maker for John Williams of Cardiff. He had been on the front line since June 1915. Died in hospital There was only one Dickinson living in Grangetown. Name on memorial not believed to be T Dickenson of Royal Engineers who died in Aug 1920 CWGC 901329 - no family record or obit around that time.
65 DILLON, Joseph Edward CWGC 456479 [ Kings Liverpool Regiment, 17th Battalion; formerly 136697, Royal Field Artillery. Private; 41175 d 29 Apr 1918, Flanders, buried Voormezeele, Belgium b 1894. Lived at 104 Holmesdale St, Grangetown, he had been a porter at a lady's outfitter in 1911 and was working as a barman in the Great Western Hotel before joining up. Father Thomas - had worked on a ship - mother Lily, who worked in cigar factory. Married Ruth Edwards in 1913 and had two children, who would have been aged five and three when he died - family at 104 Holmesdale St.
66 DOWSE, Herbert Cyril Surtees CWGC 2978609 Mercantile Marine S.S "Cardiff" (Cardiff) Mess Room Steward d 10 Jan 1918, age 24 Son of Esther Octavia Dowse (nee Richards), of 38 Cornwall St., and the late Albert Henry Dowse, a tailor. In 1911, was an errand boy living in Craddock St, Riverside. One of eight crew who died when the cargo ship SS Cardiff was torpedoed in the Bay of Biscay, south west of Morbihan, France. It was damaged and refloated.
67 DRAKE, Ivor Edward CWGC 615360 Welsh Guards 1st Battalion Sergeant (in obit), Corporal 1215 d 25 August 1918 b 1891 Barry Dock, last address was 12 Paget Street - his parents Thomas (d 1895) and Emma, originally living in Holmesdale Street. By 1901, Ivor was living at 144 Clive Street. He had nine siblings. Killed while charging a machine gun.
68 DRISCOLL,Cornelius CWGC 872279 Durham Light Infantry 1st/6th Battalion Private 79985, formerly T2/016714, RASC d 9 April 1918, aged 23

b 1895, enlisted aged 19 in 1914, while working as a labourer, he was previously a coal seller. He was one of eight children - his father Cornelius Driscoll, who worked on the railway and lived at 44 Hereford Street, his mother Julia. Earlier, the family were living in 1911 living at 11 Madras St and in 1901 living 30 at Thomas Street. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque. His service record survives, it includes mention of a couple of convictions while serving, including 25 days hard labour in Cardiff Prison in December 1917. Pic in Echo on 1 June when reported missing. His body was never found.

69 DRISCOLL, Edward Cornelius CWGC 33493 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 2nd Battalion, Formerly 642, Royal Army Medical Corps Private 39579 d 23 Apr 1916, buried at Cambrin, Calais B 1889, from 44 Dorset Street,his late father was Cornelius and his widowed mother Mary Ann (nee Tanner), who was living at 11 Rutland St, previously at 59 Court Road; he boarded at 30 Hereford St in 1911, also 49 Allerton St. Served as a reservist before war. Occupation a collier later a labourer; he was brought up in the docks.
70 DRURY 'Bertie' Robert CWGC 1610634 Lincolnshire Regiment 1st Battalion Private 7001 d 4 June 1915, aged 28 b 1887 and enlisted in Lincoln - he moved with his family from here to Cardiff. He died at Ypres suffering from frostbite. A railway porter who is also commemorated on the GWR memorial at Cardiff Central Station. Eldest son of Robert and Betsy who were living at 8 Mark Street in Riverside in 1911.
71 DRURY, William George CWGC 2978660 Mercantile Marine S.S "Baynesk" Steward d 9 January 1917, aged 36 B Surrey, husband of Isabella Drury (nee Corcoran, poss married in Liverpool in 1913), son of Herbert) and Anna Maria Drury, lived at 29 Cambridge Street, Grangetown. Drowned when his ship was sunk by submarine in the Mediterranean 130 miles from Alexandria 9 January 1917.
72 DRYLAND, Alexander CWGC 2978663 Mercantile Marine S.S "Boscastle" (West Hartlepool) Cook and Steward d 7 April 1918, aged 49 - one of 18 who died off Pembrokeshire. b 1869, husband of Elizabeth Dryland (formerly Donoghue, nee Pinn), of 22, Saltmead Rd., Cardiff. Born at Liverpool. He had three stepsons. The cargo ship Bocastle was sunk 14 miles off Strumble Head, when she was torpedoed and sunk by submarine. 18 lives lost
73 DUGGAN, Fred CWGC 50914 Seaforth Highlanders "B" Company. 9th Battalion Private S/9626 d 6 June 1917, age 24 Son of dock labourer Harry (1871-1936) and the late Catherine "Kate" Duggan (d 1897) of 38, Ferndale St., Grangetown, Cardiff. In 1911, Fred was an apprentice case maker in an iron foundry. He died at St Laurent Blangy near Arras, where he was involved in digging trenches for the pioneer regiment. His battalion diary read that his company had been digging 300 yards of trench to a depth of 3ft 9ins, parallel to a road, when they came under "considerable barrage and a great deal of sniping during the work" and also heavy shelling when returning home. A margin note says one was killed, nine wounded, 105 gassed that day and nine subsequently died. Fred's father, who was already widowed, was left with a 20-year-old daughter Caroline.

74 DUNGEY, John George Not Duncey

CWGC 513412

Gloucester Regiment,1st Battalion Private d 13 Sep 1915, aged 34, born Cardiff, enlisted Bristol. Son of the late William (b Pill, Bristol) and Annie Dungey. He had already joined the regiment by 1901; his father William, a pilot's helper, lived at 59 Hewell Street at this time and at 3 Ferry Rd in 1911. On the day he died of wounds, his battalion diary reads: "In trenches, relieved by South Wales Borderers. Battalion proceeded to billets at Phillosophe. One man killed, three wounded, by heavy shelling before leaving trenches."
75 DUNSCOMBE, Alfred CWGC 1630603 Royal Field Artillery 85th Battery. 11th Brigade

Brigade Gunner 136702

d 14 April 1918, age 25 Son of James and Mary Dunscombe of 160 Penarth Rd; husband of Mary Dunscombe, of 18 Pentrebane St. He worked as a deal carrier in the docks, his father was an engine driver. He was also wounded in March 1917. He had worked for J Grimes Timber Merchants before the war and was one of four brothers serving.
76 EDWARDS, Edward CWGC 1742086 King's (Shropshire Light Infantry) (not King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry) L/Sergeant 27336, Formerly 24070 d 19 Sep 1918, aged 24 In 1911, living as junior clerk at 18 Bromfield St, Grangetown, son of John (blacksmith) and Esther Edwards, later of 16 Turbeville Pl, Canton.
77 ENNIS, Joseph CWGC 1611621 Welsh Regiment 1st Battalion Private 22572 d 8 May 1915, age:39 Son of Joseph and Mary Ann Ennis; husband of Emily H. Ennis, of 65 Kent St, Grangetown, Cardiff, and father of two boys. Originally from Cinderford, Glos. He was a time-expired soldier who re-enlisted when war was declared. He had worked for foundaries in Cardiff and Newport before the war. In Echo June 7.
78 EVANS, Charles William Clarke CWGC 194713 Welsh Regiment 16th Battalion (L/Cpl) Private 24107 d 5 April 1916, aged 41 b 1875, Cardiff, married Jane in 1907, with four children William, Charles, Henry and Georgina - the youngest three when he died; lived at 147 Clive Street, earlier 5 Cornwall Street and worked as a stoker with Cardiff Railway Company for 20 years.He was also a regular member of the Penarth Road United Methodist Church. The battalion diary reads that two men were killed on the day it relieved the 17th Battalion of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers in front line trenches near Givenchy Lez La Bassee. A letter to Evans's widow said he was "always faithful to his duty, trusted by his officers and beloved by his comrades."
79 EVANS, D NOT FOUND Welsh Regiment 3rd Battalion Private   David Evans b 1891, d 6 Oct 1918, aged 27,enlisted Cardiff No 10631 Son of Hananiah and Sarah Evans, of 19, Ann St., Gadlys, Aberdare - enlisted in Cardiff, died at Aldgate military hospital in Middlesborough of pneumonia and buried in Aberdare. He had been in the Army for seven years in all and was badly wounded at Neuve Chapelle. He left a fiancee Miss C Morgan. His brother John (13th Welsh, 30406) was killed at Mametz Wood 11th July 1916.
80 EVANS, Griffith Walter CWGC 2865886 Royal Navy H.M.S "Indefatigable" Stoker (1st Class) SS/114644 d 31 May 1916, age 21 B 3 February 1895 in Carmarthen, son of Emily Evans, of 52 Somerset St, Grangetown and the late J. F. Evans. He had been a tram conductor before joining the Navy in August 1913 and the ship the following March. One of 1,017 crew lost on the battleship when she sank at Jutland. See also
81 EVANS, David Charles CWGC 872588 South Wales Borderers Private d 11 April 1918, aged 36 Son of David and Victoria Evans; husband of Edith Evans, of 110 Clive St., Grangetown, Cardiff; in 1911 was a coal merchant at 29 Penhevad St. "One of the best," said his obituary.
82 FEHRENBACH (also spelt Ferenback) Alfred Percival Douglas CWGC 77041 Welsh Regiment 19th Battalion Private 31818 d 12 July 1916, age 31 Son of Alfred and Mary Jane Fehrenbach of 80 Clive Street, later 42 Woodville Road. His brother Ernest John also fell. He was a deal carrier in the docks, his father a watchmaker. One of nine surviving children.
83 FEHRENBACH (also spelt Ferenback), Ernest John CWGC 751453 Welsh Guards 1st Battalion Private 2929 d 7 March 1917, age 28 Son of Alfred and Mary Jane Fehrenbach of 80 Clive Street (also before 64 Court Road and 124 Clare Rd), later 42 Woodville Road, Cardiff. He was a carpenter in a joinery works. Husband of Beatrice Edith Maud Fehrenbach (nee Williams, m 1911) , of 24 Llanbradach St when he died, and later his widow lived at Louisa St, Docks and 59 Beda Rd, Canton. His older brother Alfred also fell.
84 FISH, David Henry CWGC 1612384 Royal Irish Rifles 8th Battalion Private 42869 d 8 August 1917, age 32, near Ypres Husband of Alice Maud Mary Fish, of 56 Hewell St., Grangetown. A ship's painter, who in 1911 lived at 64 Oakley St with his wife (they married in 1906) and two daughters; by the time of his death he had five children: Henry, Reginald, Violet, Edith and the youngest David, born in 1915; brought up in Sevenoaks Street. Before joining the Irish Rifles, he was with the Royal Army Service Corps (T3/025583). He died on the front line at Wieltje near Ypres during a few days of duty which saw the deaths of 166 other soldiers in his battalion and seven officers under two days of "very hostile" shelling and reporting a "bad time, enemy very active." Six of his brothers and three of his brothers-in-law also served in the war - all survived. Most with the Army Service Corps and the patriorism of the family was featured with a photo on 30th June 1916.
85 FLAHERTY, John Patrick CWGC 2886617 Mercantile Marine "Luciline" (London) Fireman and Trimmer d 13 March 1917, age:23 (Served as McCARTHY). Son of William and Ellen Flaherty, of 110 Cornwall St, Grangetown, Cardiff. The tanker Luciline was attacked by a U-boat and suffered 15 casualties, en route from New York to Le Havre. According to his obit in the Echo he also served with the Royal Engineers before becoming a fireman on a government transporter. Brother of William Flaherty, who died in France in November 1918 (see below)
86 FLAHERTY, William CWGC 501109 Royal Army Medical Corps 332nd Company Driver T4/037088 (31st Field Ambulance) d 28 Nov 1918, age 21, buried Etaples, France Son of William and Ellen Flaherty, of 110, Cornwall St., Grangetown. His father was in the 1911 Census listed as having paralysis - he had died by the end of the war; he was one of five children. They had lived in Barry for a time, also 33 Hereford Street. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque. A trimmer's help, he enlisted in December 1914, claiming to be 19 years, eight months but was possibly only 17. He was 5ft 7ins tall and became a driver. His records say he was attached to the field ambulance when he became ill on 20th November 1918 and died at 26th Hospital at Etaples in France of bronchial pneumonia, just over two weeks after the war ended. Photo Dec 10 in Echo. He was the brother of John Flaherty (killed at sea, above)
87 FLYNN, John CWGC 3043523 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve S.S "Stanhope" Able Seaman Wales Z/2741 d 17 June 1917, age 19 B 10 May 1897, son of John (a seaman/fireman) and Annie Flynn, of 13 Madras St., Grangetown; one of four surviving children of seven. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque. He had been at sea for two years. His ship was torpedoed in the English Channel. Before the war he had worked in Swansea.
88 FORGAN, Albert "Bert" Jessie CWGC 1632207 Grenadier Guards, 1st Battalion Guardsman/Private 27849 d 12 Oct 1917 Lived at 41 Cornwall Street with his in-laws; had been in France for six months and joined up in November 1916. (One record falsely says he died in Oct 1914). He worked for Fry & Sons butcher's in Bridge Street and was married (to Margaret Bohlin in 1915, who was a painter's daughter - her brother was killed in in 1918). b 1891, Hockworthy, Devon; a journeyman butcher living in Weston-super-Mare in 1911. His battalion was involved in an attack in the First Battle of Passchendaele near Aden House, with 36 soldiers and two officers killed over three days; 200 others were wounded or missing.
89 FRANCIS, Frederick William CWGC 393019 Welsh Regiment 16th Battalion Lance Serjeant/Cadet 23787 d 25 October 1918, age 22, buried at Botley in Oxford Second son of Albert and Annie Francis, of 179 Penarth Rd., (before that 54 North Clive St). He was a boot finisher; his father was a cycle dealer. His elder brother Albert was also killed six months before (see below). Died of pneumonia.
90 FRANCIS, Albert Charles CWGC 93732 Welsh Regiment 24th Battalion Private (L/Cpl) 290295 d 18 April 1918, age:23 Eldest son of Albert and Annie Francis, of 179, Penarth Rd, Cardiff. He was an apprentice nickel plater; his brother Frederick was also killed (see above), leaving one surviving child out of four. He joined up in September 1914.
91 FRY, William John Ashley CWGC 62935 Royal Field Artillery "C" Battery. 75th Brigade Driver 25314 d 20 Sept 1915, aged 22 B Penarth 1893, poss a mason's helper, eldest of seven children living at 22 Warwick St. A coupler on the railway in 1911. He was the son of a widowed washerwoman, who was once living in Egerton St, Canton. He was "accidentally killed in France by suffocating in a sand pit."
92 FRY, Edward "Ted" or "Edgar" James CWGC 839355 Royal Army Service Corps 44th Field Ambulance Driver 372124 d 12 Oct 1917

b 1897, lived at 144 Clive St, apprentice gas fitter, one of 10 children. Killed in action, returned to his mother Caroline Fry were letters and a religious book. His father was a gasworks labourer, previously of 106 Paget St. "Ted" or "Edgar" was among four of seven sons fighting. He was praised for his character and courage. Family say he enlisted with a younger brother who was about 15 years old but when they were due to sign up Edgar told the recruiting sergeants that his brother was only 15 and of course the younger boy was sent back to his family. Brothers also serving: Pte Albert John Fry, 21, RFA who served four months and was in a Brighton sanitorium; Pte William Fry, 30, of the Machine Gun Corps was invalided in France and was back in England on duties; Pte Frederick Fry, 27, RFA, was serving in France still. His brother Albert John died in December 1916 in a military hospital - see below. Pictured in the Echo on Nov 7. Also remembered on the Grangetown Baptist Church plaque.

93 FRY, William John Henry CWGC 508434 Dorsetshire Regiment 1st Battalion Private 3/8184 d 26 April 1915, age 23 Son of John Henry and Mary Ann Fry of 12 Somerset St., Grangetown, Cardiff. A labourer before the war. He died of wounds in the 14th General Hospital at Winereux, two days after being shot in the head. He was originally reported missing presumed dead on 24 April but after the war, hospital records misattributed to a soldier from the Norfolk regiment were corrected as being his. He joined up in September 1914 before being posted to France on 27 January 1915.
94 GATSCIAS Samuel (Or Gatscieas, not Catsies) CWGC 839684 Royal Welsh Fusiliers Regiment. 10th Battalion Private 70171 d 26 Sep 1917, aged 38 Born in Bristol, 1879, address given as Cardiff. Lived at 55 Hewell Street in 1901 and was working as a dock labourer; his father Daniel was in the Royal Naval reserve at this time.
95 GILES, Joseph Eli (not Ely) CWGC 314749 Army Service Corps No. 1 Coy. 12th Div. Train Driver T2/9864 d 17 August 1918, age 20 b 1897, son of George and Jane Giles, of 85 Saltmead Rd (Stafford Rd), one of seven surviving children; he worked for WH Smith in High Street, Cardiff as an assistant; his father worked as a labourer. He had been in France for nearly four years. Echo photo on Sept 8th.
96 GILES, Lewis Howell CWGC 243804 Royal Engineers 38th Division Signal Company Sapper 249443 d 12 October 1918, age 24 Son of John Giles, of 45 Stockland St - a retired police sergeant; in 1911 he worked as an engine cleaner with the GWR, living at home in 44 Saltmead Road. His brother William Henry Giles (b 1893) also served.
97 GILLESPIE, Frank CWGC 748488 S Staffordshire Regiment, First Battalion (Not South Wales Borderers) Private 13057 d 1 July 1916, buried in Somme Born 1894, lived at 36 Knole St as a seaman in 1911 and a smith's striker before the war at Loveridge Ltd in Bute docks. He was the eldest of 10 brothers and sisters and father Robert. Married Agnes O'Callaghan in Jan-March 1916. Reported wounded and missing. He joined in September 1914 and was invalided home twice before his death. Also remembered on the Grangetown Baptist Church plaque.
98 GILLIS, John William CWGC 930938 Welsh Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Lance Cpl, 7253

d 30 October 1914, age 30

Born in Powys. husband of Caroline Tucker (formerly Gillis), of 60 Dorset St, Grangetown, Cardiff. Employed at Cambrian colliery and was living in Penygraig, Rhondda in 1911. The couple had lost three young children in infancy by then but had two children who lived by the time he died in 1914. Reservist. Enlisted in Cardiff. Killed in action in the Battle of Gheluvelt. Not on memorial.
99 GLYNN, William Norman CWGC 1742868 Somerset Light Infantry 12th (West Somerset Yeomanry) Battalion Private 6489 d 2 Sept 1918, age 31 Son of Irish-born Joseph Glynn, of 34 Love Lane, Cardiff, and the late Catherine Glynn; husband of the late Sarah Ann Glynn (d 1914). He lived at 12 Newport St, Grangetown, and left an orphaned daughter Kate. His brother Garrett (b1893) was killed at the Somme on 26 Sept 1916 serving with the Dorset Regiment. Other members of the family were seamen and merchant seaman. They were living at 33 Ordell Street, Splott, in 1911, with a stepdaughter; William was a mason's labourer.
100 GOODFELLOW, Edward 'Ted' George Millard CWGC 1581524 Royal Field Artillery "A" Battery. 330th Brigade Gunner 138097 d 21 March 1918, Somme, aged 30 B 1889, living at 43 Wedmore Road with his wife Gwen and little daugher; a postman; previously living in Hunter St and believed to be living at 46 Clive St in 1901, son of George, a ship's stoker and mother Alice. He had been one year and sevent months at the front.
101 GOODLAND, Hubert "Tom" CWGC 73003 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 17th Battalion Private 54046 3 Sept 1918 at Mametz Wood, Somme, age 32, buried at Varennes B 1886. Son of Edward and Paulina "Plina" Goodland, of 100 Clive St., Grangetown. Tom was a mason's labourer. Like his father, Tom worked at the gas works before the war.
102 GOODWIN, Edward 'Ned' CWGC 429132 Welsh Regiment 16th Battalion Company Serjeant Major 23108 d 23 May 1917 Lived at 10 Amherst Street with wife Elizabeth (nee Appleby) and a young son; b Liverpool. He was killed by shelling while parading his men at Boesinghe, north of Ypres. His battalion diary reads: "'A' company suffer the second heaviest casualties in one day in the battalion's experience in trench warfare. Two or three shells fell near Village Street and of them killed 8, including 23108 CSM Goodwin A, and wounded 8, one off duty."
103 GOODWIN, George CWGC 840255 Welsh Regiment 16th Battalion Sergeant 23232 d 27 Aug 1917, age 38, buried West-Vlaanderen, Belgium Son of Annie Fitzpatrick (formerly Goodwin), living at 75 Saltmead Rd, Grangetown (later 53 Atlas Rd., Canton), and the late George Goodwin; residence Dinas Powys. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque. Army chaplain wrote to his mother about how he died saving a comrade: "When a stretcher bearer was required to carry in a wounded comrade, he immediately volunteered and started to cross the ground which was absolutely swept with machine gun bullets. This is how he was killed, giving his life for his comrade." George was a sailor, and had been through Mametz Wood and seen fierce fighting on the front.
104 GRIFFITHS, Hubert D CWGC 1581790 Royal Irish Rifles 1st Battalion. formerly (14176) Army Service Corps Rifleman 47286 d 21 March 1918, aged 26 Son of Edward and Annie Griffiths, of 14 Amherst St, Grangetown.
105 GULMAN,J or CULMAN? NOT FOUND Welsh Regiment 2nd Battalion Private   BEING INVESTIGATED: This is possibly Pte John Gillin, also known as John Gillan alias John Barr, who enlisted with the 2nd Welsh Regiment in Cardiff. He died on November 6th 1914 near Ypres. He was from Glasgow, where his widow Mary Heddon Ferguson Barr lived before and after the War. CWGC details As he enlisted in Cardiff, did he work or live in Grangetown just before the War? Not John Gillen (1868-1925), listed in local directories as briefly living at 6 Edward Street (off Queen St) in 1914.He was a Belfast-born merchant seaman turned journeyman tailor
106 GUPPY, Alfred William CWGC 788078 Welsh Regiment 2nd Battalion Private 39673 d 23 Sept 1916, Somme, aged 33

b Bristol c1884, living at 68 Saltmead Rd with his wife Susan and three young sons - five children by time of his death; working as a wood carver for Hills furniture makers. He was brought up at 49 Court Road and 31 Stoughton Street with his father Samuel, a wood turner, and mother Ellen. He had served seven months in France. A few days before his death he had been buried in a dug-out after a shell burst but was back on duty after six days in hospital for minor injuries.

107 HABERFIELD, Charles CWGC 2000723 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 6th Battalion Private 48850 d 1 Nov 1918, age 24; buried at Pas de Calais Son of Joseph and Alice Haberfield; husband of Florence Bessie Haberfield (nee Warry) of 77 Ferry Rd., Grangetown - they married in 1915. He was living in Hunter St, Docks, and working as a stationer's shop assistant in 1911; at 36 Penhaved Street, Grangetown in 1901..
108 HALE, William Edward CWGC 873598 Welsh Regiment 18th Battalion Private 28089 d 13 April 1918, aged c19 Prob: b1898, lived at 5 (Andrews Terrace), Ferry Rd with mother Kezia and father William, a gas stoker, previously lived at 15 Holmesdale Street.
109 HALL, James 'Jim' CWGC 530150 Welsh Regiment 24th Battalion Private 61612 d 23 Aug 1918, age 26, Egypt Son of the late Johnson and Margaret Hall, of 63 Clive St., Grangetown. James was a grocer's assistant in 1911, living with his widowed mother and family including his brother-in-law Josiah Hall, a master mariner. Jim worked for Stranaghan and Stephens for seven years before the war. He had served in Egypt since May 1916. Photo in Echo on Sept 10
110 HALL, Marshall Henry CWGC 189837 Lancashire Fusiliers 1st Battalion. Private 27093 d 5 November 1918, age 20, buried in Nord, France B 1898, son of Marshall W Hall, a sailor/boatman, of 110 Corporation Rd, Grangetown; formerly 33 Cornwall St (Road). His mother Eliza Ann was originally from Lancashire.
111 HANCOCK, Alfred Sidney CWGC 1764609 Lancashire Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion Private 282110 d 23 April 1918 Son of Frank Hancock, bus inspector of Weston House, 12 Penarth Road; joined in 1916 and one of seven brothers fighting. Worked for Bucknel and Bowden bakers in Pentre Street. Pic in Echo, 1 June 1918
112 HANCOCK, Clifford 'Cliff' (Not Handcock) NOT FOUND Royal Garrison Artillery, Anti-Aircraft Section (Territorials) Gunner 197 d 22 April 1919, age 22, at home B 1896 in Cardiff, second son of Charles (engine driver) and (Louisa) Ann Hancock. Husband of Edith Amelia Hancock (nee Pentlow). The couple met while Cliff was an anti-aircraft gunner in the London area. They married in Kent in Sept 1918 and lived at 16 Bromfield Street, Grangetown. Cliff was demobbed in March and died at home from blood poisoning and heart trouble a month later. Records show, Edith was granted a widow's pension for her and one child, although sadly their baby daughter, also Edith, born after Cliff's death in June, died two months later. Cliff had attended Grangetown Council School and had been an apprentice blacksmith in 1911 and worked for R Constantine when he enlisted as an apprentice machinist. Presented with the Wakefield Medal, a gold medal from the Lord Mayor of London along with 300 others for helping to bring down Zeppelin L15 in the Thames Estuary on the night of 31st March 1916. He had been promoted to bombadier in 1914 but reverted to rank at his own request. Served for four and a half years.
113 HANNAM, George Clarence CWGC 2936123 Royal Field Artillery "A" Battery. 48th Brigade Gunner 168364 d 23 Nov 1917, age 23 B 1893. son of Henry (Harry) Arthur and Elizabeth Ann Hannam - once living at 7 Mildon Terrace (129 Clive St, Grangetown), later 33, Eisteddfod St., Temperance Town. Formerly 4 Eldon St (Ninian Park Road), Riverside, his father a watchmaker and jeweller who became a school attendance officer; and mother ran a grocer's shop. George was a store worker in a brewery.
114 HARBEN, George Thomas CWGC 456616 South Staffordshire Regiment, 8th Service Battalion Private 13701 d 27 Aug 1915, aged 20 b 1895, a messenger boy in 1911, he lived with his father Sidney, a joiner, and mother Mary at 98 Clare Road. His name appears twice on the memorial, incorrectly under the Welsh Regiment. He was a schoolboy rugby international and played for Wales against England at Leicester. George had a brother Sidney who also served in the Royal Navy on the “Q” boats but family say he sadly disappeared on shore leave in Ireland at Queenstown at the height of the troubles, was posted as a deserter and nothing was ever heard of him again. A shipmate told the family he may have been murdered.
115 HARDY, Reginald Herbert William CWGC 389812 Welsh Regiment Lieutenant d 4 Nov 1918 at Bangor military hospital of pneumonia, age 29, buried St Mary's in Caldicot

b 16 Dec 1888, Heatley, Cheshire, son of John William and Emma Sophia Hardy; husband of Annie Hardy (m 1908), of 11 Pentre Gardens, Grangetown, they had a daughter Vera; previously living in Clive St, in 1911 he worked as a railway goods clerk with GWR.

116 HARRIS, Albert John CWGC 538979 Welsh Regiment 16th Battalion Private 23446 d 4 Feb 1916, age 18 Son of Edward and Louisa Harris, of 68, Oakley St., Grangetown, Cardiff. b 27 December 1897. Second eldest of 12 children. His father (b 1874) was a Swansea-born mariner. Albert enlisted on his 17th birthday and was posted to France on 4 December 1915; his death from wounds was exactly two months later. He is buried at the military cemetery in Merville and he is also commemorated on his father's gravestone in Cathays Cemetery. Albert's obituary in the Echo included: "Tender sincere thanks to all friends for kind letters and expressions of sympathy in their recent great sorrow." Also remembered on the Grangetown Baptist Church plaque. He was a cousin to William H and Samuel John Long (see below) and a brother was serving with the Royal Welch Fusiliers.
117 HARRIS, John CWGC 429146 Welsh Regiment 16th Battalion Private 54200 d 23 May 1917, age 26 Son of the late James and Amelia Harris, of 41, Ferry Road, Grangetown, Cardiff. A labourer at crown patent fuel, he lived with his widowed mother in Adeline St, Splott in 1911 and in Ferry Road when he died. Unmarried. * There was an awful mix-up when he died - the Army sent notice to his mother that his brother James had died instead. "This was a painful case when the wrong brother was named because of the absence of the full name and the regimental number in a letter sent to the mother from the front," reported the Echo at the time.
118 HARRIS, Clifford Thomas CWGC 2759323 Welsh Regiment 3rd Battalion Private 13561 d 8 Feb 1915, age 38 - died in hospital in Cardiff, buried in Cathays Son of Walter and Helen (Ellen) Harris. Brought up at 4 North Street, son of a Bridgwater-born labourer, moved to Avoca Place and onto Lincoln St in Canton. Worked as a gas works stoker. He died of septicaemia at the Third Western General Hospital in Howard Gardens, Cardiff.. * Nephew below
119 HARRIS, Maurice or Morris Walter CWGC 789765 Lancashire Fusiliers Regiment, 10th Batallion Private 27092 d 7 Jul 1916, aged 16, Somme, buried at Thieval b Cardiff 1900 (the obit says born Lancashire but no record); the nephew of gas works labourer George Elliott and Constance (nee Harris) Elliott of 1 North Road, Grangetown - who brought him up; he enlisted in 1915 and was at the front for a year until his death aged only 16. Born at 164 Penarth Road, he worked for the Navigation Paint Works in Ferry Road until joining up and was reported missing in the July before his death was confirmed the following March. His aunt was a mother of 14, who lost eight children. * Uncle above. Believed to be Morris Walter Harris, son of Walter and Carrie Harris (nee Welbourne) of Maitland Place.
120 HEINS, (Abraham) Ernest CWGC 1613675 East Lancs Regiment 7th Battalion Private 36698 d 1 Aug 1917, age 30 One of five sons of Albert Louie (a house painter) and Eliza Heins, of 36 Kent Street, Grangetown; husband of Sarah Caroline Heins, of 24, Moston, Manchester; living in Stockport in 1911 as a house painter.
121 HENDERS, John CWGC 483285 3rd Dragoon Guards (Prince of Wales' Own) Private D/9671 d 31 May 1915, buried West-Vlaanderen, Belg

B 1891 Sheffield, lived at 45 Stoughton Street, Grangeown (1901), later at No 30 with father John, a railway labourer. Died a day after being wounded. A builder's labourer, 5ft 9ins

122 HENDERSON, Percival Storey CWGC 791194 London Regiment (London Scottish) "B" Coy. 1st/14th Battalion Private 5193 d 1 July 1916, age:20 Only son of Priscilla Stone Henderson, of "Tynedale", 67 Pentrebane Street, and Robert Storey Henderson (d 1921), once a ship repairers' clerk and then of Lloyd and Henderson's builders and contractors, previously of 66 Stockland Street. Percy had worked for James Llywellyn Colliery Proprietors in Cardiff Docks and was "exceedingly popular amongst a wide circle of friends," according to his obituary. There is a stained glass window to his memory in St Paul's Church, where he was a regular worshipper.
123 HERRING, Edwin Erwyn CWGC 555963 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 46th Battalion Private 128899 d 4 Oct, 1918, age:21 Son of Albert and Elizabeth Herring, of 9, Eldon Rd., Cardiff; husband of Gertrude Rix (formerly Herring), of 58, Court Rd., Grangetown, Cardiff. He worked in the engine sheds for the Great Western Railway before the war and had also been in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers.
124 HIDA, Shozaburo NOT FOUND Mercantile Marine S.S "AA Raven" Steward d 14 March 1918, aged 39 B 2 January 1879 in Tokyo, Japan, son of Masakichi Hida, a sea captain and mother Sada. Lived at 30 Court Road with his wife Ada (nee Wilson, 1885-1961) and their two children Sidney Masakichi (b 1910), Alfred (1908-1977) and baby daughter Sada Blanche (b Nov 1917). The couple had lived in Maryport, Cumberland - where he shows up in masonic records - and married in Liverpool in 1907 and had a daughter Doris Muriel (B London, 1912). He was naturalised as a British citizen in June 1910, He is listed as a steward and living in Grangetown from 1916. The American steamship A A Raven was torpedoed and sunk by German submarine UB55 on March 14th 1918, off thé Scilly Islands. Shozaburo was one of seven lost, six more were wounded. In his will, which said he died "at sea" on 14 March, he left just over £328. In her will, Ada, a widow, left her estate to Sidney Hida, a builder, then living in London.
125 HIGGINS, Harold CWGC 1753767 Welsh Regiment 17th Battalion Lance Corporal 25343 d 25 Nov 1917 Awarded a Military Medal. b 1897, lived at 55 Paget St, one of 10 children, his father Joseph was a Channel pilot. Previously lived at Cymmer St. A comrade had brought home keepsakes from Harold and his step-brother to his parents, given to him shortly before they were ordered over the top.
126 HILL, George Frederick CWGC 2740175 Welsh Regiment 13th Battalion Corporal 64214 d 30 Aug 1918 Living at at 38 Hereford St, a labourer, married to Florence, 1912, with four children, the last born in Aug 1917, one died aged one of pneumonia two months after his father was killed. Had been promoted to corporal two months before he was killed. He was 5ft 5 ins. One of four sons fighting, he had been a gas instructor at Kinmel Park. Echo photo on Sept 25.
127 HOOLEY, Thomas John [Not HODEY] CWGC 2866256 Royal Navy, HMS Indefatigable Able Seaman 235562; 1st class gunner d 31 May 1916, aged 26 b 4 April 1889, only son of Mary Ann and John Hooley of 3 North Street, previously of 32 Thomas St; died at the Battle of Jutland. He joined the Navy when a labourer in 1907,signing on for 12 years. He served on numerous ships before joining the Indefatigable in 1913.
128 HOLDHAM, Frederick CWGC 1614523 Royal Garrison Artillery "X" 16th T.M Battery Battery Gunner 46912 d 18 June 1916, aged 29 at Ypres

b 1887, lived at 32 Knole Street, previously lived at 106 Cornwall Street, a docks labourer with the Glasgow and Dundee steamers, loading coal, before the war; married to Leah, with daughter Selina. Pic 25 July.

129 HOLLYMAN, Arthur Sidney CWGC 837008 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1st Battalion Private 235552 d 26 Oct 1917, age 34 b 1883 Bristol, son of the late John Samuel and Mary Kate Hollyman, the family moved to Cardiff when he was two. For a short period he worked as a railway cleaner before becoming a shoemaker. One of 10 children, in 1911, lived with his widowed mother at 16 Devon Street. She had died during the war and before he did and his next of kin was his brother John, who lived in Maindy. Enlisted in April 1916, originally with the Monmouthshre Regiment, before being transferred. He was 5ft 4.5 inches tall. Posted as missing presumed dead.
130 HOLMAN, Edward Clifford CWGC 621036 Welsh Regiment 2nd Battalion Lance Corporal 44819 d 21 Jan 1918, aged 24 b 1894, son of Edward and Emily J. Holman, of 111 Clive St., Grangetown, earlier 20 St Fagans Street. In 1911, he was a collier's boy, one of nine children born to a coal trimmer
131 HOOPER, William Walter CWGC 1614807 Dorsetshire Regiment 1st Battalion Private 3/8178 d 5 May 1915, age 24 on Hill 60 Son of Devon-born Hugh Hooper (horse driver), lived at 12 Sussex St., Grangetown, Cardiff. He was a road sweeper with Cardiff Corporation, one of four surviving children. He had enlisted in Sept 1914 and had been at the front since the February. Employed in the Tramways Department, Cardiff Corporation. Died of pneumonia
132 HOOPER, William James CWGC 617244 Royal Engineers, Inland Water Transport Acting Corporal WR/313664. 72770 d 18 Oct 1918. b 1892, a horse driver/general cargo worker - working at EC Downing ship's chandlers - and living at 9 Holmesdale Street with wife Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ann Hooper and three children when enslisted, later No 16 Holmesdale St; 5ft 41/2. Son of coal dealer William Hooper of Clive Street. Died from bronchial pneumonia in military hospital in Dunkirk during the Spanish Flu epidemic. Lizzie - who also lost her brother Pte Charlie Walker (see below) remarried but her husband died at sea in 1940, in World War Two.
133 HOPKINS, Herbert Maurice CWGC 567794 Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry 2nd/4th Battalion Corporal 202836 d 25 Nov 1917, age 22 b 1895, lived at 58 Penarth Road. Son of Hopkin Hopkins (a horse driver), of "Trelawny," Hastings Place, Cornerswell Gardens, Penarth. Born at Cardiff. In 1911, lived in 18 Penarth Rd and worked as a barber's assistant.
134 HORSEY, Alfred John CWGC 335362 Welsh Regiment 24th (Pembroke and Glamorgan Yeomanry) Battalion Private 56807 d 18 Sept 1918, aged 20

b 1897, son of Mrs. Mary Jane Horsey, of 65, Clive St., Cardiff. Previously lived at 62 Oakley St. His father Henry worked as a porter in the timber trade. One of nine surviving children. Also remembered on the Grangetown Baptist Church plaque.

135 HOWE, Charles William CWGC 596929 South Wales Borderers 5th Battalion Sergeant 5/18284 d 14 March 1916, aged 38 b 1877, Gileston nr Cowbridge. Residence given as Grangetown - thought to be 38 Hereford Street. He was a coal trimmer and had a wife (Matilda) Gladys and one daughter Mary Annie in 1911 (b 1900). They had moved from Barry Docks.
136 HUGHES, S.J NOT FOUND Welsh Regiment 13th Battalion Sergeant   Possibly Pte Samuel Hughes (18538), killed in Belgium on 16 March 1917, aged 23, while serving with the 13th Btn. He enlisted in Cardiff in October 1914, while working as a haulier, when the battalion (2nd Rhondda) was formed at Cardiff. He was born into a large family on Anglesey and had been living away from home when he joined up and left for the front in December 1915. He was survived by brothers and sisters on Anglesey and a sister in Liverpool. He may bave been living with his elder brother Richard in the Ogwr valley, both working as miners in 1911.
137 HUXTABLE, Charles CWGC 437848 Welsh Regiment 16th Battalion Private 23038 d 24 March 1917 b Devon 1883, a docks labourer who lived at 45 Knole Street (previously 9 Kent St) Grangetown with wife Agnes (married 1904, in 1911 they had three children who had all died; in 1917 he had two more children). In his obituary, it said he used to play for Pontlottyn rugby team. He was the nephew of Cpl John Huxtable, a Welsh Guard who was killed just before Christmas 1916.
138 HUXTABLE, William John CWGC 794757 Welsh Guards 1st Battalion Lance Corporal 160   b Bristol 1894, a docks labourer; in 1911 he lived with his grandmother at 28 Ferry Road; his parents had lived at 169 Clive Street
139 JAMES, Henry CWGC 641441 Welsh Regiment 1st/5th Battalion Private 15324 d 4 May 1917, age 22, Egypt b 1896, one of seven children to (William) Edward and Hannah James, of 17 Bromsgrove St. Worked as a printer's assistant. He was one of 398 people who lost their lives when a troop ship, the Transylvania, on its way to Salonika was sunk by a German U-boat. He had just recovered from injury before being posted.
140 JAMES, Albert CWGC 795451 Welsh Regiment 19th Battalion Private 30479 d 12 Jul 1916 b Canton, second son of Alfred James. Relatives at 76 Cornwall Street, Grangetown. Enlisted in Cardiff at 15 years eight months. Served on the Western Front for 10 months. Killed in action during the Battle of Mametz Wood. Thiepval Memorial, France. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque.
141 JAMES, Evan CWGC 556737 Welsh Regiment 2nd Battalion Private 11752 d 16 July 1916, aged 43 Born c1873 in Llandovery. Lived with his brother-in-law at 25 Ferry Road, Grangetown. Unmarried. Employed at Penarth Cement Works. Served in the South African War. Enlisted in Cardiff at the outbreak of war. Killed in action 16 July 1916. Age 43. Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz, Somme, France. Also commemorated on the Llandovery War Memorial.
142 JARVIS (Archibald) Joseph William None Mercantile Marine S.S "Freshfield" Seaman Gunner d 5 Aug 1918 b 1900 in Cardiff, living at 44 Wedmore Rd, Grangetown. Son of Plymouth-born William Thomas (a printer and paper seller) and Mary Jarvis, who had moved to Cardiff from London. Death was registered in Cardiff in September 1918 - merchant seamen's deaths were recorded back home. He was on a Canadian-owned ship Freshfield, on a voyage from Messina to Taranto, was sunk by the German submarine UC-25, off Capo Colonna. Three persons were lost. His father later moved to Loudon Square in Butetown.
143 JENKINS, Arthur CWGC 37369 Welsh Regiment 2nd Battalion Private 39342 d 23 Aug 1916, age 24 Killed at the Somme between Bazentin le Petit and High Wood. "The hostile shelling continued almost without a break until afternoon," the battalion diary records. There had been artillery fire the previous day and an enemy plane also shot down nearby. b 1892, son of John and Hannah Jenkins, the family first lived at 41 Hereford Street and then Clive Street and finally 54 Stoughton St (Jubilee St), Grangetown; husband of Violet Jenkins (nee Huckfield), who he had married only a few weeks before. She remarried the following year, Arthur Vincent. His brother Walter John Jenkins (see below) was killed in France in 1918. Living at 165 Clive St in 1911.
144 JENKINS, Walter John CWGC 1633416 Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 1st Battalion (Channel Islands Militia) Private 1945 d 21 March 1918 Eldest son of John and Hannah Jenkins, who lost their other son two years before (see also Arthur Jenkins above). Prob 165 Clive St, b1888, unnable to work in 1911 due to infirmity. He is likely to be the same Walter Jenkins of Grangetown who first joined the Welsh Regiment in 1914 before being discharged a year later as unfit. That Walter was 5ft 3 ins. He died near Ypres, one of 10 killed, with another eight wounded in his battalion that day at
145 JENKINS, Thomas Frederick 'Fred' (not T.E) CWGC 591353 Welsh Regiment Major d 26 Feb 1919, age:36, in France b 1883 in Aberavon to father Tom and mother Alice Louisa; a school teacher at Grangetown Boys School; he was married to Louisa and lived at 12 Ryder St and later 128 King's Road, Canton at the time of his death, leaving £417 in his will. He was also a well known rugby player and was rapidly promoted after enlisting as a private with the Cardiff "Pals". He was in charge of machine guns and his rise in 1915 was attributed to "hard work, perseverence and adaptability". Then according to Grangetown Boys School records, Jenkins was "gazetted as a second lieutenant and chief musketry officer to the Cardiff Battalion in March 1915 and was "for some months" on the staff of the Hythe School of Musketry as an instructor. In the May, he was promoted as First Lieutenant and acting adjutant to the 16th Battalion (City of Cardiff) Welsh Regiment. Capt T Fred Jenkins then visited the school in July 1917.
146 JENNINGS, Henry CWGC 484396 Welsh Regiment 1st Battalion Lance Corporal 13362 d 18 April 1915, age 35

Husband of Florence B. Jennings, of 27 Bromsgrove St, previously of of 37, Aberystwith St, Splott, Cardiff. B Bridgwater, Somerset; aged about 35 when he died; a gas operator - worked in Grangetown Gas Works - who lived in Amherst St with his wife; they married in 1905. His mother was called Elizabeth and his father William, a labourer at the gas works. The family had moved to Cardiff and first lived in Bradford Street before moving to Amherst Street. He died on Hill 60

147 JENSEN, Jens Christian CWGC 2976566 Mercantile Marine "Liffey Maid" Master/Captain d 25 Aug 1917, age 56

Husband of Lilly Lavinia Jensen (nee Clatworthy, she was widowed when they married in 1908), who lived at 9 Pentre Gardens, previously 72 Pentre Street, Grangetown and later 10 Alfreda Rd., Whitchurch. The Liffey Maid sailed on August 25th 1917 from St Valery heading for Ellesmere Port with a cargo of flint but never arrived and was posted as missing. It is not known why she sunk.

148 JOHNS, Thomas George CWGC 871849 East Lancashire Regiment 11th Battalion Private 30466 d 12 April 1918 b Swansea 1898, lived at 65 Saltmead Rd (Stafford Rd), Grangetown. He was a blacksmith at Cardiff docks and joined up in September 1914. His father was Hopkin Johns, a labourer, who later moved to 74 Corporation Road after his wife Mary died. Previously lived at 34 Coedcae St, shortly after his birth. Killed in action.
149 JOHNSON, Alfred "Alf" CWGC 335730 Welsh Regiment 11th Battalion Lance Corporal 15334 d 21 Sept 1915, age 24

He was the first reported casualty among the "Cardiff Pals" battalion. He had sent a message to his brother saying "don't worry, I shall return all right." He was the seventh son of Isaac and Selina Johnson, formerly of 56 Corporation Rd, and he was educated at Grangetown Council School. His colonel writing to his parents said he was killed "by a shell fired into our trench by the Germans." His father was a greengrocer, later living at 27 Tylcha Wen Crescent, Tonyrefail, Glam. Born in Cardiff on 10th January 1891, later living at 23 The Avenue, Tonyrefail and working as a an engine man below ground in Coed Ely colliery. His brothers Charlie (Gunner on HMS Cumberland) and Percy (RAMC at Dardenelles) also served. Featured in Echo, 27 Sept.

150 JONES, Ivor George CWGC 1574816 London Regiment (Post Office Rifles) 1st/8th Battalion Rifleman 371938 d 21 May 1916, aged 19 b 1897, enlisted in Barry. Lived at 11 St Fagan's Street. Previously lived at 113 Clive Street, a telegraph messenger who became a postman in Cardiff and Barry. His father George was a horse bus driver at the Queen's Hotel, who also joined up with the Blue Cross volunteer corps in 1915 - having been a member of the 3rd Welsh Volunteers for five years. He ended the war as a driver and acting corporal in the Royal Army Service Corps. His mother was called Emily. His brother Eddie (b 1899) was also killed in the war in September 1916 - see below. Listen to an interview with Ivor's niece here Ivor was killed at the Battle of Vimy Ridge near Arras - a German offensive to stop British mines being exploded - with 91 other members of his battalion. Altogether 2,475 British and 1,344 German soldiers died on that day.
151 JONES, Mortimer CWGC 2759379 Rifle Brigade 3rd Battalion, buried in Cathays Cemetery Serjeant Z/743 d 15 Oct 1918, aged 27- died of wounds in hospital in Dover B 1891, lived at 1 Cornwall Street; son of Maria Jones. A ship's painter/repairer in the Channel Dry Dock, like his father William; one of seven children and was well known in local football circles. He had been twice gassed and wounded since joining the army at the outbreak of the war. His brother Willie, a driver with the RFA, was wounded at Mons and was three days on the battlefield before being picked up by the Germans, and then escaped with five others. He was featured first in the Echo in May 1915. Echo photo on 21 Oct 1918.
152 JONES, Henry John "Harry" CWGC 42983 Royal Munster Fusiliers 2nd Battalion Acting Corporal 1168 d 6 October 1918, age 31 Husband of Daisy Florence Jones, of 7, Burt St., Docks, Cardiff. Reported missing in the Echo, his mother Mrs H Jones lived at 53 Wedmore Road.
153 JONES, W G NOT FOUND Royal Welsh Fusiliers Regiment Private    

154 JONES, William Norman

CWGC 1633952 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1st Battn Private 15604 d 1 Oct 1917, Flanders Lived in Grangetown - no address given. Son of the late Sidney Thomas Jones (1865-1899) but worked as a jockey in London under a Major Edwards. Had served in France since 1915. Prob: Willie N Jones b 1890, living with father and mother Bessie in Moira Terrace in 1891. She was living in Barry in 1901.
155 JONES, (Philip) Edward "Eddie" CWGC 1744387 South Wales Borderers 10th Battalion Private 49589 d 2 Sept 1918, age 19

Lived at 11 St Fagan's Street, son of Emily and George. Jones, of 100, Clive St., Grangetown, Cardiff. Worked for HT Box and Sons, his brother Ivor was also killed in May 1916. Photo in Echo on 23 September. The family story is the postman was so upset after having to deliver another telegram to the house - he didn't want to do it.

156 KEENAN, Ivor CWGC 2281732 The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 1st/5th Battalion Private 29147 d 1 Oct 1918, aged 19 B 1899, one of eight children to Elizabeth Keenan of 18 Redlaver Street, Grangetown, Cardiff, and the late Richard Henry Keenan, a coal trimmer. Brought up in Coedcae Street. Worked at the Home and Colonial Stores.
157 KINSON, Arthur CWGC 869273 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 13th Battalion Private 54324 d 10 March 1918, age:36 b 1882-85, son of William Kinson, a docks labourer of 12, Hewell St., Grangetown. Arthur was working as a docks labourer too. Also remembered on the Grangetown Baptist Church plaque.
158 KITCH, Arthur CWGC 265999 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 2nd Battalion Private 84688 d 15 Aug 1918, age 20 B 1898, son of Somerset-born Dan and Bessie Kitch, of 25, Durham St., Grangetown, Cardiff. Elder brother Charles (b1890) also served in war in Somerset Light Infantry. He worked in the Spillers and Bakers grain warehouse and his father worked in a flour mill. He died after a shell burst in his trench, and had been in France for 17 months.
159 LANDER, Alfred CWGC 782343 Worcestershire Regiment 4th Battalion Private 40651 d 23 April 1917, aged 23 b 1894, lived at 14 Hereford Street with his widowed mother Harriett (his father Francis had died when he was a young boy) and his widowed grandmother Clara, who ran a grocer's shop; he was an apprentice engraver in 1911. He was one of 34 killed and 56 missing when his battalion was involved in the first day of the Battle of Arras - an early morning attack was repelled by Germans, who hit back three times in the course of the day. His body was not recovered but he was remembered on the Arras memorial.
160 LARSEN, Thomas Bert CWGC 1618303 King's Own Shropshire Light Infantry 5th Battalion Private 14938 d 25 Sept 1915, at Ypres b 1885, lodged at 27 Holmesdale St in 1911, working as a railway checker, with his wife Annie and young children Thomas George and Eva. His Norwegian-born father ran a boarding house in Bute St and he started work as an errand boy in the port.
161 **LAUGHARNE, William Thomas CWGC 491750 The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 7th Battalion Private G/13230 d 13 Oct 1917, age 23 - buried in Poelcapelle, Belgium in 1926 b 1893, son of Benjamin (customs officer) and Esther Laugharne, of 118 Mardy St. Also lived at 9 Penhaved St in 1911. William was a law clerk in 1911. ** William's body was not found until nine years after his death and too late to be included on the original memorial. His name was added in October 2000 at a ceremony attended by his descendants, the British Legion and veterans' associations.
162 LAWRENCE, Andrew CWGC 535769

Welsh Guards No.2 Company, 1st Battalion

Private 155 d 29 Jan 1917, age 25 Son of Andrew (d 1894) and Mary Lawrence, of 31 Ferry Rd., Grangetown, Cardiff. Probably living earlier in Clive Street and working as a wood sawyer at a mattress works; his mother was a widow, also known as Polly.
163 LEE, Thomas Charles ("Charlie") CWGC 2912207 Monmouthshire Regiment 1st Battalion Rifleman 230279 d 8 Oct 1918, age 21 Second son of John Lee, a mason's labourer of 102 Cornwall St., Grangetown, Cardiff and wife Ada (formerly 71 Cornwall St). A motor driver with W Hancock and Co when he enlisted and known as "Charlie". Photo in Echo, Nov 5
164 LETTON, Frederick 'Fred' John George CWGC 183547 Cheshire Regiment 1st Battalion Private 53669 d 21 Aug 1918, age 19 Son of George Henry, a corn warehouseman, and Lavinia Letton, of 1, Compton St., Grangetown; previously 21 Somerset St. He was a horse driver - for J Moors hay and corn merchants - when he enlisted at the age of 18 in 1917. His record showed he was 5ft 3 ins tall; he was once punished for having dirty quarters. He left eight brothers and sisters. Echo photo in Sept 10th
165 LEWIS, Augustus "Gus" CWGC 2759402 West Kent Regiment, 7th Battalion Lance Corporal d 22 July 1916, Edmonton hospital; buried Cathays b 1890 Pembrokeshire (St Clears, Carmarthenshire) but moved to Cardiff as a child, with his father William, a Milford Haven-born master mariner. The family lived in the Docks area before moving to Ferry Road in Grangetown. Gus lived at 5 Amherst Street with his wife Elizabeth (nee Robson, married in 1912), no children. Previously living at 67 Ferry Road, Grangetown with his brother Willie Richard Lewis, working as a casual labourer. He was a well-known prop forward for Cardiff RFC, spending four seasons with them, having previously been a member of Grangetown RFC. He worked as a ship's painter with Elliott and Jeffries in the docks. He suffered a thigh wound from an explosive bullet, with cause of death given as gunshot wound and gas gangrene. He was given a military funeral, the Welsh Regument band playing on 29 July and marching through the streets.
166 LEWIS, John Alfred CWGC 450457 South Wales Borderers 5th Battalion Private 29792 d 13 April 1918, age 29 Son of David and Mary Lewis, of Cardiff; husband of Beatrice Lewis (nee Roberts, 1913), of 64, Upper Kincraig St., Roath, Cardiff.
167 LEWIS, Rees CWGC 1618896 Welsh Regiment 1st Battalion Private 9819 d 8 May 1915, age 27, Ypres Already a regular soldier, son of Mary Lewis of 31, Monmouth St and the late William Lewis. Also served 3.5 years in Egypt and India. In 1911, he was already with the regiment
168 LEWIS, Reginald Alfred CWGC 800494 Welsh Regiment 9th Battalion Private 14093 d 23 July 1916, age 22 Son of Gloucester-born stonemason George and Emily J. Lewis, of 42, Knole St. He was a traveller's assistant in 1911. He was one of eight surviving children and spent some of his early years in Cathays.
169 LEWIS,Samuel John CWGC 3059587 Mercantile Marine S.S "Boscastle" (West Hartlepool) Master (Captain) d 7 April 1918, age 44 B Brixham, Devon and husband of Matilda Lewis, of 220, Corporation Rd., Cardiff. The Boscastle was an armed merchant ship and was torpedoed off Strumble Head, Pembrokeshire, with 18 lives lost.
170 LEWIS, Thomas Abraham (Not WALES T.A.L) Royal Navy H.M.S "Bellona" Able Seaman, Z/1392 d 23 May 1920, aged 22 Born in Cardiff, 29 May 1897. He died of wounds, according to his obituary, suffered four years before at the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 1916. In fact, his death certificate showed he died of tuberculosis (of the lungs and joints), which he had been suffering from for two and a half years. The Bellona was involved at Jutland but was at the rear and did not fire her guns. She was a scout cruiser and Thomas served between October 1915 and April 5th 1918, when presumably he was invalided out by illness. Thomas was the eldest of four sons and one of eight children living at 3 Newport Street, with dock worker Thomas Lewis and his wife Louise. The family home was probably the closest to the war memorial but his name is misspelt on it. He was a shipwright before the war.

171 LEWORTHY, John James (Not Leaworthy)

CWGC 734164 South Staffordshire Regiment Private 13060 25 Sep 1915, at Loos b 1890 Cardiff, lived at 66 Penarth Road with new wife Johanna "Annie" and a child - they married only a few months before. His family home was 103 Sea View/Ferry Road with his father William, a blacksmith, one of six children and the eldest son. Worked as a driller in 1911 and in a fitting shop at Loveridge Ltd, Cardiff Docks before the war. Two brothers were also serving and his sister Elise's husband Robert J Doughty suffered a head wound in November 1916.
172 LIGHTFOOT, James CWGC 539136 Welsh Regiment, 16th Battalion Private, 24211 d 21 May 1916 of wounds in France, aged 22 son of James Jacob and Ann Lightfoot, of 21 Wedmore Rd, Grangetown, Cardiff. * Not on memorial?* He left for France on 4 December 1915. The family lived in King's Road in Canton in 1911 and before that in the Docks. One of five surviving children.
173 LINGHAM, Frederick (Not Frank Linham) CWGC 528882 King's (Liverpool Regiment) 4th Battalion Private 108999 d 25 Oct 1918, aged 22 Son of Frederick and Mary Lingham, of Penarth, husband of Helen Gwendoline Frost (formerly L.ingham), of 70 Dorset St., Grangetown, Cardiff. . Employed as a brakesman at Penarth Docks. Enlisted in Cardiff. Reported wounded and missing. Killed in action 25 October 1918 - he had only been in France for three weeks. Montay-Neuvilly Road Cemetery, France
174 LLOYD, Jubilee John 'Jack' CWGC 1619168 Welsh Regiment 2nd Battalion Private 8476 d 29 Oct 1914, aged 27 Jack was a serving soldier when war was declared. He was the husband of Mary Amelia Lloyd (nee Clarke, they had just married a year before). In 1911, he was billeted with the Welsh Regiment in Egypt. One of 15 children to stone mason Hugh and Eliza Lloyd, of 71 Paget Street; brought up at 17 Hewell Street - he had lost both parents as a teenager. He died aged 27 in the first great battle of Ypres. His body was never found but his name is one of the many on the Menin Gate memorial.
175 LOCKYER, Levi Amos CWGC 1619237 Welsh Regiment 1st Battalion Private 13246 d 25 May 1915, age 19 Son of George Henry and Bertha Ann Lockyer, of 35 Redlaver Street; worked as an errand boy with a ship chandler in 1911. Only son of Devon-born parents, his father a coal trimmer in the docks. He was brought up in North Clive Street - had five sisters.
176 LONG, Samuel John CWGC 3046382 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve S.S "Beacon Light" Leading Seaman Wales Z2838 d 19 Feb 1918 b 27 December 1897. Killed in action with a submarine near the butt of Lewis. son of Samuel and
Mabel Long, of 7, Earl St., Cardiff; his brother William was also killed while serving in the Royal Navy reserve (see below).
177 LONG, William Henry CWGC 3043881 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve H.M.S "Vanguard" Able Seaman Wales Z/1185 d 9 July 1917, age 22 - Scapa Flow b 1895, husband of Clara Novello Long, of 114 Court Road, who later lived at 22 Angelina St in the Docks. Was a dock labourer in 1911. His brother Samuel (above) was three years younger and they were among seven surviving children living at 34 Oakley St in 1911. Son of Samuel and Mabel Long, of 7, Earl St. He was one of 843 killed at Scapa Flow when HMS Vanguard exploded.
178 LONN John William CWGC 2866591 Royal Navy H.M.S "Defence" Able Seaman J/24423 d 31 May 1916, age 18 - Battle of Jutland b 15 Feb 1898, son of Minnie Leah Lonn, of 14 Kent Street. Brought up in Andrews Terrace, Earl Street. His father John was a German born merchant seaman from Hamburg; he was the eldest of six children. Among 903 crew to perish when the ship was destroyed at the Battle of Jutland - it exploded after being hit by German fire.
179 LUSCOMBE, Charles Henry CWGC 1746220 Welsh Regiment 13th Battalion Corporal 23347 d 27 Aug 1918, age 31

Son of Charles Henry and Selina Luscombe; husband of Mary Ellen Thomas (known as Nellie, formerly Luscombe) of 15, Oakley Street. They were living at 5 St Fagans Street in 1911, having just married. His obituary in the Echo shows him as a father of "four little ones," and who had been a "fond, loving father." Charles was working as a fitter's helper in a ship repair yard in 1911 and then on the Cardiff tug Frank Stanley. His widowed mother had lived in Bromsgrove St.

180 MACEY, Edwin Walter (NB: Not MACEY G.W) CWGC 3077435 Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 7th Battalion L/Corporal, initially a Private, Formerly 631, Welsh Horse, G/24775 d 29 May 1917 b 1898; lived at 12 Cambridge St, the eldest son of a postman, the late Edwin Macey Sr (d 1904) and mother Elizabeth. She remarried Hans Jacobsen (1860-1913), a Norwegian steam ship master, and moved to Mount Stuart Square, Butetown. His battalion were in the trenches and the diary read that the "Bosch shelled rather heavily during the morning."
181 MAGGS, Christopher James CWGC 1634210 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Anson Battalion. R.N Division Able Seaman R/2947 (ex L/Cpl) d 26 October 1917, age 29 Husband of Mrs Elsie Julie Victoria Maggs (nee Carpenter), of 29 Dorset Street; they had married in 1913 and had one daughter, Elsie Doris. His battalion were naval volunteers not needed at sea, who were sent to fight at the front and took part in an attack at the 2nd Battle of Passchendaele. A letter to his widow from an officer after his death near Ypres said: "A splendid soldier, always keen and willing and although he was not with us long, I feel his loss as do all his comrades. Rest assured, he died a hero, fighting for his country and for his people at home." He had joined the Glamorgan Yeomanry in Nov 1916 and was discharged as a lance corporal to be transferred to the RNVR in June 1917. Previously living in Ty Nant Street, Warwick Place and at 16 Llanmaes St, where in 1911 he was a railway labourer like his father William. He was a railway carriage cleaner when he joined up.
182 MAIN, Joseph Leslie CWGC 691315 Gloucester Regiment Corporal 10399 d 8 Aug 1915 in Gallipoli Also listed as Joseph Henry Main. b 1889 lived at 104 Holmesdale Street with his uncle, he was a docks labourer, his late father Thomas was a mariner. He was married to Hannah (nee Preece, 1912)
183 McGUINESS, John Patrick CWGC 3043922 Royal Naval Reserve H.M.S "Carnarvon" Stoker 22015 d 11 April 1917, age 28 of disease - buried at sea b 19 March 1890, son of John and Mary McGuiness, of 69, Stoughton St., Grangetown, Cardiff. Served in the Dardanelles.
184 MARSHALL, Frederick Richard CWGC 166778 Devonshire Regiment 8th Battalion Private 10895 d 30 Sept 1915, aged 35, France/Flanders, buried at Chocques Lived with his wife Florence Mabel (nee Wingett, married 1906) and two sons and two daughters at 16 Holmesdale St. Born in London, 1878. Worked at Grangetown Gas Works. Echo on Oct 20.
185 MARSHALL, Samuel John Jr NOT FOUND Mercantile Marine S.S "Westgate" Engineer d 8 Jan 1919, aged 23 SS Westgate was a British cargo steamer.. On the 7th January 1919 she sailed from Barry for Malta with a cargo of coal and went missing with 35 casualties - believed to have been collision with the SS Bayonne. Samuel John Marshall 166 Clive St (b 1896), son of Samuel John Marshall Sr (1873-1954, a marine engine fitter at the dry dock, earlier living at 65 Ferry Road). Left £173 in his will to his father. He had been a junior clerk at the dry dock in 1911.
186 MARTIN, Alfred "Alf" CWGC 261953 Welsh Regiment, Cardiff City 16th Battalion, machine gun section Private 23532 d 8 March 1916, age 22 He was originally from 43 Rutland Street. One of 14 children to Frank and Martha Martin, later of 22 Devon Place, Grangetown; his London-born father a dock's labourer on steam ships; a labourer and husband of Annie Poole (formerly Martin), of 52, Daniel St., Cathays, Cardiff.
187 MARTIN, William CWGC 805130 Welsh Regiment 19th Battalion Serjeant 31389 d 10 July 1916, aged 38 Lived at 25 Chester Street, with his wife Elizabeth. A South Shields-born dockyard labourer involving ship repairs, the couple had two young sons in 1911. He joined up in December 1915. Marked on a photo is "still buried in Caterpillar Woods." He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque.
188 MATHER, James John CWGC 519498 Bedfordshire Regiment 4th Battalion Private 43743, Formerly 45600, S Wales Borderers. d 30 Aug 1918, age 32 Son of William and Annie Mather, of 182 Clive St., Grangetown, Cardiff; husband of Martha Richards (formerly Mather), of 35, Harrowby St., Docks, Cardiff. Worked for Frazer and Co ship merchants before the war, earlier as a printer's labourer in 1911 and lived at 87 Ferry Rd. Photo in Echo on Sept 7
189 MAYNARD, Horace CWGC 73338 Welsh Regiment 19th Battalion Lance Corporal 23441 d 18 July 1918, aged 23 b 1895, lived at Ferry Road (No 7 and previously No 81), his widowed mother Mary Ann had nine children and Horace wrote back. worried his family were getting his allowance, a week before he was killed.
190 MAYNE, William Benjamin CWGC 503959 Lancashire Fusiliers 1st/8th Battalion Private 307300 d 31 Oct 1918, age 30 Son of (Elizabeth) Susan Mayne, of 9, Bradford St., Grangetown, working as a butcher's assistant; husband of Emily Mayne, of 81, Wyeverne Rd., Cathays, Cardiff.
191 MCARTHY, Dennis CWGC 869807 Welsh Regiment 3rd Bn. Rifle Brigade (NB: No connection with 16th Battalion, which didn't exist at the time of his death) Private 289 d 23 Oct 1914, age 32 Born 30 July 1882 in Cardiff, eldest son of Cork-born sailor Denis and Kathleen (Kate) McCarthy, who lived at 18 Dorset Street. Educated at St. Patrick's School, Grangetown and later worked as a labourer. Husband of Mary Ann McCarthy, 16 Tyler Street, Roath. Three children. Enlisted in Cardiff in the Army in 1904 and after completing a term of service became a Cardiff Corporation tram conductor. (on war memorial, City Hall). Rejoined (presumably was a Reservist) at the outbreak of war.
192 McCALLUM, Norman Stewart CWGC 3059860 Mercantile Marine S.S "Joseph Chamberlain" (West Hartlepool) First Engineer d 18 Sept 1917, age 26 Son of Daniel and Annie McCallum; husband of Mabel Helen McCallum (nee Berry), of 8, Grange Gardens. Their son Ronald was born in 1915. The SS Aiwen (formerly known as the Joseph Chamberlain) was on a voyage from Arkhangelsk to Dieppe with a cargo of timber, was sunk by a German submarine 50 miles off Muckle Flugga. Among 18 peeople who died..
193 MCFARLANE, George CWGC 311157 Highland Light Infantry 18th Glasgow Yeomanry) Battalion Private 32992 d 25 March 1918, aged 26 Prob b 1892 Cardiff, last living at 39 Clive Street; previously living at 195 Penarth Road with Scottish parents - credit draper father John and mother Jessie in 1911. They moved to 23 Richmond Crescent by the time of his death. He was killed as he was about to take up a new machine gun position after a day's severe fighting, which had seen many casualties.
194 MCLAREN, David Lawrence CWGC 2759421 Royal Naval Reserve HMS Ashtree Sub-Lieutenant d 21 July 1918 -illness - aged 28 Born Dundee 1890, husband of Emily McLaren (nee Mitchell, married 1914) later of 41, Romilly Rd West, Victoria Park, Cardiff. He married into a Grangetown family - his wife was brought up in Clive Street and later 145 Penarth Road, where her widowed mother lived. David died in Ediniburgh of pneumonia but is buried in Cathays Cemetery. He served on a coal supply ship, serving the Royal Navy. He was a certified second mate for steamships in 1914 and as a master in 1917. His brother-in-law James Henry Mitchell, of Paget Street, served in the Army.
195 MELEAN, John CWGC 2759430 Tank Corps "A" Coy. Depot Private 302500 d 22 Feb 1919 in Southampton b 1881, lived at 145 Clive Street, married to Madeline and had nine children; a ship repairer/labourer. He was brought up at 21 Oakley St, where his father Otto was Norwegian and his mother Honora Irish. His brother Dan was serving in Egypy. Buried at Cathays Cemetery. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque. Family story: He died of pneumonia in hospital - his wife Lena had travelled to see him but arrived too late. She brought up their children and lived in the house until her death in 1969, aged 91.
196 MILLER, Nicholas CWGC 83240 Royal Fusiliers 24th Battalion Private 7519 d 18 April 1918, age 19 Second son of Nicholas and Annie Miller, of 1, Lucknow St ("The London Style Inn"). He was a motor driver with Roberts and Co before the War and had been at the front only two months and three days. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque.
197 MORGAN, Charles Henry CWGC 2866785 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve H.M.S "Marlborough" Able Seaman (also on memorial as Stoker) Wales/Z/1864 d 31 May 1916, aged 20 b 5 Dec 1895, lived at 29 Thomas St with mother Elizabeth. One of two men killed when the ship was hit by a torpedo at the battle of Jutland. Body not recovered. With the Royal Navy volunteer reserve.
198 MOULD, John William NOT FOUND Royal Navy on RFA Limol Lieutenant (2nd Engineer/Officer) d 30 March 1920 B 1881, married Gwendoline Davies in 1907 and she died a widow in 1971. In Oct 1917 was serving as a temp engineer sub lieutenant on the Wave, in the Royal Navy Reserve. In 1920, he was on the RFA Limol when along with a greaser called Thomas Morris was lost overboard. He was brought up at 23 Amherst Street with his widowed mother Mary, in 1901 was a ship's fitter.
199 MUNCK, Peter James CWGC 2759450 Welsh Regiment 3rd Battalion Corporal 24158 d 27 April 1918, aged 31 at home (Beechwood Hospital) b 1888, when he enlisted in the Cardiff Battalion he was living at 2 Chester Street, married Flora Davies in 1909 and working as a labourer. They had three surviving children Ellen Margaret, Rosie and Norah - the youngest born in 1915, son John had died. They were living with a guardian, Ellen Regan at 16 Chester Street. Peter was born in Newport and lived in 1901 with his widowed mother Ellen Mary Munck, a washerwoman, in Ebenezer Terrace. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque. His records show he was promoted to corporal in Dec 1915. Of "good character" but was discharged in March 1918, suffering from turberculosis and died in Newport a month later. He is buried at Cathays Cemetery. His records show he spent eight months in France in 1916 before coming home in August, until his death - he also suffered from a rectal abcess.
200 MURPHY, Daniel CWGC 2743804 Royal Munster Fusiliers Private, 2627 died of disease in Ireland 2 Jan 1916, aged 44, and was buried in Cork, where his father was from Lived at 8 Bishop Street, died at the Rostellan barracks in Cork. He was with the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Munster Fusiliers and died in Ireland of disease. He was a coal trimmer before the war and had been a stoker in the gas works before that. He was a widower and had at least four children with his wife Amelia (d 1913); his son Daniel, 20, was his next of kin. Born in 1870 and brought up in Thomas Street with his Irish born father Timothy, who came over to Cardiff in the 1860s. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque.
201 MURRAY, James CWGC 556965 Welsh Regiment 16th Battalion Serjeant 23031 d 7 July 1916, aged 21 b 1894, lived in Penarth and worked as a gardener in 1911. His grandparents lived at 15 Thomas Street before his widowed grandmother lived in Warwick Street - where his uncles also lived, so this appears to be his Grangetown connection.
202 NELSON, Christopher Alexander CWGC 593743 Welsh Regiment 16th Battalion Lance Corporal 23935 d 18 July 1916 b 1894, son of John Alfred and Slatiia Nelson, of 11 North Clive St, Grangetown - a Swedish-born marine stoker and his Irish wife. Christopher was the youngest of three children and worked in a ship's stores merchants in 1911; before he enlisted he worked for Rogers and Bright in the Docks. His brother Sgt W Nelson was also in the war. He was brought up in St Fagans Street. Reported missing on 18th July (Pic, Ecbo Sept 7). He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque.
203 NEWBY, Thomas CWGC 647713 Welsh Regiment 24th (Pembroke & Glamorgan Yeomanry) Battalion Serjeant 320513 d 1 Dec 1917, age 39, Palestine b 1880 Lampeter, son of John and Elizabeth Newby, of Cardiff; husband of Maud Mary Newby, of 16 Corporation Rd, and a coal trimmer. He had four children Maudie, Thomas (aka Graham), Horace, and Jack (who died as a POW in 1941) . He had served in the Boer War too and had a wounded leg from that. Family say Thomas and his two brothers were masons by trade and worked as coal trimmers at Barry Docks when war broke. His two brothers also served in the war - John, and William (b 12 April 1878), a mason, also served in the Glamorgan Yeomanry and signed up for more service after the war. William was with Tom when he was killed and is thought to have killed many Turks in battle.
204 NOAD, Augustus .Joseph CWGC 2759454 Royal Navy, HMS Millbrook Leading Signalman d 27 Feb 1919, of pneumonia b 11 Sep 1896, seaman. Died in the naval hospital in Plymouth. Buried in Cardiff cemetery; son of Alfred Noad, painter and picture framer of 2 Sevenoaks St, Grangetown; wife: Olive May Noad, 21 Smith Street, Splott Cardiff - also lived at Broadclyst, Devon. Also remembered on the Grangetown Baptist Church plaque.
205 ***NORMAN, Alfred "Alf" ***   Glamorgan Yeomanry Trooper/Sgt Not dead *** b Sept 1869 in Somerset. He was not killed in the War but his name was put on memorial after his death was wrongly reported. Family legend has it that two telegrams were sent detailing mistakenly his death and the error was never rectified by those organising the memorial. He lived in Wedmore Road and worked as a postman. He died in 1951, aged 81, having survived World War II, just, when his house was bombed in Maitland Place in 1941. He also served in the Boer War. When his wife Mary found out he was alive, she reputedly said "I've never been able to rely on him for anything."
206 NOYES, John "Jack" CWGC 832441 Welsh Regiment 9th Battalion Private 52991 d 15 April 1918, aged 32 b 1886, lived at 5 Clive Street in 1911, worked as a self-employed hairdresser, married to Frances and had a daughter. Formerly of 64 Hewell Street, where his father was a blacksmith's assistant.
207 NOYES, John CWGC 2943370 Royal Field Artillery "D" Battery. 52nd Army Brigade Driver 118316 d 11 Oct 1918, aged 20 b 1897, lived at 15 Madras St, youngest son of labourer Thomas and Rachel Noyes - previously of 10 Thomas St. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque.
208 O'CALLAGHAN, Patrick Hugh CWGC 2759462 Royal Field Artillery 2nd Welsh Brigade Ammunition Column Driver 1095 d 9 Nov 1917, age 20, buried in Cathays on 16 Nov When he enlisted he lived at 81 Saltmead Rd and worked as an engine cleaner for the Cardiff Washed Coal Co. Son of James Bernard and Edith O'Callaghan, of 64 Court Rd., Grangetown. Records show he was discharged in Sept 1914 after an accident in Shrewsbury which led to swelling and retinal damage, but his eyesight had already been failing. By the following October was totally incapaciated and receiving an Army pension. His pension record says he died of disease.
209 LEARY, William Jonathan (O'Leary on memorial) NOT APPLICABLE Royal Navy HMS Vivid, on tug Falcon Eng Navigator Died 18 May 1920, aged 34 Born on 16 January 1886, son of Thomas and Ellen Leary, of 45 Amherst Street, he lived at 6 Newport Street. William died in heavy seas off Bull Point, north Devon, while towing the destroyer HMS Spanker to be broken up at Ilfracombe. The rope came loose and recoiled, hurting him and throwing him overboard. He was seen to be bleeding heavily in the sea. His body was never recovered. His brother-in-law was Fred Cornish, vice chairman of the memorial committee and although not officially a war casualty, his name was the last to be added.
210 OLIVER, William Joseph CWGC 2972928 SS Turnbridge (ex-Ben Lomond). Mercantile Marine. - NOT: Royal Navy HMS Taff Assistant Cook d 7 July 1918, age 14 Born c1904 in Grangetown, and lived at 4 North Clive Street in 1911, only son of Sergeant Joseph William and Annie Florence Oliver, "Westward Ho", Murch Road, Dinas Powys. Drowned when his ship was sunk by submarine off the southern Irish coast
211 OLSEN, T NOT FOUND Royal Navy H.M.S Gossamer Seaman  

* The Gossamer was a minesweeper in the war but only a Northern Irish seaman drowned on her. There were a number of Olsens in Grangetown, inc Trygve OLSEN, born Norway, living in Seaman's Hospital, Ferry Road in 1911 - a marine stoker, b 1889. Others living at addresses in 27 and 79 Saltmead Rd, 99 Clare Rd, 2 Llanbradach St and 82 Cornwall St. Also need to check Thomas Olssen (b 1896), 93 Clive Street, served with Naval Brigade in Antwerp and injured at Dardenelles, his brother George with HMS Amphrodite; previously lived at 78 Corporation Road. Feature on brothers in Echo on 1 July 1915. Believed to have survived the war.

O'SHEA E (See SHEA Edward) NOT FOUND Welsh Regiment 9th Battalion Private    
212 OSMOND, Henry "Harry" CWGC 594420 Devonshire Regiment "A" Company. 9th Battalion Private 14614 d 3 Oct 1915, aged 29 Lived at 50 Corporation Road. Enlisted in Cardiff. Left a widow Lucy Elizabeth Osmond (nee Tout, married 1910, she died in 1971), The couple had three young children, Ethel Lucy (b Oct 1912), Minnie (b 1913) and the youngest Vera (b Oct 1914) who was just short of her first birthday when he died - at the Battle of Loos. Son of William and Bessie. Osmond, of Tiverton; Lucy, who was also from Tiverton, moved back home where the children were raised.
213 OWENS,William CWGC 1560200 Welsh Regiment 2nd Battalion Private 24696 d 9 May 1915, age 27 b 1888, husband of Ethel Owens, of 2, Bromfield St., Grangetown, Cardiff.
214 PACKER, George William CWGC 96752 Royal Garrison Artillery 113th Battery Acting Bombadier 348213 d 15 Oct 1917

b 1890, fruit salesman, lived at 29 Coedcae St, previously at 48 Dorset St, with father Frederick, a flour mill labourer, one of six children. He had worked at Spillers and Baker. He will killed by a gas bomb at Fromby, which also killed several others.

215 PARKER, George Charles CWGC 438674 Cheshire Regiment 10th Battalion Private 260122 d 26 April 1918, age 38 b 1880 Bridgewater, a stableman, son of George and Elizabeth Parker; husband of Sarah Ann Parker, of 63 Kent St., Grangetown, Cardiff. They married in 1902, by 1911, they had three young children. His brother Ernest, serving with the Somerset Light Infantry, died in India in October 1918.
216 PARSONS,William Arnold Thomas CWGC 1755816 PROB: Welsh Regiment 16th Battalion Private 26492 d 25 Nov 1917, aged 29 b 1888, lived at 13 Bradford Street, Grangetown, with father William, a docks labourer and mother Mary.
217 PARTRIDGE, Thomas CWGC 179246 Welsh Guards 1st Battalion Private 1521

d 27 March 1918, aged 25

b 1893, lived at 15 Ferry Road, a docks labourer and later a boiler maker's helper, the eldest son of Tom and Laura Partridge. He played football for Grangetown Stars.
218 PASLEY, William Ewart CWGC 513069 South Lancashire Regiment 4th Bn (Territorial). Second Lieutenant d 17 June 1918, aged 23

b Cardiff 1894, married Dorothy Marshall, December 1917 - Dorothy Pasley, died in May 1921, a widow, aged 26, at her father's house in 154 Clive Street, where the couple had lived. He was the second son of James Pasley, who lived at 1 Durham Street and worked for E Turner's contractors and had been educated at Canton Secondary School and the Technical College. He joined the Army as a private in 1914 and was commissioned in summer 1917. According to his obituary he "saw severe fighting during critical moments of the German advance." Also remembered on the Grangetown Baptist Church plaque.


219 PATES, Alexander CWGC 485522 Welsh Regiment 1st Battalion Private 8891 d 26 Oct 1914 b 1888 Aberdeen; had already joined the Welsh Regiment by 1911 - his family once lived at 73 Hewell St, where his Irish-born father George was a docks labourer (1901) and later a night watchman at a park, in 1911 he lived at 17 Ferry Rd and at the time of his death his next of kin was his stepmother Emily at 39 Ferry Road.
220 PAYNE, A NOT FOUND Royal Army Service Corps Driver  

INVESTIGATING: It seems possible it is Alfred Edward Payne (b 1891) who lived at 32 Penhaved St. He joined the Royal Army Medical Corps (service number 1876), and was with the 2nd Welsh Field Ambulance (18 Sept 1914 until 30 Nov 1915), he then transferred to become a driver with the Army Service Corps (1 Dec 1915 until 5 March 1916). He was awarded medals after the War. Although there is no record of him being a war casualty or his death, he may have died back home. There is also a Alfred Mark Payne (b 1892), lived at 9 Ferndale Street, a solicitor's clerk; one of eight children to Francis and Susan Payne. Previously of 3 Worcester Street. Great-nephew Jack says the family never talked about the war, with the suspicion they had lost someone. The only records say he survived the war, as did Alfred RS Payne, who joined the RASC as a driver, from Splott, Cardiff.

221 PAYNE, Robert CWGC 297324 Mercantile Marine S.S "Llongwen" (Cardiff) Donkeyman d 18 July 1916, age 61 Poss the oldest Grangetown casualty of the war - son of the late John and Eliza Catherine Payne; husband of Anna Elizabeth Payne (nee Van Hoof), of 5, Bromfield St., Grangetown, Cardiff. Born in London. The ship was on a voyage from Naples to Barry, when sunk by the German submarine U-39 (captain Walter Forstmann), 90 miles n/e of Algiers. He was one of 14 persons were lost when a boat escaping the sinking ship, capsized. Half of them were Indian firemen. Another 17 including the captain were picked up by an Italian steamer and taken safely to Naples.
222 PEARSON, James Richard CWGC 2905081 Welsh Guards, 1st Battalion Private 1517 d 28 Jan 1917, died in Tooting military hospital in London of TB and is buried at Brompton cemetery b 1890, born at 11 Amherst St and previously lived at 26 Oakley St with father Richard, a dock labourer and mother Isabella. A fisherman by trade, he married Eunice Frampton in 1912 - she was heavily pregnant with their son James but he sadly died as a baby; their second child, daughter Eunice, also died when a baby the following year. The couple were living at 32 Penarth Road, when he died of tuberculosis at Tooting military hospital.
223 PERRY, Joseph Inkerman CWGC 18990 Welsh Guards 1st Battalion Lance Corporal 1907 d 5 Sept 1918, age 22 Son of George and Agnes Perry, of 27, Cornwall St., Cardiff. The family previously lived in Clare Road. His father was a ship's blacksmith.
224 PHILLIPS, Windsor CWGC 2759487 Welsh Regiment 11th Battalion Private 14139 2 July 1915, buried at Cathays

b 1897, lived at 43 Amherst St in 1911, with father John, a shipwright and mother Ellen; he was an errand boy for a newsagent. Died at Seaford of inflammation of the heart.

225 PIMM, William Henry "Harry" CWGC 606739 Australian Infantry Force, 4th Battalion, B Company, 1st Infantry Brigade. Private 1420 d 19 May 1915 at Gallipoli

Born in Cardiff c1891, only son of Henry and Sarah Pimm, 15 Clarence Embankment, Grangetown, later of 24 Pomeroy Street, Docks. Was an apprentice on board ship and then became a commercial traveller in Perth, Western Australia around 1909. Enlisted in Liverpool, NSW, 28 October 1914, aged 23, four months. His occupation was then recorded as a clerk. He left Sydney on the HMAT A48 Seang Bee on 11th February. He was transferred to the 4th Battalion on 2nd April. Buried 4th Battalion Parade Ground Cemetery, Gallipoli. The only belongings on him were an identity disc and a coin.

226 PLAIN, Percy Joseph William CWGC 475260 Royal Field Artillery "A" Battery. 267th Brigade Gunner 730535 d 6 May 1918, age 22 Son of Joseph and Annie Plain, of 55, Penhevad St., Grangetown. His father was a shipwright and Percy was working as an office boy in a solicitor's office in 1911.
227 PORTEOUS, George Robert CWGC 1560687 Welsh Regiment 2nd Battalion Private 13379 d 5 May 1915, age 19 Son of George and (Mary Ann) Annie Porteous (nee Richards), of 218, Clive St., Grangetown; he was the eldest of five children in 1911 when the family was living at 19 Earl Street and George Jr was working as a biscuit baker. He was a member of the St Paul's Church choir. His father was a Sunderland-born rope-maker but George was born in Newport, where his mother was from. The family were living in Leith, Scotland in 1901. His uncles Sgt Richards (RWF) and Pte Brown (1st Welsh) were reported to be wounded in hospital at the time of his death. George first landed in France in March 1915. It is possible he died of wounds sustained a couple of weeks before, with some casualties from shelling in what was otherwise a fairly quiet period in the trenches for the battalion but he is not listed among the month's casualties and his death is recorded as "killed in action". The other theory is that he had been transferred to the 1st Battalion, which was involved at the start of the Battle of Frezenberg Ridge in Belgium on 5th May.
228 PORTER, William Stanley CWGC 2759492 North Staffordshire Regiment 9th Battalion Private 50065 d 10 Oct 1918, age 26 Husband of Hilda Beatrice Porter (nee Collins, they married in 1914), of 57 Ferry Rd., Grangetown, Cardiff. Born at Cardiff and buried in Cathays Cemetery.
229 POWER, Richard CWGC 2973561 Mercantile Marine S.S "Mary Baird" (West Hartlepool) Mate d 18 May 1917, age 45 b 1873, son of the late Morris and Martha Power; husband of Sarah Catherine Power (nee Davies, b 1874), of 40, Dinas St., Grangetown. Born at Porthcawl. In 1911, he lived at 38 Coedcae St - they had a daughter Annie, born 1902. On steam ship - one of seven lives lost when it struck a mine hit by a U-boat.
230 PRESTON, Charles Alexander CWGC 2759497 Royal Navy H.M.S "Q7" (The chartered collier boat Penshurst - one of the "secret" ships) Ship's Steward Assistant M/15991 d 16 Jan 1918, aged 21 B 28 February 1896, the eldest of six surviving children to William - a gas worker - and Dorothy Preston, of 95 Paget Street, Grangetown. He worked as an office boy in a tea specialists in 1911 and later as a clerk. He enlisted in October 1915 and was on board a converted collier boat, disguised as a cargo ship but concealing guns to destroy U-boats. It appears he was hospitalised after May 1917. The boat was sunk on Dec 25th 1917 off Pembrokeshire. Also remembered on the Grangetown Baptist Church plaque and buried at Cathays Cemetery.
231 PRICE, Jesse Edmund (not G) CWGC 1747850 Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion Private 51066 d 21 Sept 1918, aged 19, France b 1899, brought up at 196 Corporation Rd, his father Edmund Jesse Price a clerk with an India rubber manufacturer.
232 PRICE, Albert Edward CWGC 560064 Cheshire Regiment 1/6th Battalion (Sherwood Foresters on memorial?) Private 661391 d 21 Mar 1918 Lived at 16 Thomas Street, his father was William. Reported missing on 21 March. He worked at the mercantile stores at Cardiff docks before the war.
233 PRIEST, C NOT FOUND Royal Navy H.M.M.S No.7 Stoker   (There is no record but he may have been aboard the Q7 boat Penshurst, sunk off Pembrokeshire, see Preston above - on the memorial it is listed as the same ship). The only other similar record of a stoker is a Samuel Charles Preece (born Hereford, living in Northern Ireland, who rejoined the Navy and was killed on May 27th 1915 off the Dardenelles by a submarine in HMS Majestic)
234 PURNELL, Thomas CWGC 2895035 Royal Garrison Artillery 68th Heavy Battery Gunner 112246 d 6 July/1918 in India b 1884, lived at 20 Bradford Street and married to Edith Maud (nee Bethell, 1915 - see her brother Albert Bethell, above also killed and living at same address), a grocer, who enlisted at the age of 32 in 1916. They had no children, His records show a long list of possessions returned to his widow - inc razor, glasses in case, sunglasses, three handkerchiefs, collapsable cup, dictionary, silver knife, dressing gown, two devotional books, pyjamas, letters, two diaries, pipe, matches, camp songs. His parents were dead. Records show he was serving in India and died of testicular cancer after being in hospital for nearly five months.
235 QUANCE, Clifford Thomas CWGC 115742 Royal Irish Fusiliers 6th Battalion Serjeant 15623 d 15 Sept 1915, age 18 in hospital in Malta b 14 Nov 1896, son of Robert (a haulier) and Maud Quance, of 13, Paget St., Grangetown, formerly 76 Holmesdale St. Had worked as a cleaner at Cardiff railway station. Died in hospital, nine days after being wounded at the Dardenelles.
236 REED, William CWGC 1652032 Welsh Regiment 11th Battalion. "D" Company Lance Corporal 15475 d 18 Sept 1918, age:25 in Salonika Hull-born son of Florence Reed, of 101 Marion St., Splott, Cardiff, and the late William Reed. He was an enameler at a plate works - Ford in Dumballs Road; lived at 53 Ferry Rd in 1911, his father was a grocer. Joined in September 1914 and served in France before Salonika, where he was reported missing.
237 REED, (Nicholas) Adam Trute CWGC 2867088 Royal Navy H.M.S "Indefatigable Armourer's Crew M/12279, second engineer

d 31 May 1916, age 19 - body not recovered

b 16 Aug 1896, lived at 37 Holmesdale St. son of the WJ and SJ Reed. His father was a shipyard worker, who was living at 4 Bromfield St when he died. Adam was working as an errand boy in 1911. HMS Indefatigable was sunk on 31 May 1916. He was a drum major in the Boy's Brigade at the Grange Wesleyan Church and sec of the Independent Order of Rechabites (temperance group). Pic 13 June.

238 REED, Sydney Francis CWGC 428053 Welsh Regiment 23rd Battalion Private 44668 d 5 Feb 1920, age 29, Gallipoli/Turkey b 1891, son of Henry George and Elizabeth Reed, of 96 Holmesdale St., Grangetown, Cardiff. Born at Bridgewater, Somerset. Buried at Haidar Pasha Cemetery, Istanbul. His father was a dry dock labourer.
239 REES, David Edmunds CWGC 3031914 Mercantile Marine S.S "Camerata (not Camelata) from Swansea Second Engineer d 2 May 1917, aged
b June 1892, son of the late David and Mary Rees. Born at Burry Port/Pembrey, Carmarthenshire and is also on the war memorial there too Hit by a torpedo in the Mediterranean and beached but not sunk.. * Not sure of Grangetown connection
240 REES, Leslie Harold CWGC 1587284 Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) "C" Coy. 10th Battalion Private 74189 d 21 April 1918, age:21 One of four children to John and Emma Rees, of 33, Corporation Rd., Cardiff. His father was an engine fitter. Formerly with the Royal Welch Fusiliers. His elder brother Tracey, a book-keeper, joined the 16th Middlesex Regiment although he was discharged a month later for being at 5ft 1 and three quarter inches "under height". Leslie himself was only 5ft 2.5 but tall enough to serve with his regiment. He died during a fierce enemy barrage.
241 REES, George Herbert CWGC 273885 Rifle Brigade 3rd Battalion, (The Prince Consort's Own) Rifleman 290 d 14 October 1914, of wounds, aged 32

Born Grangetown, son of the late Thomas and Anne Rees in 1883 - formerly of 20 Redlaver Street; later living in Field Street, Trelewis. His residence was Ely on enlistment. He was killed exactly a year after he survived Britain's worst pit disaster - the Senghenydd colliery explosion on 14 October 1913. Died of wounds in the No 17Field Ambulance at Pradelles in France after the Battle of Aisne.

242 REES, George Richard Francis CWGC 285123 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Anson Bn. R.N. Div Leading Seaman Bristol Z/145 d 1 October 1918, aged 21 Son of James Francis, a labourer, and Kate Elizabeth Rees, of 169a, Clive Street, Grangetown. In 1911, his mother had eight children, six of them had died. Died of wounds in France - had volunteered when ony 17. Worked in the fitting shop for the Great Western Railway. Also remembered on the Grangetown Baptist Church plaque.
243 REGAN, Daniel CWGC 165502 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 2nd/5th Battalion; (Territorial Force) Private 244882 d 4 June 1917
age 29

b 1888, son of Jeremiah and Margaret Regan; a coal haulier/merchant and husband of Edith Regan, of 83 Court Road, Grangetown when he enlisted and later 7 Grove Terrace, Llandow, Cowbridge, Glam. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque. Had daughters Edith and Winifred. He had been posted in October 1916; after a period at home he went to France again in Feb 1917 and died at Ploegsteert Wood near Ypres, on a day when "artillery, both sides, very active," according to his battalion diary. Records show he was only 5ft 2.5 inches tall. Among possessions sent back to his widow were letters, photos, watch, two religious books and a rosary. He also left just over £189 in his will.

244 REGAN, James CWGC 687474 Royal Munster Fusiliers, 7th Battalion Private 1414 d 9 Aug 1915 Gallipoli Born 1883, poss of 73 Cornwall Street, in 1911 lived with wife Mary and three young children, a coal trimmer. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque. On memorial, husband of Mary Gibson (formerly Regan), of 70 Raglan St., Newport, Mon. Mary Regan married Charles Gibson in autumn 1916.
245 RENWICK, George CWGC 520386 Military Police Corps Military Foot Police Lance Corporal P/5193 d 19 Oct 1917
age 32
B 1885, son of Andrew and Caroline Renwick, of 3 Bradford St, Grangetown, formerly 20 Ludlow St; husband of Emma Barrett (formerly Renwick, married in 1911), of 5, Plantation Rd., Abercynon and also had two small children. His mother was a widow, mother of eight and born in Co Kerry, his late father a shipwright, born in Sunderland. George was the fourth son and the first to be born in Cardiff after the family moved from the north east of England. He enlisted in Mountain Ash.
246 RICH, Alfred "Alf" F CWGC 1551122 Welsh Regiment 19th Battalion Private 31352 d 11 July 1916, aged c43 B 1872, Nether Stowey, Somerset, worked as stoker at Grangetown Gas Works for 17 years, lived at 50 Wedmore Rd; married to Gwenllian (nee Evans), with five children. Later living at Craddock St, Riverside. Educated at Grangetown Council School and was a keen athete (walker), according to his obit. Family story: Killed whilst removing barbed wire during the Battle of the Somme, Mametz Wood, France. His Echo obit quotes a letter written by an officer to his widow: "He was a company stretcher bearer and along with his mate did splendid work for the company. They worked like heroes and in spite of very heavy shelling carried wounded men to the Field Ambulance. Pte Rich was the most unselfish worker and I have mentioned him to the commanding officer on three occasions for his good work. He was very much liked by both officers and men."
247 RICH, Douglas Tom CWGC 25424 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry "D" Company. 9th Battalion Private 14851 d 28 April 1918, aged 20 B 19 March 1898, son of Alfred and Annie Rich, of 64 North Clive St., Grangetown. His father was a police constable. Douglas worked on the railways for Great Western as a teenager as a call boy from 1913 before joining the Army in September 1914.
248 RICHARDS, William Henry CWGC 239798 Welsh Regiment 17th Battalion Private 46293 d 24 April 1917
age 35
B Cardiff. Son of John and Louisa Richards of 5 Warwick Street, husband of Lily; he was a painter and decorator. A letter to his family said he was "killed instantaneously and died a hero's death in a charge." His widow's address given as 66 Somerset Terrace, Windmill Hill, Bedminster, Bristol. He had joined the Yorkshire Light Infantry and had been wounded previously.
249 RICHARDS, Charles French CWGC 328132 Gloucestershire Regiment 2nd/4th Battalion; 2/4th (City of Bristol) Battalion, Territorial Private 3803 d 5 July 1916, aged 24 B 1892, Fourth son of Mrs Amy Richards, a mother-of-10, of 14 Clare Rd., Cardiff. Charles worked with his younger brother Albert as a butcher's assistant before the War. His father John, was a self-employed haulier and before that a blacksmith. Echo pic Aug 3.

250 RIDDICK, Henry

CWGC 172178 Somerset Light Infantry 8th Battalion Private 16314 d 3 July 1916, age 19, at Rouen hospital b Bedminster, Bristol, enlisted in Cardiff. Youngest son of Mrs Emma Riddick, of 54 Stoughton St., Grangetown, Cardiff. Poss working with his older brother at 14 in coal mining in Pontypool in 1911.
251 Probably CRIDLAND William not RIDLAND,W.C CWGC 539862 Machine Gunner, Welsh Regiment, B company, 15th Bn, not Machine Gun Corps Machine Gunner/ Private 202999 d 12 March 1918, aged 33, of gas b Cleeve, Somerset, living at 16 Egerton St., Canton, working as a mill labourer at Spillers and Bakers for 15 years before enlisting and left a widow Edith and five children. He died on his 33rd birthday. The Cridland family were from Old Cleeve nr Minehead - and a distant relative was undoubtedly Henry John Cridland, of 63 Paget Street, who ran a well known local haulage and later coach business, which was based in Adelaide St, Docks and was started by his father Thomas (formerly of Ferry Rd) in the mid 1890s. This may explain the Grangetown connection.

252 REID, Peter

CWGC 623768 Welsh Regiment 11th Battalion Corporal 14857 d 14 Sept 1916, age 22, Salonika, buried Karasouli, Greece B 1893, son of Alexander Gow Reid and Martha Reid of 13, Llanbradach St., Cardiff. Native of West Hartlepool. Two brothers from a shipbuilding background came down to Cardiff from Co Durham with their families and settled in Grangetown. Peter went to Virgil Street school (now Ninian Park) and went to work in the hotel trade as a cook. Lived for a time at 65 Kent St. Poss working as a cook in Llandrindod Wells hotel in 1911. He enlisted in September 1914, going to Greece a year later. His obituary said he was a keen sportsman, particularly interested in football. His cousin Alexander also joined the same battalion but was discharged because of poor hearing after a year, unrelated to his service.
253 REID,William Coventry CWGC 2742611 Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) 1st Battalion Private 109063 d 29 May 1918, age 19 Eldest and surviving son of George and Florence Seaward Reid of 4, Grange Gardens, Cardiff. Born at Cardiff. Formerly of 45 St Fagan's St, his father a ship repairer. Enlisted in May 1917, and was in the Army for just over a year, when the family lived in 53 Llanmaes St and he worked as a customs clerk. They had moved to Grange Gardens when he died - at the chief dressing station at La Ferme Pecherie - two days after being reported missing. He had left the UK after training in March 1918. 5ft 41/2 inches tall

254 ROBERTS, John B

CWGC 334785 Welsh Regiment 11th Battalion Private 14651 d 18 Sept 1918, age 30 in Salonika Son of Thomas Bliss Roberts and Ellen Roberts, of 25 Chester Street. Native of Cardiff and worked as a ship's painter before enlisting in November 1914. Echo photo on 4 Nov. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque.

255 ROBINSON, Leonard

CWGC 920482 Welsh Regiment 2nd Battalion Private 9094 d 31 Oct 1914, Ypres, aged 19 Born in Grangetown 1885, second son of Albert J Robinson, 23 Hewell Street (forrmerly No 56) , a docks labourer and Rosina - one of nine surviving children. Enlisted in Cardiff and served in the Welsh Regiment for 7 years. His parents were informed he was admitted to Boulogne General Hospital on 1 November 1914. (In error?). Killed in action 31 October 1914. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium
256 ROBINSON William Henry (Not WT) CWGC 477045 Royal Field Artillery Driver 730112 d 27/04/1919, Egypt Youngest son of Albert Robinson of 23 Hewell St (see above). He was of four siblings on active service featured in the Echo in March 1915 - brother Leonard was already missing at this point. He worked as a rope maker in 1911. He had served in Egypt for three years and died of pneumonia (pic May 23 1919)
257 ROSEWARNE, William Pearcey CWGC 479003 Welsh Regiment 18th Battalion Private 202769 d 15 April 1918, aged 21 b 1897, lived at 8 Knole Street, worked as an errand boy. His father George, who had six children, worked as a boilermaker's assistant and lived at 2 Oakley Street and later at 18 Monmouth Street. He died of wounds.
258 RUMNEY, Gideon CWGC 640863 Royal Field Artillery 102nd Brigade Gunner 28358 d 21 Oct 1918, age 25; buried at Montecchio Prcalino, Italy Lived at 202 Clive Street - his father John was a tug fireman; in 1911, youngest of four children, Gideon was a casual labourer in 1911.His brigade had moved to Italy in October 1917 where they fought in the Battle of Asiago and the Battle of Vittorio Veneto. He worked on the Windsor Slipway before the war and had been wounded amd gassed previously. Echo photo on Nov 8.
259 RYAN, Bertie CWGC 50335 East Surrey Regiment, posted to London Regiment 2nd Battalion Private 44112 d 4 Sep 1918, aged 19 Son of Mrs (Emily) T Smith (formerly Ryan), 118 Clive Street. Bertie worked for J Wilson Butcher in Cowbridge Rd, Canton. He joined in March 1917 and had been at the front for two months when he died of shell wounds to the head. His elder brother Sapper A J (Arthur) Ryan of the Royal Engineers was also serving (Pic in Echo on Sept 16) His late father was Mr James Ryan.
260 SAUNDERS,William CWGC 1561717 Welsh Regiment 2nd Battalion Private 14027 d 9 May 1915 * Almost cetainly correct - b Cardiff and enslisted in the city in February 1915. There was a William Saunders living at 16 Compton Street with wife Ellen (nee Driscoll) and three young children, b 1883, a brewer's labourer. He lived earlier in Allerton Street with his father Anthony, a delivery man. Another William Saunders, a butcher, lived at 4 Amherst St (b1872).
261 SHAW, Thomas Walter CWGC 557134 Welsh Regiment "C" Company. 16th Battalion Private 23433 d 7 July 1916, age 22 Lived at 60 Hewell Street and left a widow Louise Jane and child. He was a paint maker at Cardiff Docks. Son of Laura Shaw, 22, Hewell St.. Born at Cardiff, one of seven children in 1901 and educated at St Paul's school. His father William was a docks labourer, born in Bristol. He joined up in January 1915 and died at Mametz Wood.
262 O'SHEA Edward CGWC 1768818 Welsh Regiment 9th Battalion Private 13992 d 25 Sept1915, Loos b 1882, plumber of 34 Llanmaes Street, married to Florrie with two young children
263 SHEEHAN John (Not SHECHAN, I) None Welsh Regiment 6th Battalion Private 1948 d at home in Cardiff, 29 May 1915, aged 46 Docks labourer and former serviceman who enlisted in August 1914 possibly at the age of 49, although he declared his age as 44. He was living at 23 Bute Terrace at the time and working for the Bute Dock Company. His late father was a bootmaker. He died at the home of his elder sister Mary Agnes Spillane at 25 Ferndale St, Grangetown. His death certificate says he had contracted rheumatism and cardiac asthenia five months before. An Army document - listing his effects - declared he died after discharge (on medical grounds as unfit) on 27 April 1915. In January, he was reported in the Evening Express as being home with his sisters in Lily Street with defective eyesight after a severe cold and that the men in his battalion are "very fit and ready for anything that is asked of them." .
264 SHORNEY, Frederick Alfred CWGC 1756659 Royal Fusiliers 24th Battalion Private 1126 d 30 Nov 1917, aged 37 b Bedminster, 1880, Bristol. Lived at 33 Rhydlafer St with widowed mother Sarah Ann Shorney in 1891. In 1911, he was a carpenter/labourer living at 7 Bromsgrove Street with new wife Henrietta Isabel (nee Russell, later remarried Arthur Thomas, of Llanbadoc, Usk in 1921,). They had a son, also called Frederick, born in 1913 and a daughter Irene, born in 1916.
265 SIMMONS, Evan Walter James CWGC 3038473 Royal Navy HMS Queen Mary Ordinary Signalman J/26550 d 31 May 1916, age 18 B St Dogmaels, Cardigan, and brought up in Tenby, eldest of six children to William James Simmons (former coastguard, turned bank messenger) and Elizabeth Simmons, of 39, St. Fagans St., Grangetown, Cardiff.; the battleship was sunk at the Battle of Jutland, 31 May 1916 - she was shelled, exploded and sank quickly in the North Sea, off Denmark - the wreck is a protected war grave. 1,266 crewmen were lost, only 20 survived.
266 SIMS, Benjamin CWGC 1647042 Welsh Regiment 1st/4th Battalion Private 201824 d 26 March 1917, age 33 Born Benjamin Lewis Thomas in Garndiffaith, he was the adopted son of Isabella Sims (nee Thomas), of 16, Pentrebane St., Grangetown, Cardiff, and the late Samuel Sims. Worked at an oil works in Ferry Road and before that was an apprentice cabinet maker. He was killed in action in Egypt in the First Battle of Gaza, one of 44 lost in an attack, with dozens more from the battalion wounded.
267 SKINNER, Charles David CWGC 263352 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 16th Battalion Private 78325 d 4 Nov 1918, age 19 b 1899, son of Amy Skinner, of 71 Court Rd. He had only joined the Army in the April and had only been in France three weeks. He worked at the Channel Dry Dock before the war as an apprentice.


NOT FOUND Royal Navy H.M.S "Warwick" Private   NB: HMS Warwick was hit by a mine on 10th May 1918, but not sunk,

269 SMART, Betram George

CWGC 341758 Royal Garrison Artillery 130th Siege Battery Gunner 84861 d 19 Sept 1918, aged 17 years, 10 months, Salonika b 1900, son of Southampton-born William Thomas and Lucy Jane Smart, of 70 Clare Rd; lived at 16 Cornwall St in 1911. His father worked as a machine engine fitter. He had been in Salonika for four weeks and had previously been gassed and wounded while spending 10 months in France. Photo in Echo on November 1
270 SMITH,William Henry CWGC 572011 Welsh Regiment 15th Battalion Private 23605 d 5 Nov 1918 Left a widow Mary J. Born Newport. POSS: there is a William Smith (b 1878) living at 39 Bromsgrove St with wife Mary Jane Barnett and four children in 1911.
271 SMITH, T A NOT FOUND Royal Army Service Corps Driver    
272 SMITH, Francis ("Frank") Henry CWGC 344513 Royal Field Artillery 416th Battery Driver 730243 d 20 Nov 1917 at a military hospital in Cambridge, age 20 B 1898, son of John and Harriet Edith Smith, of 11 Penhevad St, formerly of Stockland Street. He was an errand boy for a grocer, aged 13.
273 SMITH, Cornelius Patrick CWGC 1659455 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 8th Battalion Private 5129 d 9 April 1916, aged 22 Mesopotamia (buried Basra, Iraq) b 1894. Lived at 79 Saltmead Road (now Stafford Rd), an engine cleaner with the Cardiff Railway Co, his father Daniel a coach trimmer

274 SMITHYMAN, Ernest 'Ernie' Henry

CWGC 1748942 King's Own Shropshire Light Infantry 7th Battalion Private 27219 d 22 Aug 1918 b1887, lived at 14 Holmesdale St, worked as a baker, 2nd son of John Henry Smithyman, a grocer of 52 Oakley St; last address was at 3 Coronation St, Aberkenfig, living with wife Amelia "Rose" and daughters Catherine and Lesley. She was later at 35 Stockland Street. He had been at the front for seven months and was killed in action.
275 SPARKES, Harry CWGC 3032881 Mercantile Marine S.S "Rosalie" (Cardiff) Third Engineer d 20 Feb 1917, age 31 Son of Mary Sparkes (nee Mason), of 37, Stockland St., Grangetown, Cardiff, and the late Charles Sparkes, a dry dock rigger. Harry was a ship's engineer, one of five survivng children. Also remembered on the Grangetown Baptist Church plaque. The SS Rosalie was a John Cory cargo ship travelling from New York to Salonica with a cargo of munitions and oats, when she was sunk by U-boat U-39 just off Algeria. Harry was one of 21 crew lost. He worked for HG Blairs of Cardiff before the war.
276 STAFFORD, George Edward CWGC 2759543 Royal Defence Corps 112th Company Private 71145 d 3 March 1919, London, age 20, buried at Cathays Cemetery b 1899, son of Sunderland-born George and Florence Stafford, of 57 Dorset St. In 1911, he was one of nine surviving children, his father and two elder brothers were all ship's painters. Born at 12 Oakley Street. He died in hospital in Fulham.
277 STAUBER, John William   Mercantile Marine "Lake Edon" Steward d August 21 1918 Lake Edon, on a voyage from Barry with a cargo of coal, was sunk by the German submarine U-107 (Kurt Siewert), off Newquay. 16 persons were lost. B 1873, married Sarah Stauber 1900, lived at 7 Maitland Place, Grangetown with two children
278 STEVENS, Joseph Henry CWGC 3033024 Mercantile Marine S.S "Dowlais" (Cardiff) Second Engineer d 3 Dec 1917, age:30 Living at 196 Corporation Road. Son of John Wylie Stevens and May Helen Stevens; husband of Ethel May Stephens (nee Evans). Born at Maryborough, Rossshire. One of 26 crew - a mix of Welsh, Irish, Indian and Maltese - who died when a U-boat sunk the vessel, carrying copper ore to Scotland from Greece, off Algeria. He had previously served on shops including the Lavernock.
279 STEWART, John Henry CWGC 3033057 Mercantile Marine S.S "Ventmoor" (London) Assistant Cook d 14 Feb 1918, age 15

* One of the youngest casualties from Grangetown (see Arthur Brown below) - son of Mary Ann Stewart (nee Hurlow), of 15a, Corporation Road. Cardiff, and the late James Hutton Stewart (b Perth, 1872), lived at 27 Paget Street. Born at Cardiff. Drowned as a result of an attack by an enemy submarine. The cargo streamer was torpedoed UC37, off Skyros in the Aegean Sea and en route from Mudros for Sfax. John was among 21 mariners lost their lives. According to the Echo in March 1918: "This was young Stewart's second voyage. He was an old Court Road schoolboy and was only 15 1/2 years old. Before going to sea he was employed at Windsor slipway."

280 SUMMERHAYES, Herbert ("Bertie" or "Bert") Stanley Percy

CWGC 814147 Somerset Light Infantry 6th Battalion Private 17510 d 16 Sept 1916, Somme Prob: B 1897-99 Taunton, Somerset, youngest son of widow Maria Summerhayes, worked as an errand boy for a cafe and lived at 79 Sea View (or Ferry Road). Enlisted in Bristol. He had been at the front of two years and had been wounded a year before. He had two other brothers at the front and another who had been invalided out.
281 SWEET, Robert 'Bob' Jenkin CWGC 2939657 Royal Army Medical Corps 18th Field Ambulance Serjeant 366174 d 9 Oct 1918, age 25 Son of Robert and Annie Sweet, of 95 Penarth Rd., Grangetown. Worked as an assistant to his Somerset-born father in the family baking business. Joined in Nov 1914, promoted to corporal in 1915 - a month in hospital with trench fever - and was acting sergeant from Dec 1917 with the 2nd Welsh Field Ambulance. Records show list of effects: religious book, note book, fountain pen, wrist watch, photos, pocket wallet, 9ct gold ring and pocket knife.
282 SYMONDS, George CWGC 436182 Royal Engineers Sapper 91536 d Aug 2nd 1917, aged 37 b 1880 Exmouth, a house painter, he lived at 55 Mardy Street with wife Ethel. In 1911, they lived at 28 Pentre Street
283 TARR, Peter CWGC 2759555 Welsh Regiment 3rd Battalion Private 2706 d 13 Feb 1915, aged 48, Buried at Cathays Prob: B 1867? Son of Peter and Sarah Tarr, of Cymich, Bridgwater, Somerset. Living at 5 Earl Street, Grangetown at one time, and later at 25 Earl Street and 28 Oakley Street, working as a shipyard labourer and iron worker - married with children. Father was a mariner. At the time of his death - of peritonitis at the Howard Gardens hospital - he was living at 21 Cambridge Street.
284 TARR, George Okey CWGC 1760370 Durham Light Infantry 1st/5th Battalion Private 91574 d 27 May 1918, age 19 Son of Margaret Margate (formerly Tarr), of 143, Clive St., Grangetown, Cardiff, and the late William Tarr. Working as a boiler cementer for Box and Sons of Earl Lane before the war, Living at 18 Amherst St in 1911, his mother was housekeeper to James Margate; and 69 Hewell St in 1901. Pic in Echo, July 8 1918 and again in January 1919, when his mother was appealing for any information on him.
285 TAYLOR, William (Willie) Albert CWGC 277476 Welsh Regiment 16th Battalion Private 32566 d 21 Oct 1917 Lived at 5 Ferry Road, son of "Titch" Taylor. Mother Martha. Poss: B 1898, son of George Henry Taylor, 48 Holmesdale St
286 THOMAS, Albert David CWGC 2759559 Royal Field Artillery Acting Bombadier d 9 Jan 1918 in hospital, buried in Cathays Lived at 17 Merches Gardens with wife Mary; died in the Lakenham military hospital in Norfolk. Believed to be 29 years old. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque.
287 THOMAS, Arthur CWGC 815594 Welsh Regiment 16th Battalion Lance Corporal 23326 d 7 July 1916, died of wounds, aged 24 Lived at 12 Forrest Street, Grangetown (off Bromsgrove St); worked with Cardiff City Tramways before the war and earlier as a warehouseman for a grocery business. Son of William John Blackmore Thomas, a mariner, and the late Sarah Thomas. Attended Grangetown Board School. In 1911 he was living with his mother, sister Mary Jane and his grandfather, Edwin. He joined the 16th Welsh (Cardiff City) Regiment in November 1914 as a Private, and was later promoted to Lance Corporal.
288 THOMAS, Charles Harwood CWGC 269823 Royal Field Artillery Driver 12226 d 2 May 1917, aged 24 b 1893, his father Charles was a glass and China seller and mother was Maria, the family living at 21 Staughton St (Sussex St); 121 Clare Rd in 1911 and 44 Taff Mead Embankment at the end of the war. Charles was believed to be working as a blacksmith in Pembrokeshire in 1911.
289 THOMAS, George Edward CWGC 623971 Welsh Regiment 11th Battalion Private 15529 d 14 Sept 1916, in Salonika Born in Hull. Parents Ernest J and Mary Jane lived at 2 Vishwell Rd, Canton after war and in Hunter Street in the Docks in 1911, when George worked as a grocer's errand boy. *Grangetown connection not known
290 THOMAS, John "Jack" CWGC 641839 Royal Naval Reserve H.M Drifter "Boy Harold" Second Hand 2295SA d 3 March 1916, age 39 A fisherman,, husband of Mrs Lilly T Thomas, of Dorset Street, later of 126, Severn Grove, Canton, Cardiff. Born at Milford Haven. He was killed "in foreign waters" while minesweeping - the ship was sunk by U-boat off Brindisi. Echo Match 21.
291 THOMAS, Owen George (Not E) CWGC 625630 Royal Army Service Corps, 22nd Reserve Park Driver, T2/10835 d 22 Sept 1916, aged 22, of malaria, Greece

b 1894, son of Augusta Thomas, 66 Mardy Street, Grangetown; formerly of Cathays Terrace

292 *THOMAS, William John CWGC 607434 Royal Army Medical Corps (2nd Welsh) Field Ambulance) Private 1477 d 13 Aug 1915, aged 21 at Gallipoli b 1894 Radyr, son of John and Anne Thomas, of 56 Thesiger St., Cathays, Cardiff; he worked as a stationary engine man at a steelworks in 1911. He died of wounds on board the hospital ship Salta. His effects were left to his sister Mary, who was guardian to his young brother Reggie. * Unsure of Grangetown connection
293 THOMPSON, Charles Hall CWGC 2969137 Mercantile Marine S.S "Persier" (London) Fourth Engineer Officer d 10 December 1917, aged 21 Son of engine fitter Charles Hall Thompson and Margaret Thompson, of 5 York Place, Grangetown, Cardiff. Born at Ulverston, Lancashire. The Persier was on a voyage from Cardiff to Taranto with general cargo and coal and was sunk by the German submarine U-35, 50 miles east of Cape Spartivento in Italy. Thompson was the only person recorded lost
294 THOMSON, William (or THOMPSON) CWG 2969200 Mercantile Marine, SS Moidart ***Not SS Freshfield as on memorial ** Cook/Seaman Gunner d 9 June 1918, aged 29

b Feb 12 1889 in Edinburgh, parents William and Isabella; lived at 30 or 22 Sevenoaks Street with his wife Gertie Thompson (nee Fish, whose brothers fought in the war and - one David, is on the memorial) and five year old son William Robert. A horse driver and former cook before the war. According to his obit in the Echo, he had spent "some years at sea" and was a cook. He had also spent a year with the Army Service Corps as a driver before being discharged due to being medically unfit - there is some mention of tuberculosis and gonorreah in his medical record. *** According to Echo in July, Thompson was killed on 9th June 1918 when his unnamed ship was torpedoed, which means it would not be the Freshfield, which was lost on 5th August and on which another Grangetown seaman Jarvis died - see above. The Moidart was sailing from Barry to Rouen witha cargo of coal when she was topedoed off the Dorset coast. 15 lives lost.

295 TORRINGTON, Alfred CWGC 3045499 Royal Navy H.M.S "Monmouth" Stoker (1st Class) K/10324 d 1 Nov 1914, aged 22 Lived at 82 Court Road with his adopted mother Sarah Ocock. He had previously lived in Stoughton Street and was born in Pembrokeshire, 10 Apr 1892, the son of the late colour sergeant Edward Torrington. Pic in South Wales Echo on 25 Nov. He had joined the Navy by 1911. His ship was sunk 1 November 1914 at the Battle of Coronel with the loss of around 600 men, the entire crew, after being attacked by the German armoured cruisers SMS Scharnhorst and SMS Gneisenau off the Chilean coast.
296 TURNER, Frederick CWGC 67280 Welsh Regiment 2nd Battalion Private, Drummer 8919 d 19 July 1916, age 32 b Roath; husband of either K or Rose Turner (nee Webber, married 1906), of 23 Dorset St., Grangetown, Cardiff. Died of wounds in the No 21 casualty clearing station at La Neuville, which was used during the Battle of the Somme - he was possibly among 50 injured at Bazentin Petit Wood on the 18th. In Census of 2011, is down in Pembrokeshire as a drummer with the Welsh Regiment, aged 22.
297 TURNER, Frederick William Robertson CWGC 29763 Glamorgan Territorials, 2nd (Glamorgan) Coy; Royal Engineers Lieutenant d 5 Augt 1916. Age 25 b 1891 formerly of 152 Clive St, son of builder and contractor James Edward Turner - one of the sons running the Turner building firm - later living at Lisvane, as civil engineering student. Educated at Cardiff Municipal Secondary School , Howard Gardens 1902-1904 and at University College Cardiff. Worked in the engineering section of his father's building firm, E. Turner and Co. Enlisted in the Welsh Horse Yeomanry. Commissioned February 1915 to the Glamorgan Fortress Coy. Royal Engineers. Also remembered on the Lisvane War Memorial
298 UZZELL, Henry 'Harry' Reed (not HUZZELL) CWGC 905632 Royal Army Service Corps, 911th M.T. Convoy Attd. 29th Motor Amb 334326 d 12 March 1919 in Tehran, Iran, aged 25 b 1894, a cycle builder in 1911 and later working for Cardiff Railway Co, lived at 37 Coedcae Street, with crane driver father William; brought up in Rutland St. He died of typhus fever. He was unmarried but left a fiancee.
299 WAITES, Reginald Meyrick CWGC 202019 Yorkshire Regiment 6th Battalion Private 41701 d 7 Jul 1917, aged 32 b 1884, lived at 7 Hereford St, son of George and Catherine Waites; a haulier; lived with wife Edith Maud Lewis (later Heale) who he married in 1913 in May Street. He was carrying rations to the front line when he was wounded. He had been with the Royal Field Artillery for 10 months after being in the Yorkshire Regiment.
WALES T.A.L (see LEWIS, William Abraham - above)        
300 WALKER, Charles Robert "Charlie" CWGC 912558 Welsh Regiment 3rd Battalion Private 49693 d 30 Aug 1917 b 1898, living at 11 St Fagan's Street and brother to Harold Walker; prob adopted son of Mary Ann Union, 70 Hewell Street in 1911
301 WALKER, Charles Welch CWGC 2938893 Yorks and Lancaster Regiment 1st/5th Battalion Private 46601 d 22 Jul 1918 b 1897, family lived at 184 Cathedral Rd, his father a paint manufacturer. He worked for him in the Navigation Paint Co., Grangetown, which seems to be the local connection. Enlisted in Cardiff
302 WALL, John Edward CWGC 576908 Tank Corps 2nd Advance Workshop Serjeant 70036 d 15 Nov 1918, age 29

He died in a collision between two vehicles four days after the end of the war. Son of John and Mary Wall, of Llanishen, Cardiff; husband of Elizabeth Alexander, of 33, Coedcae St., Grange, Cardiff. Married in 1910, he worked as a law clerk at Ingledew and Sons in the Docks. His father was a coal merchant at 40 Holmesdale St and later moved to the docks. He worked as a dispatch rider for the Welsh Cyclists regiment before transferring to the Tank Corps. His brother Rev W llewellyn Wall was chaplain to the Tank Corps and another brother Charles served with the RFA.

303 WALSH, Thomas George CWGC 1652384 Welsh Regiment 11th Battalion Private 64085 d 13 Sept 1918, Salonika, aged 28 b 1890, lived at 102 Court Road, his mother was called May. Initially reported missing. He worked at a mineral water works in Clive Street. He joined the Cardiff Pals in 1914 and went to France a year later.
304 WARREN, William Henry CWGC 819426 South Wales Borderers 5th Battalion Private 17966 d 25 July 1916, France Lived at 7 Ferry Road. He enlisted in the Army after previously serving in the Navy on the St Ives. He was a well known member of the National Sailors' and Firemen's Union. (There is a William Warren, 1895, living at 11 Ferry Rd in 1911 and working at a slate works)
305 WESTACOTT, David "Dai" (or Westercott on memorial, or Wastercott) CWGC 876585 Gloucestershire Regiment, 2/6th Battalion, Territorials Private 15529 d 28 Aug 1917, aged 35 b 22 Oct 1882, a former St Paul's school pupil, he lived at 47 Hewell Street Grangetown Cardiff, docks labourer, married to Clara. They had four young children David Charles, Mary Louisa, Violet May and four-year-old Ivy Maud. In 1901, he lived with his uncle Charles at 24 Hewell St, also had family in Oakley Street and Clive Street. He played a rugby internatonal for Wales in 1906 in a defeat to Ireland, but also played for Glamorgan against the touring All Blacks in 1905 and for Cardiff (1903-1910). His son later played rugby for Cardiff. "He was a fine man and one of the mainstays of the platoon," his commander wrote in tribute. "I had heard of his athletic fame and he died as he lived - a true sportsman."
306 WATKINS, Edgar Hayden CWGC 819539 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 8th Company Private 9948 d 14 July 1916, age 42 b 1874, son of Thomas and Francis Watkins, of Dinas Powys;; husband of Eliza Rhoda Watkins, of 14 Earl St., Grangetown; an electrician - in 1911, they were living in Splott and had four children under 11 and he had five children at the time of his death.
307 WEBB, Robert James CWGC 850890 16th (The Queen's) Lancers of Household Cavalry Trooper/Private 12523 d 23 March 1918, Somme, aged 26 b 1892, lived at 54 North Clive St, Grangetown; in 1911 was a labourer living with his father George Alexander Webb, a fireman in a coal washery, and mother Catherine, the eldest of three children. He had been in France for 18 months and was serving as a trooper
308 WEBBER, Thomas Mayne CWGC 482748 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 24th Battalion Private 60291 d 6 Sept 1918, age 29 b 1888, son of John Mayne Webber. a baker and confectioner, and Eliza Webber, of 6 Grange Gardens, Cardiff. Also the family had an address at 28 James St, Butetown. Also working as a baker with his father. He had been a chorister and was also organist at the All Souls Mission and Seaman's Church. Photo in Echo on Sept 26.
309 WELLINGS, Thomas Walter CWGC 639689 Royal Engineers 102nd Field Company Sapper 56512 d 25 Feb 1918, age 30 Son of Clara and the late William Wellings, of 25 Hereford St and later 3 Corporation Road, worked as a builder's labourer, also a lightman at the start of the war; had two sisters. He was a boatman with the Royal Mechanical Engineers - he joined up in October 1914 - and died of wounds in Italy. He was awarded the Military Medal in July 1917.
310 WELCHMAN, Harry CWGC 46500 Welsh Regiment 9th Battalion Private 46500 d 23 March 1918 b 1893, Henry Olave Welchman or Welshman, living at 13 Ferndale St, Grangetown; youngest of four brothers and worked for Spiller and Bakers in Channel Mills; in 1911 was an errand boy for a fruitiers; one of eight children - father Charles a coachman/horse driver; earlier living at 8 Penarth Rd.
311 WHEELER, Thomas F CWGC 304908 Royal Garrison Artillery 17th Siege Battery Gunner 348414 d 12 Aug 1917, age 33 b 1885, husband of Ettie Wheeler, of 2, Durham St, Grangetown, they had a child. Son of Thomas Wheeler, of Van St, Grangetown; working as a horse driver for a brewery in 1911 - later living at 6 Dorset Street; He was killed by wounds from a shell - the same shell also injured his brother Gunner Albert E Wheeler, who ended up in hospital in Portsmouth.
312 WHITE, Clifford CWGC 876763 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 200th Company 2nd Lieutenant d 26 Sept 1917, aged 22 Born c1895, second son of T H White, Parc, St.Fagans. Employed by White, Wilson and Co, mattress manufacturers, Clive Street, Grangetown. Enlisted as a a private in one of the four Public Schools Battalions, Royal Fusiliers in early 1915 and served on the Western Front with them for seven months. Commissioned to the Machine Gun Corps and returned to the Western Front in February 1917. Promoted from Private in Royal Welch Fusiliers.

313 WHITE, Reginald John

CWGC 100562 Royal Welsh Fusiliers Private 56844 d 31 July 1917, aged 20 b Plymouth, lived at 95 Clare Road, where he was an apprentice shoemaker. The letter home said one of his officers thought him "the bravest boy I ever met." He was killed by a sniper but had carried on with a charge, despite being wounded in the chest at its onset. He came from an Army family, with his family born in different parts of the world - his father Frederick, 48 in 1911, a nightwatchman and army pensioner living in Ely Cottages, Ferry Road. (SUGG ALT to R J White from London, CWGC 554187)

314 WICKLEN, Nathaniel

CWGC 2970010 Mercantile Marine S.S "Eskmere" Master/Captain d 13 Oct 1917, aged 48 b Gloucester 1869. A master mariner, formerly of Corporation Road but living at 5 Pomeroy St, Docks in the years from 1911 to the time of his death, with his wife Gertrude (b 1883). Coal cargo ship en route from Belfast for Barry was torpedoed by German submarine UC-75 and sank 15 miles off South Stack, Anglesey. 20 lives lost including Wicklen, the master and two teenagers from Barry, including the assistant steward, 15. The ship was sunk in five minutes and the crew had evacuated onto two lifeboats but they capsized. Men trapped underneath could be hard knocking. Seven were rescued the next morning.
315 WIGGINS, Percy CWGC 314953 South Wales Borderers 8th Battalion Private 8/16269 d 7 Oct 1915, aged 22

b Oct-Dec 1892, his next of kin was his aunt Martha Morgan, of 114 Holmesdale St, earlier 32 Llanishen St., Cardiff; Percy's parents were both dead. His father Thomas (1860-92) died when he was young. His mother Letitia (nee Morgani) remarried Ernest Pimm in 1898 and had at least six more children. She died in 1911, when Percy was living with them at 48 Hunter St, Docks and working as a shipyard labourer. One record said Percy was killed accidentally. In Echo, 14 Oct

316 WILCOX, Thomas Turner (not Wilcott) CWGC 490950 Royal Field Artillery Driver (Gunner) 478 d 17 Jun 1917, buried in Belgium, aged 25 b 1891, grew up at 85 Clive St, with his widowed mother Isabella, a rope factory worker. She later lived at 7 Franklen Street. Killed by a high explosive shell. He was "one of our best signallers, very popular with officers and men," said the letter back from the Army. He was awarded a certificate for bravery for repairing telephone lines under heavy fire. He was a second engineer on Neale and West boat.
317 WILKINS, Frank CWGC 1750266 Royal Inniskillen Fusiliers 6th Battalion Private 48898; formerly 22535, Welch Regiment. d 4 Nov 1918 b 1894, lived at 113 Clive St Grangetown, an ironmonger's assistant with Elias & Parry; one of 11 children, previously 46 Holmesdale St
318 WILLIAMS, James Goodman CWGC 280698 Welsh Regiment 9th Battalion Private 14295 d 17 April 1916, age 19 b 1896, son of Charles and Sarah Williams (nee Weaver), of 54 Oakley St. He was one of six children in 1911, working as an errand boy for a sweet manufacturer. The family lived in Kent Street before this and his Neath-born father was a clerk working in the docks, involved with groceries. His battalion had relieved the 6th Battalion of the Wiltshire Regiment in the front line at Ferme Du Bois, when he was killed.
319 WILLIAMS, William George CWGC 2759605 Devonshire Regiment Transfered to (100051) 167 Labour Corps Private 53057 d 21 Feb 1919, age 30 B 8 July 1889; husband of Daisy May Williams (nee Rowles), of 1 Ferndale St and they had a son William Bertie (b 27 April 1917). The couple had married in August 1915 and served in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve as an acting able seaman before joining the Army in February 1917. A ship's painter and linesman before the war. He died of pneumonia at 8.30pm at military hospital in Albany Road. Cardiff while serving with the Labour Corps - four days after being admitted. His medical report said he was taken ill on 10 February and his condition had been "aggravated by military service". He served in France for nearly two years, leaving a couple of months before his son was born. His parents William Henry Williams and Elizabeth Williams lived in Eleanor Street, Docks, and he had two younger brothers and two sisters. A detailed service record exists.
320 WILLIAMS, Jesse CWGC 822116 King's Royal Rifle Corps 10th Battalion Rifleman A/3710 d 3 Sept 1916, age 28 Son of Thomas and Martha Williams, of 8, Devon St., Grangetown, Cardiff. He was featured in the Echo on 23 Oct 1915, which quotes from a letter in which he had found a propoganda pamphlet attached to a stake between British and German lines, trying to encourage Indian soldiers to give themselves up as prisoners. Jesse was killed in an attack on the German lines at Guillemont in the Somme - one of 39 dead and 22 missing in the three days of battle. A total of 123 from the battalion would die at the Somme. He worked on the Taff Vale Railway before the war as a brakesman. His service record shows he joined in September 1914 and left Folkestone in July 1915 for the front. He had three elders brothers and two elder sisters. He was a Wesleyan Methodist and 5ft 6 inches tall.
321 WILLIAMS, Christmas CWGC 41719 Royal Field Artillery Driver 194239
d 4 Oct 1918

b 1886 Merthyr Vale, son of a collier; husband of Beatrice Williams, of 43 Wedmore Rd - the couple had five children. He died of wounds suffered on 29th September. NB: There was a Christmas Williams, back living in Merthyr Vale in 1911 with wife Beatrice Amelia and three children under four, all Cardiff-born. When he died, they had five children. He worked as a plate layer in a coal mine. Joined the Army in 1915. There is also a memorial to him in Merthyr Vale.

322 WILLIAMS, Charles Edward CWGC 2970073 Mercantile Marine S.S "Nyanza" (Glasgow) Assistant Cook d 29 Sept 1918, age 18

Son of Edward and Eliza Jane Williams (nee Bartlett), of 8, Chester St., Grangetown Cardiff - he had a "sweetheart" Emily Luxton, in Cornwall Street. Born at Cardiff. The ship was sunk by torpedo off the Scottish coast with the loss of 13 lives on a voyage from Cardiff to Archangelsk with a cargo of coal. Echo photo on 8th October.

323 WILSON, Nicholas John CWGC 40252 Royal Sussex Regiment 8th Battalion Private G/23737 d 23 Oct 1918, age 19 Son of George Hindmarch Wilson and Sarah Wilson, of 31 Coedcae St; previously of 140 Corporation Road. Hs father was a Newcatle-born engine turner with the railway, eldest of two children. His brother George also served in the war - including repairing Royal Flying Corps aircraft - but survived.
324 WINES, Tom CWGC 71620 Royal Engineers 172nd Tunnelling Company Sapper 134794 d 16 July1918, age:29 Son of George and Sarah Ann Wines, of 220 Clive St., Grangetown. Worked as a labourer in the gas works. Died in hospital from wounds, pic in Echo on Aug 27 1918.
325 WINGSTEDT, Eric A CWGC 87740 Welsh Regiment 16th Battalion L/Corporal 23707 d 24/ October 1916, age:20

Son of Sarah A. Wingstedt, formerly of 49 Corporation Road and 176 Clive St. Later at 36, Longcross St., Roath, Cardiff, and the late Andrew Wingstedt, a mariner. He was a railway porter with GWR before joining the army.

326 WITHERS, John Henry CWGC 90639 Royal Marine Artillery Siege Guns (Dunkerque) Serjeant RMA/10829 d 28 Dec 1917, age 30 b19 Jan 1887; awarded Croix de Guerre (France). Son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert. Withers, of 17 Bromfield St. He was awarded the French honour for devotion to duty. "He was mentioned in dispatches of the Jutland Battle when serving on HMS Warrior, which put up so gallant a fight." He volunteered for the front in August 1916 and had served 13 years with the Royal Marines, according to his school record. See more
327 WOODS, Alfred James CWGC 239916 Welsh Regiment 17th Battalion Private 13439 d 19 June 1917, age 24, buried Nord, France Son of William Henry Woods, a bootmaker, of 1 Aber St, Grangetown. Earlier lived at 27 Clare Road. Enlisted in Bargoed, where he had been working as a colliery boy, and living with his uncle William Davies in Gilfach Bargoed..
328 WOODWARD, Harold CWGC 2970340 Mercantile Marine S.S "Madame Renee" (Newcastle) Second Officer d 10 Aug 1918, age 24 Son of Giles and Sarah Woodward (nee Griffiths), of 15 Pentrebane St., Cardiff. A pilot apprentice, the son of a pilot and the eldest of three sons. Also remembered on the Grangetown Baptist Church plaque.
329 YORATH Charles CWGC 570869 Welsh Regiment 19th Battalion (Pioneers) Private 31853 d 11 July 1916 Living at 58 Hewell Street with his widowed mother Clara; originally living in York Place, he had a brother David also serving in the 16th Battalion Welsh Regiment, along with step-brother Sgt T (Henry) Wilkins - who had been injured in France and was in Gibraltar - "both well known to Cardiff Docks workers," according to his obit. "The deceased was to receive a promotion if he had survived." He was the great-uncle of the footballer and former Wales manager Terry Yorath.
330 YORATH, W NOT FOUND Welsh Regiment 9th Battalion Private   This is not William Yorath of Homfray Street.

Click on the photos above for larger images to see the names on the Grangetown war memorial


During our research, we're finding a number of men - and one woman - with Grangetown connections who do not appear on the memorial. This may be due to oversight, or the fact family had moved from the area by the time the memorial was erected. We are adding the names as we come across them but so far have around 136. #FFCC99"
ADDICOTT, Evan Benjamin John CWGC 1655030 Royal Field Artillery "C" Bty. 55th Brigade Gunner 136991 d 16 Dec 1916, age 19, killed in action in Mesopotamia Son of Eugene and Minnie Addicott, of 82, Stafford Rd., Grange, Cardiff, and later of 2 Saltmead Road. Buried in Basra, Iraq
ALFRED, Francis CWGC 1597341 Australian Infantry, A.I.F. 15th Bn. Sergeant (listed as Private) d 26 Sept 1917 atYpres, age 23 Son of Joseph Alfred of 34 Taff Embankment. He had emigrated from Cardiff eight years before to work as a photographer in Sydney; one of six sons in the Army. Before leaving, he worked with his father, also a photographer, in Working Street. In 1901, the family lived at 122 Clare Road.
ALLEN, Frank None Royal Navy, HMS Relentless Rating RN/AB 17209 Died 22nd January 1919, aged 36 Died of pneumonia in the Spanish Flu pandemic, while serving on HMS Relentless. He lived with his wife Emma Jean (nee Watkins) at 214 Clive Street. He was already a serving sailor when they married at St Paul's before the war in May 1914 and they then lived at 41 Bromsgrove Street. It's believed he had two young children, Frederick and Rose, three and one. He was the son of Joseph Allen, a haulier.
ALLMAN, George CWGC 2759158None Welsh Regiment, 3rd Battalion Private 9989 Died 10 September 1916, aged 29 Born 1887. Died of appendicitis while on active service and is buried in Cathays Cemetery. Left a widow Ethel May, 24, at 121 Clive Street.
ATKINS, Arthur Vanstone CWGC 498641 The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 19th Labour Coy. transferred to (49845) 84th Coy. Labour Corps Private 43750 d 13th Nov 1917, aged 23 b 1894, son of Henry B and Clara Atkins, a tram conductor, 34 Compton Street - Arthur was living here still and in 1911 he was working as an upholsterer and one of only two of the 10 children living at home; later his parents moved to 60 Coburn St., Cathays. The family had moved from Devon, Arthur was brought up in Roath.
BAGG, Albert CWGC 1750913 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 36th Company Private 99832 d 30th Nov 1917, age
Son of Adam and Emily Bagg, of 141, Clare Rd., Grangetown, Cardiff. A railway worker in the goods department and also on the GWR memorial. Formerly an errand boy who had previously lived in Rutland Street.
BAIRD, Martin Edgar None Merchant Navy Chief refrigeration engineer Died 19th March 1916, age 44 Died of a heart attack and buried at Cathays Cemetery. This was on board the SS Zone, which was a refrigerated cargo vessel. The ship was actually sunk in December the following year on a voyage from Boulogne to Barry with a cargo of frozen offal. Martin was Gloucester born but lived at 73 Grange Gardens/Pentrebane Street, married to Rose Anna. He was earlier an engine fitter and his parents had moved to Ludlow Street in Grangetown when he was young and then Cardiff docks.
BAKER, Walter Henry Victor CWGC 2852730; Royal Navy HMS "Vivid" (this is code for base in Plymouth/Devonport) Leading Signalman 228754 d 6 Sept 1914, age 26, of disease B 1 Nov 1887, stepson of Amelia Baker of 198 Corporation Rd. He was second son to his father David, a boilermaker on ships. Born in Southampton, the family lived at 166 Corporation Rd in 1901, when Walter was an office boy. By 1911, he was living in Pembrokeshire in with his wife Esther (nee Browne), who he married in Devon in 1909 and they had a surviving daughter, Nellie. He was already with the Royal Navy by then. Buried in Devonport, Devon. He was a blacksmith's striker before joining the Navy and a baptist.
BAKER, William Henry Pulford Baker CWGC 772092 King's Liverpool Regiment L/Cpl 25347 d 30th July 1916, age 37, Somme Although he was from Edgehill, Liverpool, his wife Georgina was from Radyr and stayed with friends or relatives in Grangetown during the war at 12 Forrest St - the same address as Arthur Thomas (see No 286 above). Georgina saw her missing husband on newreel footage showing in The Ninian Cinema and asked to watch it again the following day to confirm it was him.
BARNES, Charles CWGC 102156 Royal Field Artillery Driver 229915 d 21 Nov 1918 Lived at 13 Somerset Street. Died of bronchial pneumonia - during the Spanish Flu epidemic - after being wounded; he was in the Army when the war broke out but discharged after an accident. He worked at the Cardiff Rope Works. Photo in Echo, Dec 5. Left a widow Edith Mary.
BARRETT, William John CWGC 3044631 HMS Monmouth Boatswain d 1 Nov 1914, aged 40 Born 25 April 1874 in Cardiff. His widowed mother Mary Ann lived at 156 Corporation Road, Grangetown and his brother ran a business in Bute Street. Husband of Blanche Barrett, 33 Avondale Terrace, Keyham, Devonport. Rejoined his ship six weeks earlier after being invalided home. Killed in action when his ship was sunk by gunfire in the Battle of Coronel. Pic in Echo 11 Nov
BARTLETT Ernest CWGC 429530 Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Field Artillery Corporal 25847 d 13th April 1917, age 22
Born in Grangetown, the son of Thomas Curtis Bartlett, a building contractor, and Jane but by the start of the war he was living at 63 Craddock St, Riverside and was working as a tram conductor. Formerly lived in Brecon Street, Canton. His service record shows he enlisted in September 1914, claiming to be 21. Received the Military Medal on 2 June 1916 and then the D.C.M on 21 June 1916 for "conspicious gallantry and skill on several occasions, notably when under a very heavy shellfire, he ably supported his officer and continued to fire the trench mortars until all the ammunition was expended.
BASKETT, George Charles CWGC 2979379; Mercantile Marine, SS Ruysdael (London) Second Engineer d 7 Sept 1918, age 51 Son of the late George Charles and Abania Baskett; husband of Laura Baskett (formerly Roche, nee Mitchell), of 79 Mardy St. Born at Madras, he was a marine engineer. The cargo ship, owned by Watkin J. Williams of Cardiff, was carrying coal from Barry to Taranto when it was sunk by U-boat, 228 miles off Ushant. 12 lives were lost.
BATES, William James CWGC 715719 Australian Infantry, A.I.F. Private 2264 d 6-9 Aug 1915, age 34 Born August 1880 in St. Leonards, Sussex, son of William and Emma Bates. Employed as a ship's fireman. Husband of Ester Bates, 26 Somerset Street, Grangetown. Served for three years in the Militia. Volunteered in November 1914 for the 3rd Battalion Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force, which served in the former German colony of New Guinea. Transferred 29 January 1915 to the Royal Australian Navy as a stoker on HMAS Una, a German steam yacht which was captured in New Guinea and sailed to Sydney as a prize. Enlisted in the AIF 7 June 1915 in Liverpool, NSW. Embarked at Sydney 16 June 1915 and joined his battalion at Gallipoli 4 August 1915. Killed in action at Lone Pine
BEAVIL, Edward John CWGC 3041967 Royal Navy, HMS Goliath Petty Officer 174872. d 13 May 1915, age 38 Born in Plymouth, Devon, he had joined the Navy in the 1890s and lived for a time in 21 Newport Street in Grangetown (around 1911) but moved to Pembroke Dock by the time of his death with his wife Muriel, who was from there. The couple had seven children under the age of 15 when he died in the Dardanelles. 570 of the Goliath's crew was lost when she was sunk. Read more here.
BIBBINGS, John "Jack" CWGC 624331 Army Cyclist Corps, 22nd Division, formerly Welsh Regiment Lance Sergeant 6585 Died 11 August 1916, aged 28 Died in Salonika, Greece, and left a widow Lauretta "Laura" Alice, (nee Yorke) and three children under four at 74 Cornwall Street. Formerly living with widowed mother in Tewkesbury Street and working as a finance clerk at Cardiff council. He was born in Brook Street, Riverside. His son Wilfred, a Merchant seaman, died in World War Two in 1943, aged 29.
BOYLE, John CWGC 310696 Royal Garrison Artillery, 113th Siege Battery Gunner 320 d 30th August 1916, age 29, at the Somme b Grangetown 11 January 1887, a former pupil of St Patrick's School, he was brought up in Hewell Street, Earl Street and in 1911 lived at 71 Clive Street with his wife Florence (Emily) Retter and son William (b 1908). The family moved to 52 Pearl Street in Splott before War broke out. He was a horse driver for the Cardiff Corporation. He joined the 113th Siege Battery which was raised in Pembroke Dock and sent to France for the battle in June 1916..
BRAGG, William CWGC 509406 Royal Engineers, Inland Water Transport Sapper 195458 d 21st July 1917, age 23, buried in Basra b Tiverton, Devon, leaves a widow and five children, lived at 12 Hereford Street and worked as a bricklayer. Died of sunstroke in Mesopotamia, according to his obit.
BRANCH, William Henry CWGC 767483 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 10th Battalion Private 18351 d 16 Aug 1916, age 25 b Bideford, Devon 1892; son of Thomas Henry and Florence Maria Branch, 68, Stoughton Street., Grangetown; in 1911, living at 40 Court Road. He was a mason's labourer, his father was a picture frame maker. The eldest of seven children in 1911
BREEZE, John CWGC 928994 South Wales Borderers, 1st Battalion Private 10505 d 21 Oct 1914, age 25 b 1888 Kington, Hereford; lived in Nelson, Treharris and worked as a miner; also lived at 6 Durham Street, son of John Breeze, coal miner, later living at East Moors. Photo in Echo Feb 3 1915. His brother Frederick also killed in action.

BREEZE, Frederick

CWGC 371817 Welsh Regiment, 4th Battalion Private 23032 d 2 August 1916, aged 23 Born in Cardiff, son of John and Caroline Breeze, 6 Durham Street, Grangetown. Employed at Sweldon Farm, Ely. Enlisted in Cardiff City Bn. in Cardiff in late 1914. Wounded at the Battle of Mametz Wood and died of wounds at Manchester Military Hospital. Younger brother of John (see above)
BROWN, Arthur Leonard CWGC 2979950 Mercantile Marine SS Treveal (St. Ives) Mess Room Steward d 4 Feb 1918, age 14 Son of William and Emma Brown (nee Snape), of 2, Bedwas St., Grangetown, Cardiff. Born at West Hartlepool according to the CWGC but Cardiff according to Census. On the 4th February 1918 when on route from Algiers for Barrow the Treveal was torpedoed by German submarine and sunk when off the Skerries, Anglesey, Wales. 33 lost their lives. * See also William Topp below
BUTT, Percival Sydney CWGC 1605458 Welsh Regiment, 16th Battalion, attached to the 254 Tunneling Company of the Royal Engineers Private 23600 d 31st July 1917, age 17 Born in Bath, Somerset, eldest son of Fanny Elizabeth Butt. Percy worked in the monotype print room of the Western Mail and Echo and is on the newspaper's war memorial scroll. His mother married mariner Abraham Rein in 1912 and they lived at 12 Bedwas Street. By the early 1920s, the Reins had moved to Hereford, while Percy is commemorated on his mother's grave in Bath. He was missing presumed dead at Ypres, his body was never recovered and he is remembered on the Menin Gate memorial. He was attached to the RE's tunneling company, known as The Moles.
CALMAN, John Daniel Francis CWGC 2979208 Welsh Regiment Private 23193 d 4 April 1917, aged 18, in Rhyl of appendicitis b 1898, lived at 3 Llanmaes Street, son of the late Daniel Calman, a coal trimmer and Lily. His obit said he enlisted and was wounded but then detained because of his age. Given a military funeral and buried at Cathays Cemetery. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque.
CARPENTER, Charles Philip CWGC 1578445 Royal Berkshire Regiment 2nd/4th Battalion Private 38744 d 21 March 1918, age 17 Son of Mr. H. G. Carpenter, of 47, Llanmaes St., Grange, Cardiff, and the late Mrs. H. Carpenter.
CARPIN, John None Private 2nd Battalion, Welsh Regiment, 8857 Died January 1928, aged 41 Born 1886, son of Finnish-born labourer John and Annie Carpin, of Bromsgrove Street. He married Rosina Maud in 1913 and they lived at 77 Clive Street. He enlisted with the 41st Foot (Welch Regiment) as a 19-year-old in 1904 and then as a regular two years later, while living at 30 Hewell Street. He was 5ft 4 and a half inches tall. He was a postman at the start of the war. The couple had a son William John Arthur (born Janary 1914) and lived at 50 Stoughton Street. They had another son Ernest (b 1915), while they were living in Holmesdale St and Leslie in 1917. Discharged 10 August 1917 as disabled - after two of his legs had to be amputated - and later died, and his wife was given a war pension.
CHAMIS, George CWGC 2977474 Mercantile Marine, SS Bayreaulx (London) Bosun, Boatswain d 23 October 1916, aged 37 Son of the late Constantine Chamis; husband of Louisa Chamis (nee Wayman), of 44 Cambridge St., Grangetown, Cardiff. Born at Piraeus, Greece. His steam ship sailed from Cardiff for Montreal on 20th October with a crew of 23 - and was never seen again. Presumed drowned when SS Bayreaulx was torpedoed by a U-boat south west of Ireland three days after leaving port.
CHAPMAN, Frank Stanley CWGC 418449 Mercantile Marine SS Romford Chief Steward d 10th Feb 1918, 21 or 26, buried in Tunisia b c1897, son of Mrs Chapman of 53 Hereford St, married to Edith and living at 99 Treharris St, Cathays. Attended Court Road School, Grangetown. Played rugby at fullback for the school and for Court Road School Old Boys in Cardiff and District RU competitions. Had been at sea since the outbreak of war. His cargo steamer was sunk by a mine from German submarine UC-67 near Carthage en route from Barry for Tunis with a cargo of phosphates. He was among 28 lives lost.
CHILD, Alan George CWGC 2977522 Mercantile Marine Tug JW Thompson (London) First Engineer d 28 Feb 1917, drowned, aged 27 b 1890, lived at 202 Corporation Road with wife Nellie - they lived with his in-laws, the Gordons, who also lost their son Alec Gordon on the same tug; In 1911, he was an apprentice fitter on locomotives living at home as the eldest of five sons with his Pembrokeshire-born father George and mother Louisa at 61 Clarence Embankment. The vessel was on passage from Cardiff to Kola Bay and was last heard of on 28 February. She was formally recorded as presumed lost on 18 July 1917. Active member of the Grangetown Forward Movement Hall. Served on SS Westborough when she rescued a large number of Lusitania survivors
CHURCHER, William John CWGC 452124 Royal Sussex Regiment, 9th Battalion Pte or L/Cpl G/3500 d 21 Feb 1916, aged 25 near Ypres Son of John Charles and Eliza Churcher; husband of Mary O'Brien (married in 1915) living at 10 Stafford Rd., Grangetown, Cardiff. Formerly living in South William Street, Docks, where he was a fireman on tug boats. He also had a baby son born after his death, William J in October, who died in infancy a few months later. His widow remarried Walter Evans in 1919.
CLARKE, Frank CWGC 1751942 London Regiment, London Scottish 1st/14th Bn. Private 515331 d 23 Nov 1917, age 24 B 1893, Braunton, Devon, one of 11 children. He lived with his sister Gertrude Plater at 11 Dinas Street. Working as a farm labourer in Cardiff in 1911 and later as a railway worker at Cardiff station - a parcel porter. A letter to his family stated: "During a bombing attack on the evening of 23rd November, Pte Clarke was seriously wounded in the chest and lung. His conduct to the end was splendid and worthy of great praise, and in spite of it all he managed to walk part of the way to our aid post. Unfortunately his wounds were too severe even for one of his determination, and he succumbed a short time later." His effects included photos, a wallet and also a diamond ring, which he left to a May Burnell of Cathays - a sweetheart? He was 5ft 51/4. His sister's husband also died a year later and Gertrude married again to Robert Shipton and moved to Saltmead Road.
COASE, George CWGC 116153 Devonshire Regiment 3rd Battalion Private d 5 September 1915, aged 33 Born in Plymouth, 1882, likely to have been George Cose, son of Robert and Ann Cose, of Ashwater, Devon. Husband of Mary Ann Coase with a son, 239 Penarth Road, Grangetown, previously living at 14 Durham Street and working as a labourer. Enlisted in Cardiff. Died at sea of dystentry and pneumonia and buried in Malta
CONNOLLY, James CWGC 261571Welsh Regiment, 10th Battalion Private 16542 d 4th April 1916, age 32 Born in Abergavenny, lived at 19 Madras Street, Grangetown with parents Daniel and Mary Ann in 1911. He was a ship's painter and boiler scaler - like his older brother John (poss the same John Connolly on St Patrick's Church memorial with him - see below). They were two surviving sons of four children. Mary Ann also had a stepson Edward O'Brien. James apparently left a widow, Mary O'Brien.
CONNOLLY or CONOLLY, John (Patrick) CWGC 758860 Welsh Regiment, 16th Battalion Private 32607 d 7 July 1916, age 19 Commemorated in St Patrick's Church. He was born 10 September 1896 in Cardiff, the son of John Connolly, a coal trimmer, who died in 1911, when the family were living in Barry Docks. His mother Catherine (Kate, nee Donovan) Kate remarried in 1912 to Cornelius Power, a widower. He was the eldest of seven children. The family at the time of the war breaking out were living at 39 Eldon Road (Ninian Park Road), Riverside. His younger brother Justin served with the 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Regiment and survived the war. John was killed in action at Mametz Wood at the Somme.
COOMBES, William Walter John CWGC 274023 Royal Garrison Artillery 294th Seige Battery Gunner 48013 d 5 Dec 1918, age 38 Son of William and Matilda Coombes, of 25 Cornwall Street and later 91, North Clive St; he died of pneumonia at a casualty station in France, during the height of the global influenza epidemic. A coal trimmer at the Docks for the Ocean Coal Company.
COSGROVE, James CWGC 334250 Welsh Regiment, 11th Battalion Private 13944 d 22 Dec 1917, age 21, in Salonika, Greece Son of Irish-born James and Annie Cosgrove, born in Hewell Street, one of 12 children; they had moved to 10 Chester Street by the start of the war (latterly the couple moved to Eisteddfod Street in Temperance Town). James is commemorated in St Patrick's Church. He was a labourer before joining the Army; formerly employed by the Cardiff Railway Co. His brother Tom, a well known boxer, suffered from malaria during the war while serving with the Welsh Regiment
COTTRELL, Alfred W CWGC 385972 Welsh Regiment, 2nd Battalion Private 9846 d 6 Nov 1914, age 26 Died of wounds in hospital in Woolwich and buried in Greenwich. Living at 34 Stoughton Street. Born in Birmingham and enlisted in Coventry. His wife Florence Beatrice (married 1913, she later remarried) later living in Eldon Rd.
CUMMINGS David Laynon CWGC 38179 Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Field Artillery (Territorial Force) Gunner 730501 d 16 April 1918, aged 32 Husband of Mary Cummings (nee Humphreys), of 14 Madras St. In 1911, he was a dock labourer living with his wife and two young children at 55 Stoughton St, Grangetown. He had been brought up in Saltmead Road.
DACEY, Henry Edward CWGC 2865728 Royal Navy. HMS Defence Acting Mate/Engineer d 31 May 1916, aged 34 Eldest son of Margaret Dacey, of 56, Taff Embankment, and the late Cornelius Dacey. Died in the Battle of Jutland when his cruiser was sunk. Left £541 in his will. He was already in the Navy in 1911.
DACEY, James CWGC 19922 Inland Waterways and Docks Royal Engineers Sapper WR/314761 d 9 May 1918, aged 18 Born in Cardiff, one of nine children to James and Elizabeth Dacey, 70 Stoughton Street, Grangetown. Brother of Pte. Jeremiah (Jerry) Dacey, Welsh Regt., wounded on active service. Both employed as dock labourers at the Junction Dry Dock. Enlisted in Cardiff when 17. Served on the Western Front from December 1917. Died of wounds caused by a shell splinter .
DACEY, Jeremiah ('Jerry') Anthony CWGC 2865729 Royal Navy. HMS Indefatigable, 4th Col Engine Room Artificer (ERA) 4th Class, M/13068 d 31 May 1916, aged 25 B 1 Sept 1890, a former fitter and son of William Dacey, of 26 Merches Gardens, and the late Katherine Dacey. Died in the Battle of Jutland when his cruiser was sunk. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque. He joined the Navy in April 1915 and joined the ship in June.
DANGERFIELD, Henry "Harry" Moses CWGC 8597521 Welsh Regiment
16th Battalion
Private 23163 d 24 April 1916, aged 27 Husband of Emily Dangerfield (nee Brockway), of 66 Hewell St., Grangetown, Cardiff. The couple married in 1910 and had a young daughter Victoria (b 1910). He was a docks labourer and brought up in Adam Street, son of a widow who was left with nine children. Emily remarried John Smith in 1918; her daughter died young, aged 29.
DESSINGTON, Henry CWGC 2759257 Royal Engineers 3rd Prov Co Pioneer 119941 d 9 February 1916, aged 56 Born in Kristiana, Norway, July 1859, son of Olaf Dissingthon, Hamerfest, Norway. Educated at Moss Fjord. Employed as a ship's steward and a labourer. Lived with 2nd wife Laura Dessington and seven children at 38 Penarth Road, Grangetown. His first wife Eva had died in 1911. His son Rfn. Albert Dessington (5th Bn. Rifle Brigade) also served in the war. He first tried to enlist in the Welsh Regiment, claiming to be only 35 but was discharged as being medically unfit in 1914. He then in enlisted in a Labour Battalion in London - claiming then to be 45 - and left for the Western Front 24 September 1915. Wounded at Dickebusch and sent to hospital in Eastbourne. Transferred to the 3rd Provisional Coy. Royal Engineers 12 December 1915. Pending discharge through medical unfitness, he was travelling on leave from St Mary's Barracks Chatham to Cardiff, when he fell out of the train near Sapperton Tunnel, Kemble Station, near Gloucester. Buried in Cathays Cemetery, Cardiff.
DILLON Margaret Civilian, passenger RMS Leinster d 10 October 1918 Born in Ireland, Margaret, 39,was the new wife of Dr Theodore Dillon, who had a practice at 150 Clare Road (there is still a GP surgery there) with Margaret's brother, Dr Denny Edward Cantillon. She had married Dr Dillon, a widower, six months before in Cork, a year after his first wife Rosa had died. She had been on holiday in Ireland - she was the youngest daughter of Denis - a quarry owner and JP - and Mary Cantillon from Carrignavar - and was returning to Cardiff with her widowed sister Anna Pauline Drummy (aged 44) on the mailship RMS Leinster, just out of Dun Laoghaire (Kingstown) to Holyhead, when it was torpedoed by a U-boat with the loss of 501 passengers and crew. The two sisters were confirmed dead after a hotel in Kingstown confirmed they had left to join the ship. They had waited for a companion, a Mrs Gibson, to join them and had been due to travel back on an earlier ship. See more on Ireland's worst maritime disaster.
DOYLE, Daniel CWGC 2865808 Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Indefatigable Stoker 690V d 31 May 1916, aged 47, at the Battle of Jutland Son of Daniel and Mary Doyle, of Waterford; husband of Mary Doyle, of 11, Newport St, Grangetown. Killed in action when his ship was sunk by shellfire.
DRAKE-POWER, George William CWGC 858751 Welsh Regiment Private 233511 d 16 Sept 1915, B Newcastle-on-Tyne; lived with wife Lily (nee Simpson) at 51 Stoughton Street - the couple married in 1913 and had no children; a Cardiff Tramways conductor. His widow remarried in 1919. Also George W D Power.
EDWARDS Herbert 'Bert' CWGC 1742098 2nd Dragoon Guards Trooper/Private 494441 d 21 Aug 1918

Born in Wolverhampton and lived at 24 Monmouth Street; he worked for RE Jones and Co at the Central Hotel. He was reported missing when wounded on 21 August - photo in Echo on Sept 16th. He joined the 2nd Dragoons at the start of the war and transferred to the Lancers.

EDWARDS Robert John CWGC 1631045 The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment Private G/24996 d 22 Oct 1917, aged 30

Born Penarth 1887, son of Robert E. Edwards, of 66, Corporation Rd., Grangetown, Cardiff; husband of Sarah J. Edwards, of 12 West St., Pontypridd, where he enlisted. Formerly 242408, E. Kent Regt. Believed he was working as a shop assistant in a dairy before the war and his father was an electrician. He was one of two men killed east of Polygon Wood on a fairly quiet day for his battalion, which had been engaged in a fierce battle earlier in the month.

ESPELAND, Gunder Martinus "Martin" CWGC 2886380 Mercantile Marine, SS Trewyn First Mate d 24 March 1916, aged 30 Born in Newport, son of the late Ole and Gunborg Espeland, Norwegian-born and living at 136 Clive Street, Grangetown. Attended Cardiff Municipal Secondary School (Howard Gardens) (1897-9) and in 1911 was a second mate in the Merchant Navy. Presumed drowned north of Gibraltar, when the cargo ship was either sunk by a U-boat or foundered on a voyage from Middlesbrough to Algiers.
EVANS, Robert Parker CWGC 405944 Royal Australian Navy HMAS Australia. Leading Seaman 2138 d 20 January 1919, aged 22, buried in Wiltshire Born 4 June 1896 in Brookvale, Manly, NSW, Australia, son of Robert and Susanna Evans. Husband of Beatrice Evans, 45 Clive Street, Grangetown. Joined RAN 28 September 1912. Died of pneumonia at the Military Hospital Bulford
EVANS William CWGC 753898 Welsh Guards, 1st Battalion Private 1432 d 10 Dec 1916, aged 30, Somme

He died at trenches a Morval, Somme, after a day of "shelling on and off." Four men in his battalion were killed that day; the diary reports trenches "impassable" and "men sticking in the mud everywhere" as they tried to move to be relieved. Nicknamed "Razor" and thought to have been living at 138 Corporation Rd, with sister Louisa and brother-in-law Lew Marsh, worked as a fruit seller. Enlisted in Caerphilly. He was the youngest son of Hardicanute Evans, a Dorset-born labourer (d 1897) who lived in Roath, Canton and central Cardiff - Working Street. His widow Mary Ann, a laundress, had remarried and lived in Butetown. William's next of kin were his elder brother John and married sisters Louisa, Annie, Elizabeth and Florence.

FAIRWEATHER, Joseph CWGC 628269 South Wales Borderers, 4th Battalion. Captain and Acting Major Died 15th January 1917, age 37 Lived at 91 Pentrebane Street (Grange Gardens) and was a shipping/coal broker before the war with his brother's firm Paul Fairweather and Co of Bute Street. He and his brother - a noted multi-linguist - moved to Cardiff from Scotland and he was living in Colum Road in 1911 before moving to Grangetown. He had previous service in South Africa and after joining up and being commissioned in 1915, had been wounded at Gallipoli and also suffered from fever before returning to action. He was killed at the siege of Kut al Amara, Iraq, where he was second in command of his battalion. He is buried at Amara cemetery. Left £1,060 in his will to his sister Jessie. He was the son of the late Joseph Fairweather, an architectural sculptor from Dundee, and his brother Lt Col James Macyntyre Fairweather, serving in South Africa was killed in action just over a month later.
FARR, James Alfred CWGC 310880 King's Own Scottish Borderers, 6th Battalion Private 18425 d 9 July 1916, aged 18, Somme

Lived at 74 Mardy Street with father James, he was a former Court Road School pupil. His battalion had gone over as reinforcement after the Battle of Loos and he died of wounds. Born in Dudley, James was employed as a clerk in the district manager's office in the goods department at Great Western Railway, Cardiff - also on the GWR memorial.

FORD, Horace Edgar CWGC 559427 Royal Field Artillery, 4th Battery; 189th Brigade. Gunner 159701 d 10 August 1918, aged 22

B 1896 in Walsall, youngest son to parents Henry (a retired blacksmith) and Mary, who resided at 53 Wyndham Road, Canton. Married to Annie (nee Ireland, 1916) and lived at 31 Pentre Street, Grangetown. Employed by C.H. Huss and Co., Docks - he was a ship smith.

FOURACRE Henry James "Harry" CWGC 156231 Royal Field Artillery, 148th Siege Battery Gunner 141470 d 20 October 1917, aged 36

Born in Grangetown 1881 - had lived at 130 Clive Street with his sister, her husband and his widowed father Isaac. Later moved to Tenby, Pembrokeshire and left a widow. Enlisted in Pembroke.

FRANK, William Anthony CWGC 872925 Welsh Regiment, 16th Battalion Private 52663 d 13 April 1918, aged 21

Born in Grangetown, living early years at 62 Clare Road, son of builder John Frank. The family moved to Canton.

FRANCIS, William CWGC 2759293 Royal Engineers Pioneer 128028 d 23 April 1921 of TB, aged 47, buried at Cathays

The last war grave from Grangetown and one of the last from Cardiff. William was married in 1905 to Annie Maud Francis (nee Lewis), of 58 Hewell St, later 65 Hewell Street. He was once a docks labourer and it is believed for a time was in the workhouse as a patient, while Annie was lodging and working as a charwoman. Before the war he was a cleaner at the tram depot. He joined up in the Manchester regiment as a private (service number 2960). William was admitted to Beechwood House hospital in Newport, suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis - the hospital specialised in TB cases and also for convalescence for ex-soldiers. On his death certificate it says he was an Army pensioner. Annie may have remarried a local widower Abraham Blake in 1926.

FRY Albert John CWGC 2759296 Royal Field Artillery, also Royal Sussex Regiment, 3rd Battalion Private G/19806 d 20 Dec 1916, buried at Cathays

Son of James and Caroline Fry, 144 Clive Street; he died in Brighton sanitorium of a "short and painful illness." His brother Edward "Edgar" was killed in the war a year later (see above).

FULLERTON, Charles Henry CWGC 565805 Royal Garrison Artillery, 1st siege battery Corporal 20309 d 4 May 1917, aged 33, buried in France

Born 8 August 1885 in Grangetown. Husband of Edith Fullerton (nee Griffiths, married 1914) and resided at 40 Penarth Road, Grangetown. Employed as a tram driver by Cardiff Corporation but was serving with the RGA in 1911. A member of Wood Street Congregational Church. Enlisted in Newport, Mon

GARDINER Walter H CWGC 614413 Royal Garrison Artillery, 420th siege battery Gunner 69997 d 13 Sept 1918 B 1890, lived at 14 Redlaver Street. His wife was called Bessie. (NB: Not Walter Henry Gardiner, coincidentally of same regiment and same age from Splott, Cardiff who died three days earlier)
GEORGE, David CWGC 1753123 Royal Field Artillery, "B" Bty. 91st Bde. Corporal 25270 d 30 Nov 1917 Lived at 28 Stoughton Street. Joined in 1914 and had served in France for 22 months and had been gassed once. "He was killed when he was fighting his gun..a shell struck just in front of it. He was doing his duty and fought his gun well," said a letter to his family.
GIBBS, Elsie Civilian casualty Munitions worker   d 1 July 1918, aged 16 Lived at 5 Dorset Street, Grangetown with her parents Albert and Mary Jane. She apparently lied about her age and got a job at the Chilwell munitions factory in Nottinghamshire, filling shells which were produced for British forces, including at the Somme. She was one of the so-called Canary Girls who worked in the top secret factory from the start of 1916. But in July 1918, there was an explosion which killed 134 workers and injured another 250. Like many victims, Elsie's body was never found but she is commemorated on a memorial near the site and also at the Saltmead baptist hall, which her family attended.
GORDON, Alexander 'Alec' CWGC 2887194 Mercantile Marine Tug JW Thompson (London) Boatswain, Bosun d 28 Feb 1917, age
b 1891 son of Gordon of 202 Corporation Road. Lived with his wife Frances in Treforest. His brother-in-law Alan Child also drowned at the same time (see above). The vessel was on passage from Cardiff to Kola Bay and was last heard of on 28 February. She was formally recorded as presumed lost on 18 July 1917.
GRIFFITHS, John Dennis CWGC 429138 Welsh Regiment, 16th Battalion. Private 52599 d 1 June 1917, aged 24 Son of John and Nora Griffiths (1874-1954), of 34 Hereford Street, Grangetown, Cardiff, who were still living there in the 1930s. Born in Cadoxton. The Battalion were at Boesinghe frontline north of Ypres and one soldier was listed as killed, another wounded on a quiet day. He is buried in the Ferme-Olivier cemetery, close to dressing stations.
HALE, Alfred 'Fred' George CWGC 2759320 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve 2nd Reserve Battalion. R.N Division Able Seaman Wales Z/1481 d 8 Feb 1919 after discharge, age 38, buried at Cathays b 26 April 1882. He died at the Universal Settlement Hospital on either 7, 8, or 9 February - the records and obits are all different. Son of butcher Alfred and Sarah Hale, of 122 Clare Rd - he was born in Adelaide St in the Docks but brought up at 202 Corporation Road. He had enlisted in 1915 and went with MEF to Mudros, Greece but was discharged as medically unfit in May 1916 with chronic bronchitis. He was a cook and a steward with the RNR.
HANCOCK, Horatio George CWGC 838306 Lancashire Fusiliers, 1st Battalion Private 21493 d 9 October 1917, aged 28, Flanders. Born in Taunton. Husband of Mabel Alice Hancock and lived at 31 Allerton Street, Grangetown. Employed as a gateman at Ely in the Traffic Department, Great Western Railway. An Army Reservist, he enlisted in Cardiff in the Lancashire Fusiliers at the outbreak of war. His widow later remarried Frederick Mardon.
HARDING, Frank CWGC 501825 Army Veterinary Corps 12th Veterinary Hospital Private 15286 d 12 Aug 1917, age
Lived at 5 Knole Street with his widowed mother Mary Ann Harding. He worked on the railways before the war. Died of peritonitis at a hospital in France.
HARRIS Alfred Bennett CWGC 909021 Royal Army Medical Corps, 113th Field Ambl Sergeant 54886 d 7 Aug 1917 b 1893 Treorchy, lived at 30 Corporation Rd, married; his wife Bridget later lived in Porthkerry Rd, Barry. He was last seen walking on the Menin Rd at Ypres and was "regarded for official purposes as having died in the field on or since 7th August". Photo Echo on 27 Dec 1918. Enlisted at Llandrindod in 1915, aged 22. In 1911, he was living with his father - a confectioner- in Woodville Rd, Cathays, and working as a billiard marker in a hotel, although his occupation was a porter when he joined up. His service record survives and shows he was promoted to corporal and then to acting sergeant. His belongings included diaries, pocket book and a French dictionary.
HARRIS, John Rundle "Jack" CWGC 2887674 Mercantile Marine SS Avanti (London) 2nd Mate d 2 Feb 1918, age 24 b 1894 Cardiff, son of John Rundle and Emma Jane Harris (nee Tippett), of 68, Pentre Gardens, Cardiff. Lived in Dinas Street in 1911; Jack was a pilot's apprentice and his father a pilot. The Avanti was on a voyage from Bilbao to West Hartlepool with a cargo of iron ore and was sunk by a German submarine off St Alban's Head with the loss of 22 crew.
HAVILAND (William) Arthur CWGC 1582318 Royal Engineers, 151st Field Company Sapper 62447 d May 10 1918, Somme, aged 26 b 1892 and brought up in Cowper St, Roath but was living at 78 Dinas Street (Pentre Gardens) with his wife Georgina 'Ena' (nee Graham, married 1914) and daughter Ismay Winifred Graham (b 1912, to another father who died) when he enlisted. Worked as a bricklayer/mason. He was reported missing and details of his death at Aveley Wood were confirmed by a colleague who saw his wife appeal for help in the newspaper in 1919. Personal effects sent back from the front included his violin, which had been damaged, a souvenir dish and photos.
HAYES Henry Fleming CWGC 255651 South Wales Borderers 1st Battalion Private 50136 d 5 Oct 1918, aged 19 Son of Henry and Emily Hayes, of 30 Clive Street, Grangetown. Brought up in Roath.
HEGARTY, James John CWGC 790968 Prince Albert's (Somerset Light Infantry), 8th Battalion Private 16086 d 1st July 1916, aged 33 Born in Grangetown, c 1889, son of William Daniel Hegarty. Married Rose Amelia Thomas (she later remarried as Devine) in 1904 and resided at 48 Ordell Street, Splott and later 72 Nora Street, Roath, with daughter Eileen (b 1909) and son Edwin (b 1911, of Nazareth House, Sketty, Swansea.). Four other brothers served in the war. Employed at the Dowlais Works. Enlisted in Cardiff in November 1914. Wounded in November 1915 and invalided home. Killed in action during the Battle of the Somme. Thiepval Memorial, France. Splott War Memorial.
HENZELL, Michael Muldoon CWGC 2866192 Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Lameroo aka Remembrance First Class Stoker 2909T d 14 August 1916, age 30

b 1885 Blyth, Northumberland - lived at 157 Clive Street. He was aboard a tug, renamed HMS Lameroo but which was really an armed decoy vessel or Q-ship otherwise known as Remembrance. He and another member of the crew were killed when a U-boat's torpedo hit in the Mediterranean on the way from Malta with a cargo of mail. Others were rescued by a trawler before it sank. He left a widow Elizabeth Alice Slade (originally from Allerton Street, later remarried as Jenkins of Mynachdy) and also had two daughters, aged four and four months. He had spent nine years n the Navy, as well as working as a merchant seaman and at Cardiff docks before the war.

HILL George William CWGC 791846 Seaforth Highlanders,
7th Battalion
Private S/9235 d 14 July 1916, aged 23 b 1893, second son of eight children to Ellen 'Nellie' Hill of 28 Somerset St. Worked in Cardiff's wholesale fruit market, his father Henry was a well known hairdresser, formerly of Caroline Street. Joined the Seaforth Highlanders from the Lancers. The family lived in Allerton St in 1911.
HOLDER, Leonard CWGC 1614518 King's Shropshire Light Infantry 5th Battalion Private 10871 d 25 Sept 1915, age 21 b 1894, Randwick, Stroud, Glos; lived in Abercynon, enlisted in Pontypridd; son of Mrs Selina Holder of 40 Court Rd., Grangetown
HORE, Charles CWGC 732214 Welsh Regiment,
1st/6th Battalion
Private 265488 d 18 April 1918, aged c33 b 1885, son of David Hore, a boot repairer of 61 Clare Rd., Cardiff, and the late Hannah Hore, brought up in 67 Allerton Street and also 57 Lower Cathedral Road. He was a Cardiff Post Office worker before the war.
HOWES, Herbert Stanley CWGC 599258 Royal Field Artillery, C battery, 105th Brigade Gunner 136693 d 1 October 1916, Somme, age 22 b 1894, husband of Evelyn Maud of 66 Court Road, they also had a child. Worked at Hancock's Brewery before the war and was "well nown in sporting and boxing circles." He was buried in a dug-out. Brought up in Bishop Street.
HUGHES, William W CWGC 1583045 Royal Engineers, 116th Field Co Serjeant 450025 d 30 March 1918, aged 32, Somme b 1883, lived at 35 North Clive Street. A bricklayer and a mason and the youngest son of Mary Ann Hughes and the late John Hughes.
HURLEY, Harold Walter CWGC 1794573 London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles), 1st/16th Bn. Rifleman 3733 d 10 Sept 1916, aged 20 Born in 1896 in Grangetown, son of Walter and Marion Hurley, formerly of 8 Machen Street, Grangetown. When he was young, the family moved to London and were living at the time of the war at 41 St. John's Park, Highgate, London. Resided in Enfield. Enlisted in Westminster. Henry was one of 56 officers and other men killed in an attack on Leuze Wood near Guilemont, as part of the Somme offensive. It was an horrific battle, which started in the middle of the night and lasted 14 hours, with the men facing "exceedingly heavy shelling" and ended in two failed attacks.
HUTCHINSON, Harry CWGC 1615617 6th Somerset Lt Infantry Private 11345 d 25 Sept 1915, aged 21 at Ypres B Winsford, Cheshire. Youngest son of the late J Hutchinson of 2 Court Road; son of the late Joseph William (a railway guard) and Mary Hamilton Hutchinson, a confectioner. In 1911, he was a grocer's assistant. In Echo, 4 October
ISAAC John Marshall CWGC 110534 King's Shropshire Light Infantry 1st Battalion Pioneer 452388 d 28 Nov 1918, age 32, in Egypt Died of pneumonia; son of William Marshall Isaac, an evagelist congregational minister and wife Eliza of 30 Clive Street; he was born in Tetney, Lincs, and worked as a clerk for a grocery business and then as a clerk for the Ministry of Labour.
IVANISSEVICH, Ludivico 'Ivor' CWGC 23842 Royal Garrison Artillery Gunner 166665 d 1st August 1917, aged 30 Husband of Nellie Ivanissevich (nee Bladen), of 7 Saltmead Rd, they had two children. He had only been in the Army for five months and was part of the second Army pool. He had worked for S Arnett & Sons oil merchants and his father was Croatian.
JAMES, Sidney Butler CWGC 2976485 Mercantile Marine SS Rosario (Newport). Chief Boatswain d 18 August 1917, aged 28 Born in Cardiff, son of David and Francis James. Husband of Gladys James (nee Gibbs), 10 Hafod Street, Grangetown. Drowned when his ship was sunk by submarine in the Atlantic, south west of Ireland
JAMIESON, Harold Fergus Frazer CWGC 276601 King's Shropshire Light Infantry 1st Battalion Private 6419 d 8 March 1915, age 17 b July-Sept 1897, son of police constable Robert and Margaret Jamieson, of 32, Merches Gardens, Grangetown. Employed by grain suppliers Spillers and Bakers, Cardiff. Enlisted in Cardiff. Wounded on his first day in the trenches on 5 March 1915 and died of wounds three days later.
JONES Francis "Frank" CWGC 1574765 1/8th (City of London) Bn. (Post Office Rifles) London Regiment. Rifleman 4333 d 21 May 1916, aged 24 Poss born in Dublin but more likely Cardiff. Son of Francis and Sarah Jones, 24 Pentrebane Street, Grangetown. His Swansea-born father was a coal tipper and Frank was a postman in 1911 and is commemorated on the Cardiff Post Office Roll of Honour. Enlisted in Cardiff. One of eight surviving children, the family previously lived in Ferndale Street.
JONES Gilbert John CWGC 855518 Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 1st Battalion Private 10898 d 16 May 1915, age 34 (poss 23) Born in Grangetown 1892- the family lived at 33 Warwick St in 1901. Son of Thomas and Edith Ann Jones, later of Earl St, Grangetown and 8 Homfrey Street, Butetown. Enlisted in Cardiff; presumed dead.
JONES, Henry Watkin John CWGC 2976738 Mercantile Marine S.S "Beemah" (Whitby) Fireman and Greaser d 27 April 1917, age 35 Husband of Beatrice Louisa Davies (formerly Jones), of 19, Rookwood St., Grange, Cardiff. Born at Bristol. SS Beemah was sunk by the German submarine 30 miles south west of Bishop Rock on a voyage from Cardiff to Italy with a cargo of coal. He was one of three crew killed.
JONES Thomas Edward CWGC 34559 Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry 2nd/4th Battalion Private 10898 d of wounds 12 March 1917 Born in Grangetown, lived in Aberavon. Enlisted in Cardiff.
KEATING John (alias MOSES Evan) CWGC 200179 Welsh Regiment, 11th Battalion Private 27382 d 7 August 1915, aged 33, of wounds at No 8 casualty clearing station Born in Newtown but brought up first in Madras Street until the deaths of his parents (Michael d 1895 and Ellen d 1892) and then lived with his uncle, also John Keating, at 1 Bradford Street, Grangetown, labourer John Keating joined the Royal Field Artillery in September 1914 (Pte 23264 with 249 Battery) but was discharged two months later due to defective eyesight. It appears he re-enlisted in Ferndale in the Rhondda under another name - Evan Moses. When he died, his next of kin was his sister Bridget Darke (nee Keating), living back in Cardiff in Canton. He is commemorated in St Patrick's Church on the memorial there.
KEENE David Thomas CWGC 161050 Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Hood Battalion, Royal Navy Divisionv Able Seaman, Wales Z/752 Died 26 October 1917 Born in Grangetown on 16th March 1898 to Edward Thomas Keene, a dock boatman, and Elizabeth Jane Keene (nee Plain), both originally from Cardiff. In 1901 the Keene family lived at 9 Ferry Road. He attended Grangetown Elementary School before going on to work for the Western Mail in the machine department. In the 1911 census the Keene family are living at 3 Scott Street in Temperance Town. He enlisted in Apr 1915 and was reported as having heart trouble in the summer of that year. His father died in Cardiff in March 1917 and his mother lived later in Louisa Street, Docks, and at 28 Havelock Street back in Temperance Town. David rejoined the Hood Battalion but was killed in Belgium and buried at Dochy Farm New British Cemetery in Belgium.
KENNEDY James (Patrick) CWGC 692945 Princess Victoria's Royal Irish Fusliers, 6th Battalion Private 13562 d 9 August 1915, aged 25, presumed dead in Gallipoli Born in Madras Street and living at 69 Stoughton Street with father Thomas and nine siblings. A docks labourer, he married Jane Welsh in 1913 and they had two young children, Alice and James. She remarried George Dandy in 1917. He is commemorated in St Patrick's Church on the memorial there.
KINGDON John Henry George CWGC 905470 South Wales Borderers, 1st Brecknock Bn. Private 200135 d 22 Nov 1918 B 1893, died of pneumonia in Iran after four years, four months service; he was the eldest son of the late John Joseph Kingdon of 133 Penarth Rd and had a fiancee Edith, who lived in Redlaver St. In 1911, he was living in Brecon as an apprentice cycle fitter, his father was a baker there - who was the son of a baker, also John, who lived at 48 Clare Rd, next to the Neville pub in 1891.
LEE Richard James CWGC 856150 Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1st Batt Private 7261 d 16 May 1915, aged 30 Born c 1885 in Plymouth, son of Mrs. Ann Lee, later of 13 Bridgend Street, Splott. Husband of Ruth Pile (formerly Lee), 19 Compton Street, Grangetown. Enlisted in Cardiff. Le Touret Memorial, France. Lived at 19 Hewell St in 1911, working as a dockyard labourer with two young children.
LEFEUVRE Edward Thomas Mercantile Marine, SS Glenfruin 2nd Mate d Jan 26th 1918, aged 56 - lost at sea, presumed drowned b 1862, Jersey, master mariner, his wife Mary Jane lived at 83 Pentrebane Street (given as Grange Gardens); earlier lived at Stacey Rd, Roath. Son of the late Edward and Mary Lefeuvre. The Glenfruin was sighted in the Bay of Biscay when on passage from Seriphos for Ardrossan with a cargo of iron ore - she was sunk by a German submarine.
LIPPETT, Francis Llewellyn CWGC 1754715 17th Battalion, Welsh Regiment Private 32669 Died 25th November 1917, age 19 He was the youngest son of widow Jane Lippett, of 79 Clare Road. Remembered on the Cambrai memorial in northern France. His brother - serving with the New Zealand infantry in Belgium - had been killed six months before. He had a twin sister Rosie, while his older sister Dorcas (Mortimer) has a war grave in Western Cemetery, Cardiff, after dying while still on service as a volunteer with the ATS in World War Two.
LIPPETT, Albert Henry CWGC 92238 3rd Battalion, Wellington Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force L/Cpl 33390 Died 18th June 1917, age 29 He was the son of widow Jane Lippett, of 79 Clare Road and the late Henry Lippett, a cab owner, one of 13 children. He had been brought up in Temperance Town, first in Scott Street and then in Eisteddfod Street and went to Wood Street school. Buried at the Motor Car Corner cemetery in Hainaut, Belgium after being killed at the start of the Battle of Messines. In 1911, he was a van driver for a sweet and cake-makers. He worked for a stationer's and on the cash desk Lipton's before emigrating to New Zealand to work with the post office as a messenger in Wellington. He was married to Annie Briscoe Lippett, of 9 Owen Street and later 25 Bourke Street, Kilhirnie, Wellington. He joined the NZ West Coast Company in the army in 1916. See more here. His brother Francis died six months later in France. His sister Dorcas (Mortimer) has a war grave in Western Cemetery, Cardiff, after dying while still on service as a volunteer with the ATS in World War Two.
LLEWELLYN William Shermer CWGC 2759409 Royal Welch Fusiliers Private 10752 d 26 Sept 1920, aged 27, buried at Cathays Son of Philip and Elizabeth Llewellyn, formerly of N Clive St; husband of Alice Llewellyn, of 91 Saltmead Rd. His service records survive - he was a dock labourer when he joined up in 1911 and served in India amd Malta. He was reported missing less than a month after he went to France on 30 October 1914 and was a prisoner of war at Hameln for four years until he was repatriated in 1918. He was then posted to a depot in 1919 and contracted a lung condition, poss TB
McKENZIE, Charles CWGC 1622026 Welsh Regiment, 2nd Battalion, C Company Private 8925 Died 31st October 1914, aged 30 Enlisted in Cardiff, where his stepmother Mrs M Petherbridge, lived at 104 Clare Road. He was a wheelwright, born and brought up in Carlisle, where his late father Henry, a tailor, lived until his death in 1893. He had first joined the Army in 1906.
MAHONEY, Thomas J CWGC 39046 Welsh Regiment Corporal 13985 d 22 July 1916, aged 21, Somme Lived at 9 Madras Street; his father was Timothy, mother Catherine; his sweetheart was Nell. "He had distinguished himself for bravery" and had been nominated for a DCM. He worked at a dry dock. He is commemorated on the St Patrick's Church memorial plaque.
MAIDMENT, Harry Kendell or Kendal CWGC 503673 Welsh Regiment, 18th Battalion. Private 39139 d 25 March 1918 in hospital, aged 27 The eldest of nine children to (Gideon) Frank and Jessie Maidment, 4 Bradford St; a docks labourer, had twice been wounded in his two years in France. His brother Edwin was in the Durham Lt Infantry and in hospital with trench fever.
MALE, Francis Charles CWGC 590210 10th Bn. Tank Corps (formerly Welsh Regiment). L/Corporal 78077 d 26 May 1918. Age 33. Born c1884. Son of Henry and Mary Male, Taunton. Lived at 40 Corporation Road, Grangetown (Town Clerk's War Memorial File). Husband of Isabel Ann Male (later of Swansea). Two children. Later lived at 102 Tewkesbury Street, Cathays. Employed on the Cardiff Tramways. Cardiff Corporation war memorial. Enlisted April 1915. Gommecourt British Cemetery No. 2, Hebuterne, France
MANFIELD, Henry James CWGC 109399 Royal Irish Fusiliers 6th Battalion Corporal 13550 d 27 Aug 1915 , age 27, buried in Alexandria, Egypt b Nailsea, Somerset 1887, husband of Eliza Manfield, of 1 Dorset Street, had two children. A plate layer at the Dowlais Works in 1915, brought up in Roath.
MATHIAS, Idris CWGC 906318 King's Royal Rifle Corps Rifleman/Private R/37992 d 29 July 1917, Ypres, aged 36 Born in Llantood, Pembs (near Cardigan), 1881, elder son of David Mathias, who was a carpenter of Newport, Pembs. Husband of Anna Petricia (Nan) Mathias (nee Johnstone), 52 Merches Gardens, Grangetown. Enlisted in Cardiff. She was Idris's second wife. He had three children with his first wife Hannah (nee Howell), who died in February 1913. He left two surviving children Winifred, 10, and David and also £125 in his will. His widow died in Canton in 1947. Idris was a draper's assistant at James Howell's store before the war. Members of Idris's battalion were involved in a raid on Beek Farm at 3.40am. "They were harrassed by rifle fire and bombs on their left flank" but reached their objective, gaining information about dispositions. There were seven casualties in total. Altogether 22 men from the battalion died that month. Body not recovered but he was remembered on Menin Gate memorial. He is also remembered on the Eglwysgwrw war memorial not far from the village where he was born and his name is also on the Woodville Road Baptist church WWI memorial plaque, so may have lived in Cathays at some point and had been living in Llandaff North until he remarried in 1914.
MEIK, Harry Alexander CWGC 906558 Royal Engineers, 124th Field Company Sapper 450450 Died 31st July 1917 Killed in action, left a widow Hetty Annie (nee Gough), aged 20, of 29 Cornwall Street. They had only been married three months. She remarried in 1923. Son of Henry George Meik, a mariner, of 1 Clare Road.
MILLER Annie (Anna) Catherine ('Kate') CWGC 591384 Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps Worker 10884 d 29 July 1920, buried at Pas de Calais, aged 27 Eldest daughter of John Edward and Elizabeth Miller, one of six daughters to Russian-born gasworks worker and Irish mother of 27 North Clive Street, Grangetown, Cardiff. In 1911, Newport-born Kate was an under-foreman at Freeman's cigar factory. The corps worked at the front as cooks and waitresses and three of her sisters Evaline and twins Irene and Edith also served. Her obituary says she died "tragically sudden after pleuro pneumonia." She had served for nearly three years - from 9 December 1917- and was expected to be demobbed shortly before she was taken ill. She was the last to be buried from WWI in St Pol-sur-Ternoise cemetery. Her sister Irene (Arcari) had a son who was decorated in WW2 and another sister also joined the WAAF to serve again in WW2.
MILLER Harold Lionel CWGC 2853950 Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consort's Own) 13th Battalion Rifleman S/4569 d 14 Nov 1916, aged 22, Somme b 1894 Dorset, youngest son of Richard Miller, fishmonger and fruiterer, living at 41 Clive Street. Killed by shellfire. Had enlisted at Pentre in 1914. He had been an apprentice watchmaker and jeweller in 1911. Previously lived at 44 Paget St - he was the youngest of five suriving siblings. His battalion diary recorded that it suffered a "hostile barrage" about midnight, with 40 casualties, at Beaumont Hamel. Then an attack on Beaucourt was ordered at 6.15am, with the attack held up for an hour by machine gun and rifle fire. During the month there were a total of 312 casualties, including wounded. Dead officers on the same day included the battalion chaplain, Captain Rev Ernest Wilberforce Trevor, 30, from north Yorkshire. Both are buried in the same cemetery.
MILLWARD Thomas CWGC 688706 South Wales Borderers, 2nd Battalion Private 9600 d 8 May 1915, Gallipoli b Grangetown, Cardiff - likely in 1886-88; the Census says a Thomas Millward lived at 53 Conybeare Road in Canton in 1911 and worked in a paper mill. Enlisted in Newport. Five days before he died he was awarded the DCM for gallantry for going in advance of the line near Krithia to rescue an injured comrade, who he returned to safety and rejoined the line; and then disposed of four enemy snipers.
MOLONEY, Arthur P CWGC 2972258 Mercantile Marine S.S "Mavisbrook" (Glasgow) Chief Steward d 17 May 1918, age 23 b 1895, son of James Moloney and the late Elizabeth Moloney; husband of Ethel Annie Moloney (nee Alloway, b 1896, married 1914), of 71, Pentre Street. He left a widow and one child. Brought up in Alice Street, Docks. His ship was carrying coal between Cardiff and Malta when sunk by a German submarine 50 miles from Cabo de Gata. He was one of 18 crew lost. Photo in Echo July 12 1918.
MORRIS, William "James" CWGC 2740188 Welsh Regiment, 13th Battalion Private
d 1 September 1918 Husband of Mrs. R. Bull (formerly Morris), of 45, North Clive St., Grangetown, Cardiff. Born in Swansea, enlisted in Pentre, Rhondda.
NEWMAN, Frank CWGC 918770 Wiltshire Regiment, 1st Battalion Private 5102 d 22 June 1915, aged 33 Born c1882 in Swindon, son of John and Esther Newman. Served the South African War. King's and Queen's Medals. Then worked for ten years as a carriage cleaner at the Great Western Railway sheds in Cardiff. Lived at Eldon Street (Ninian Park Road), Cardiff though his wife and three children were recorded at 73 Clive Street, Grangetown in 1915. Reservist and enlisted at Marlborough 4 August 1914. Wounded at Ypres 20 October 1914 and returned to the front 22 January 1915. .
O'BRIEN, Edward CWGC 447853 Hampshire Regiment
1st Battalion
Private 6809 d 7 Nov 1914 Husband of Mrs. E. Davies (formerly O'Brien), of 2 Hafod St., Grangetown, Cardiff. Born in Hay-on-Wye and living in Gosport.
O' BRIEN, Michael CWGC 249304 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Private 25506 d 12th March 1917, 37 b 1880 brother of Mrs E Alderman, 6 Madras Street; worked for 16 years for Grangetown builder Wisbey, he was a "well known Cardiff and District rugby union forward," playing for the Mackintosh and Roath clubs. Son of John O'Brien, of Cardiff; husband of Catherine O'Brien.
PALFREY Charles "Charley" CWGC 2759475 Welsh Guards, Prince of Wales Company Private 1407 d 19th February 1916, aged 24, in hospital, buried in Cathays b Cardiff 1891, brought up at 50 Saltmead Rd and later 65 Allerton St; he was a miller's labourer at Spillers and Baker, like his father before the war. He was married to Theresa Snell and they lived at her parents' house in 59 Stoughton Street. He died of injuries suffered at the Battle of Loos at Epsom Military Hospital. He had two daughters Edith (b 1913) and Edna (b 1914). His widow (d 1978) remarried David Tipples (d 1957) in 1920 and they lived in Stafford Rd.
PALMER Arthur Augustus CWGC 86987 South Wales Borderers, 11th Battalion Private 22570 d 22 February 1917, Age 22 Born 1896 in Grangetown - brought up at 22 Tynant St, son of Thomas (carpenter) and Sarah Ann Palmer, later of 32 Wyndham Road, Canton, where he also lived. Milk vendor. Enlisted in Newport. Served in a machine gun section for 16 months on the Western Front. Died of wounds to the leg, chest and head. Mendinghem British Cemetery, Proven, Belgium
PARDINGTON Fred CWGC 286182 Gloucestershire Regiment Private 34617 d 29th January 1918 b Longborough, Glos, lived at 14 Saltmead Rd (Stafford Rd) with wife Harriet (nee Parry, married 1912 - remarried Knight) and two daughters. He had been a porter at the Great Western station; called up in July 1917 and had been in France seven weeks before his death. Living in Rennie St in 1911. Son of William and Mary Ann Pardington.
PERCY Charles   Royal Engineers Sapper 386815 d April 14 1918 in hospital in Cambridgeshire b Devon, lived at 58 Cornwall Road; a bricklayer; he was the son of the late Sgt Richard Percy and Charlotte Percy. Believed to have born in 1875. There is an Army pension record which shows he was discharged after just over two year's service in October 1917 as no longer physically fit due to emphysema - originating at Ypres at the start of 1917, "the result of active service, strain and exposure". Medical report showed he had a "bad attack of bronchitis" at Ypres and ended up in hospitals back home. The condition was put down to "wet and cold in trenches." He had lost more than a stone in weight. There is another record which showed while a militia man in 1908, and living in Dorset St, he was jailed for 14 days in Cardiff for aiding and abetting a prostitute.
PERKS, William Henry CWGC 2973319 Mercantile Marine SS Armenian (Liverpool) Chief Cook d 28 June 1915, age 27 Son of Harry and the late Pollie Perks; husband of Jane Perks (nee Morgan, they married in 1910), of 7 Wedmore Rd., Grangetown. Torpedoed off Cornwall with 29 casualties.
PHILLIPS, Hugh Leopold CWGC 2973405 Mercantile Marine "Irene" Master d 9 November 1915, aged 49 Born in Burton, Pembrokeshire, 7 March 1866, son of Thomas Scott Phillips- a clerk in the Trinity House (lighthouse) service, and Isabella Phillips; husband of Naomi Jane Phillips (nee Davies, married Cardiff - where she was born - in 1894), living at 46 Taff Embankment, Grangetown; they had a daughter Marjorie (b 1904) and were living near Harwich in 1911. He was master of a lighthouse tender sunk by a mine laid by a U-boat in the Thames Estuary with 21 lives lost. The boat was searching for the wreck of a vessel between Harwich and London. Hugh was living in South Wanstead, Essex while serving but had become a ship's mate in his native Pembrokeshire and was working for Trinity House by 1901. He is commemorated on the Merchant's Seamen memorial. Read more about the lighthouse boat service and a list of other casualties here
PHILLIPS, William John CWGC 334735 South Wales Borderers, 7th Battalion Private 3/27447 d 14th July 1917, aged 38 Died in Salonika, Greece - buried at Doiran, near where the battles of Doiran were fought in 1917. His battalion had been based in Greece since October 1915. b 1879, son of Alice Phillips-Reid and Samuel Phillips -3 Monmouth Street; worked for Megitt and Jones timber merchant of East Tyndall Street. b Holyhead, Anglesey, then moved to Bridport before moving to 68 Saltmead Road and by 1891 his mother remarried John Reid.
PILLAR, Charles Henry CWGC 520140 Royal Field Artillery "Y" 5th Trench Mortar Bty. Gunner 154999 d 25 April 1918, aged 36 b 1882, mother lived at 66 Ferry Road; left a widow and four children (he married in 1906, prob Elizabeth Annie Beard). Worked for GKN at Cardiff Dowlais Works. Died in hospital in Rouen of bronchitis following trench fever. Pic in Echo, May 30 1918.
POOK, Alfred CWGC 94034 North Staffordshire Regiment, 5th Battalion Private 48895 d 16 April 1918 Born in Devon, he lived at 52 Wedmore Road and worked at Marshall's furniture makers in Tudor Street. He had served for four years.
POWER, James CWGC 2759494 Royal Naval Reserve, HM Drifter "J and M. Main", also HMS Pactolus Trimmer 1176TS Died 28th May 1916, age 34 Born 28 January 1882 in Bristol but some records indicate he may be older. Lived with his mother Bridget Power at 16 Madras Street. Died from disease and buried at Cathays Cemetery. The large family, headed by dock labourer John Power, from Tipperary, lived before in Somerset Street.
PRING, James CWGC 829884 Lancashire Fusiliers "A" Coy. 2nd/8th Battalion Private 307314 d 11 Oct 1917, aged 39 Husband of Lillian Pring, of 10 St. Fagan's St, Grangetown; the couple had a daughter Ivy and came to Cardiff in about 1901. A flour mill worker with Spillers and Baker in 1911, living in Canton, later East Street. Son of Mrs. R. Pring, of 5, Winchester St., South End Priory, Taunton;
PROUSE or PROWSE, Frederick William CWGC 1622026 Welsh Regiment, 2nd Battalion Driver 8919 Born in 23 Apr 1891 in London and a labourer before the war, after previously serving in the Navy. Married to Alice Kate Arnold, of 23 Dorset Street - the couple married in 1913 and she remarried in 1918. His late father was Eli, a labourer and his mother was Florence.
REED, Thomas CWGC 617376 Mercantile Marine H.M Transport "Twilight" Second Engineer d 28 June 1917, age 51 Son of John Carter Reed - a ship's engineer - and Lucinda Reed, of Sunderland; he may have lived for a few years in London; husband of Anne Emma Florence Reed (b 1865 London), of 51, Penhaved St; she lived at 34 St Fagans Street in 1911 with daughter Grace (b 1892)
RICH, Charlie CWGC 3031995 Mercantile Marine SS Edernian Sailor d 20 August 1917, age 25 Born c1892 in Cardiff, son of Captain Rich, 8 Habershon Street, Splott. Husband of Mrs. Rich 25, Penhevad Street, Grangetown. Drowned when his ship, en route from Middlesbrough to Dieppe with a cargo of steel, was sunk by torpedo by UB-10 six miles from Southwold
RICH, Thomas James CWGC 454913 Somerset Light Infantry, 1st Battalion Private 9081 d 27 April 1915 Born in Grangetown. His mother was called Mary Ann and the family lived at 18 Durham Street in 1901, father Charles a builder's labourer. Enlisted in Taunton. By 1911, as a 15-year-old, he was already with the Somersets. The battalion diary reads of shelling on the day he died.
RIDGE, Ralph Henry CWGC 3038209 Royal Navy, HMS Queen Mary Engine Room Artificer (ERA) 3rd Class M/2020 d 31 May 1916, age 27 B 1889, son of Ralph Ridge, railway worker of Cardiff, who may have lived in Forrest Rd, Victoria Park; husband of Sarah Alice Ridge, of 50, Taff Embankment - he had married in the previous July. He had been a railway worker, like his father, and the family had spent some time in Brighton. Died in the Battle of Jutland.
ROBERTS, Albert Harry CWGC 895960 Royal Welsh (Welch) Fusiliers, 11th Battalion Private 45858 d 19th November 1918, age 33 Born in Canton but quickly the family moved to 6 Dorset Street, Grangetown, where they lived for many years and were members of St Paul's church congregation. Albert was one of four children to the late William (a carpenter) and Myra. His mother later moved to Donald Street in Roath. He was based in the Balkans but appears to have been taken prisoner and died in a prisoner of war hospital at Lamsdorf (in modern day Poland) a week after the end of the war, the cause unknown, but possibly influenza. Albert was one of the hundreds of casualites moved to the Berlin South Western Cemetery at Brandenburg. He worked as a labourer before the war.
ROBERTS, John CWGC 3032108 Mercantile Marine SS Cymrian First Engineer d 25 Aug 1917, aged 28, drowned at sea Third surviving son of Capt Thomas Roberts, of 184 Corporation Rd; married to Isobella and lived at 37 Pomeroy St. On a coal shop heading between Newport and Dublin when she was torpedoed by U-boat and sunk in the St. Georges Channel. His brother also died at sea a year before.
ROBERTS, Thomas Henry CWGC 2867129 Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Defence Warrant officer or warrant engineer d 31 May 1916, aged ??, drowned at sea Eldest son of Capt Thomas Roberts, of 184 Corporation Rd and brother of John, who died a year later. He died in the Battle of Jutland in the North Sea when his cruiser was sunk. He had been in the Merchant Navy before the war and had hurried home from Japan to join up. He had another brother in transport and two brothers in the Army
ROBINS, Henry John CWGC 3032157 Mercantile Marine S.S Treverbyn (St.Ives) Second Mate d 3 Sept 1917, age 24 Son of Hannah Robins and the late David James Robins; husband of Myra Robins (nee Worthington) - they had only married three months before - of 47 Stockland Street. Born at Dinas Powys, Vale of Glamorgan. The steamer carrying iron ore to Manchester was sunk just off South Uist in the Outer Hebrides by U-boat with 27 casualties, seven crew survived.
RODD, George CWGC 505317 Royal Sussex Regiment 17th Battalion Private 30470 d 25 October 1918, age 24 B Exeter, son of John and Elizabeth Rodd of 35 Rutland Street - died of influenza in France. His father ran a second hand goods shop and he was brought up in Chester St.
ROWE, Henry Herbert CWGC 3038291 Royal Navy, HMS Black Prince Signalman Boatswain/Bosun d 31 May 1916 Living at Belle Vue, Treforest, but previously in Grangetown - 26 St Fagan's Street. He transferred to the Black Prince on the Sunday before the fleet went into action at Jutland. It appears he had joined the Navy as a signalman before the war.
SALTER, Wiliam Henry CWGC 811033 Welsh Regiment, 16th Battalion Private 32694 d 7 July1916, died at the Somme b 1897. Lived at 5 Rutland Street, the obit says with his sister. He was living there in 1911 and working as an errand boy with his father William, mother Alice - born in Wiltshire - and five brothers and sisters. Worked at Channel Mills before the war.
SAUNDERS, William CWGC 653254 Somerset Light Infantry 1st/5th Battalion Corporal 11021 d 11 April 1918, age 35 Born and enlisted in Bristol. Husband of Mrs. Kate Saunders, of 77 Cornwall St., Grange
SCULL Harry Walter CWGC 104034 Royal Garrison Artillery "R" Anti-Aircraft Battery Gunner 91904 d 6 Nov 1917, age 36 at Ypres Born in Bristol 1881, son of James and Emily Scull; husband of Amy Elizabeth Scull (nee Hussey), of Folkestone House, 1 Grange Gardens, who had a son Walter born in 1909. Married in Cardiff in 1908, he was a Prudential insurance company agent living in Bristol before the war and enlisted in June 1916. "He was a great loss to the section - always so cheerful, and they all felt it keenly," wrote his commanding officer.
SEYMOUR, Walter CWGC 577888 Royal Field Artillery Gunner 25537 d 24 Nov 1918 , aged 25 Died of pneumonia in France; lived at 237 Penarth Rd, his father was George, a mineral water salesman, who was also serving, along with his brother Percy George, of Chester Rd, Saltmead. He enlisted in 1914 and "went through the war without a scratch". He worked at the New Theatre before the war.
SHARP, J H CWGC 3032610 Mercantile Marine SS Trewyn (St. Ives) Mess Room Steward d 24 March 1916, aged 20 Foster son of Mrs Emma Lamprey, of 100, Holmesdale St., Grangetown, Cardiff - she and her husband had eight children of their own. The ship was lost near Gibraltar while on a voyage from Algiers to Middlesbrough, with a cargo of iron ore.
SIMPSON, James William M CWGC 41231 King's Shropshire Light Infantry 7th Battalion Private 13659 d 5 May 1917, aged 25 b Pembroke Dock 1892, eldest son of Minnie Simpson, of 41 Rutland St. He is on the Cornwall Street Baptist Church plaque. He was working as a labourer in 1911, boarding in Hereford Street but the rest of the family at this time were living at 36 Court Road. His father, also James William, was a milkman.
SKELLY (William) Harold CWGC 1653174 Lancashire Fusiliers, 11th Battalion Private 9226 d 16 May 1916, aged 22 Youngest son and one of seven children of Neath-born David John and Hannah Skelly, of 10 Court Rd., Grangetown; a railway messenger in 1911 and his last job a goods shed porter - also on the GWR memorial.
SMITH Cedric Harry CWGC 156781 Royal Garrison Artillery, 229th Siege Battery 2nd Lieutenant/Captain d 31 Oct 1917, aged 22 Born in St Arvan's, Chepstow, the son of a bootmaker, he was working as an assistant schoolmaster in Grangetown before enlisting. He won the Military Cross, for extinguishing a camouflage which caught fire near some cartridges and fuses "though under heavy shelling at the time".
SMITH Roderick ('Roddie') CWGC 430061 Cameron Highlanders Private S/23900 d 22 July 1917, aged 24 Born in Keose, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, son of Angus Smith, postmaster. Lived at 120 Mardy Street, Grangetown and employed by M. Fraser, draper, Penylan Terrace. Active member of Grangetown Hall and was an officer of the Sunday School. Enlisted in Cardiff.
SMITH Tom Edwin CWGC 2759537 Welsh Regiment 9th Battalion Private 290600 d 5 May 1918, age
b 1898, Cardiff; died of wounds in a hospital in London and buried at Cathays Cemetery. Lived at 22 Dorset St, one of five brothers, inc Sapper Harold M Smith of Royal Engineers. Worked at Hancock's Brewery before the war.
STEELE Charles Percy CWGC 1554238 Rifle Brigade 1st Battalion. L/Cpl B/203490 d 18 Oct 1916, age 19, at the Somme Born 1896 in Cardiff, youngest son of Daniel and Mary Steele, 16 Penarth Road, Cardiff. Lived in Cardiff. Employed as a foreman at Watson's Timber Yard. Enlisted at Finsbury, Middlesex. His battalion was at Lesboeufs on the Somme, 19 killed (250 casualties in all out of 710 men) during an assault on German trenches which started at 3.40am - under machine gun fire and it involved hand to hand fighting too.
STORR (poss STOOR), George Sharpham CWGC 1770023 Welsh Regiment 2nd Battalion Private 19404 d 25 Sept 1915, age 18, at Battle of Loos Son of Walter and Kate Storr, of 27 Llanmaes St. His Canadian-born father was a pilot's assistant and he was the eldest of six children in 1911. He was a member of Cornwall Street Baptist Church, and his name is included on a plaque there. He enlised in October 1914 and left Cardiff on May 12th 1915 "with the first batch of Temperance lads" He was posted missing at the Battle of Loos and officially listed as dead in the October.
SULLY William CWGC 826687 Welsh Regiment, 16th Battalion L/Cpl 23968 d 27 Aug 1917, aged 22 at Ypres B 1895, son of Frederick and Annie, both of whom had died before the war. In 1911, he lived with his widowed mother in Raven Street in Temperance Town and worked as a hairdresser. He is remembered on the Cornwall St baptist church plaque, which gives his Grangetown connection. His next of kin was his teenage sister Alice. Said to have been working for the Evening Express before his death. His brother Walter was injured while serving with the Royal Army Medical Corps.
SULLIVAN James Henry CWGC 1659755 Royal Field Artillery Bombardier 12273 d 6 June 1916, aged 25 Mesopotamia, buried in Basra B 1891, son of Bridget Whelan - of 5 Devon Place - stepfather James in the Welsh Regiment died six weeks before. His brother Thomas Joseph Sullivan died also in 1917. His late father James Sullivan had been an iron works labourer and the family had lived in Machen Place.
SULLIVAN Thomas CWGC 154182 Welsh Regiment, 14th Battalion Private 59782 d 1 August 1917, aged 19 Born c1898 in Cardiff, son of John Sullivan, 28 Penarth Road, Cardiff. Enlisted in Cardiff
SULLIVAN Thomas Joseph CWGC 1757152 Monmouthshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion - ex-Brecknockshire Bn. South Wales Borderers. Private 201855 d 30 November 1917 Born in Cardiff, son of Mrs. Whelan, 5 Machen Street, Grangetown. Brother of Bombadier James Henry Sullivan who was killed in action in 1916. His step-father Pioneer James Whelan died on active service in 1915 - see below. Enlisted in Cardiff. Reported missing.
TAYLOR, Joseph Henry CWGC 455031 Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consort's Own) Rifleman S/2347 d 12 Feb 1916, Flanders, aged 29 B Sept 1886 in Grangetown, lived at 25 Warwick Street with his wife Edith Ellen Lee and daughter Violet Elizabeth (b1914). He was the youngest of eight children born in Oakley Street. He worked as a docks labourer after being a baker's assistant on leaving school. The family had moved to Barry but returned to Grangetown.
TEMBLETT Stephen CWGC 815398 Royal Field Artillery Bombardier W/457 d 11 July 1916, Somme B Bridgewater 1877, lived in Grangetown at some point, as well as Canton. He lived latterly in Bristol with his wife Florence (nee Roberts). In 1911, he was living in Tintern St, Canton and had three children
THOMAS Charles Edward CWGC 2759560 Royal Marine Artillery Gunner d 8 Jan 1921, aged 41, died of disease, buried at Cathays B St Michael's Bristol, 31, Jan 1881, son of William Robert and Ellen Thomas, of 11 Dorset St. He was serving on HMS Crescent
THOMAS Ernest James CWGC 490787 Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Field Artillery Battalion: Territorial Force, 298th Brigade Gunner 815057 d 1 Jun 1917, aged 18 b Grangetown, son of Mrs Annie Thomas, of 3 St Paul's Rd., Aberavon. * There is an Ernest Thomas (b 1899, son of Annie Thomas b 1870, a Devon-born widow who ran a greengrocer's at 67 Cornwall Road; she had an elder son Bertram and younger daughter Florence). His late father William had worked with the Salvation Army and in insurance and the family had also lived in Dorset and Worcestershire for a period. Ernest enlisted in Port Talbot. Buried in the Railway Dugouts Cemetery at Ypres.
THOMAS, Thomas Robert Cliford CWGC 3046773 Royal Navy; HMS Louvain Ordinary Signalman
d 20 January 1918
aged 19
B 2 Oct 1898; son of John Charles and the late Gwendoline Thomas, of 18 Saltmead Rd., Grangetown, Cardiff. Killed in action with submarine in Mediterranean.
THOMAS, William Albert CWGC 2969123 Mercantile Marine, SS Ribston (London) Fireman 16 July 1917, age 26 b 1890, son of Sophia Cleopatra Thomas (nee Cox, b 1872 Devon), of 363 St. Ann's Well Rd., Nottingham, and the late (Walter) Herbert Thomas (b 1860), of 81 Constitution St, Cardiff. Born at Cardiff and his obit says late of Grangetown and Penarth. He was living in Dock Rd, Penarth in 1901 and Comet St, Adamsdown in 1891.
TILLEY, Samuel CWGC 816393 The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment Private 19756 d 13 Dec 1916 near Flers, Somme b 1886, brother of Mrs E (Ellen) Edwards, lived at 15 Compton St, Grangetown, worked at Hancock's Brewery; in 1911 was living with wife Agnes (nee Tracey) and young son Leonard (b 1910) at 13 Somerset Street. But Agnes died later in 1911. By 1919, his next of kin was his sister-in-law and guardian of his child Mary Donnelly, who lived at 9 Somerset Street with her husband William. Likely to be among the "few casualties" among carrying parties at Factory Corner when 4.2 inch guns struck near the brigade HQ just before midnight, after an otherwise quiet day. Earlier in the war, he was wounded at Dardenelles.
TOPP, William Albert CWGC 2969299 Mercantile Marine, SS Treveal (St Ives) Donkeyman 4 Feb 1918, age 48

Husband of Jessie Topp (nee McAdie), of 71, Clare Rd., Grangetown, Cardiff. Living in Barry in 1911, with one son James. Born at Aberdeen, son of Alexander and Elizabeth Topp. His steam ship carrying iron ore was sunk off the Skerries, Anglesey, by U-boat with 33 casualties. He had been heading to Barrow from Algiers. * See also Arthur Brown above.

TUGWELL, Charles Morgan CWGC 2759578 Royal Field Artillery 6th "C" Reserve Brigade Acting Bombardier 55795 d 10 Sept 1918, age 33 in hospital and buried in Cathays Husband of Catherine 'Katie' Elizabeth Tugwell, of 50 Allerton Street; died in Howard Gardens hospital "after a long and painful illness".
TYLER, Walter Charles Merchant seaman Assistant cook d Aug/Sept 1917, age 17, Plymouth Lived at 39 North Clive Street and worked on a transport steamer; he died in hospital of enteric fever. His father Charles was also working on a troop ship. He was the eldest of six surviving children and was brought up in Wedmore Road.

WAINWRIGHT, George Frederick

CWGC 68213 Welsh Regiment, 2nd Battalion Private 11066 d 15 October 1916 B Cadoxton, Barry; son of Private Frederick Wainwright of 41 Stoughton Street; he worked as a miner in Abertridwr and lived with his mother. He was killed in an explosion. Previously lived in Roath. (Pic, Echo Nov 1)
WELTON William CWGC 3045551 Royal Navy, HMS Amphion Stoker First Class 6 August 1914 - first Welshman to die in the war, aged 19 Born 11 October 1894 in Cardiff, son of Catherine Welton, (she had remarried ironworks worker Thomas Fry), of 18 Somerset Street, Grangetown. William worked as a cleaner on the railways and a builder's labourer before the war. He was killed in action when his light cruiser, clearing mines, hit a floating mine in the North Sea off the Thames Estuary. First Welshman to die in the war, and one of 150 casualties, only 32 hours after the declaration. William joined the Royal Navy in November 1912 and had been on the Amphion for nearly 18 months - he signed on for 12 years. In ordinary circumstances, he could have expected to be transferred to another ship by 19th August. His mother was said to have been ill for three years and news of his death meant her condition was "regarded with anxiety". (Cardiff Times 22.8.14)


CWGC 587393 Royal Engineers 7th Labour Battalion Pioneer 118509 d 26 Dec 1915, aged 41, of pneumonia b Greenore, Co Louth; lived at 5 Devon Place in 1911 with wife Bridget (a widow Sullivan, married 1904, nee Donovan. As well as her husband, she lost two of her eldest sons in the war); a labourer at the gas works; living at 5 Machen Street at start of war. He had three stepchildren called Sullivan and three sons called Whelan - James and Thomas J Sullivan died too, see above. Enlisted in Westminster in September 1915. He died in a military hospital in France, the Highland Casualty Clearing Station, six days later - his "illness due to a chill contracted a few days prior to his admission".


CWGC 2970000 Mercantile Marine
SS Delphic (Liverpool)
Fireman and Trimmer d 16 Aug 1917, aged 48 Son of Emma Whittington, and the late William Whittington; husband of Martha Whittington (nee Owen), of 28, Corporation Rd., Grangetown, Cardiff. Born in Herefordshire. One of five lives lost when White Star steam ship was torpedoed 135m off Lands End on a voyage from Cardiff to Chile with a cargo of coal.

WHITWORTH Josiah or Josirah

CWGC 286250 King's Shropshire Light Infantry, 6th Battalion, D company Private d 27 April 1918, aged 36 Son of the late William H and Maria Whitworth. Born at Gloucester, a dock labourer, single and living at 60 Saltmead Road (Stafford Road). One of six brothers who served in the war - and the only one to be killed. Buried at the Ham cemetery near the Somme.

WILLIAMS, John Edgar

CWGC 737369 Monmouthshire Regiment 1st Battalion; (formerly 2/7th (Cyclist) Bn Welsh Regiment) Rifleman 260139

d 3 December 1917, age 23, remembered at Loos Memorial

Born c1894 in Cardiff, son of the late John and Margaretta Williams, 91 Penhevad Street, Grangetown. He was a fitter by trade and joined the Cyclists Regiment as a reserve in October 1914, served in France in the summer of 1916 - attached to the 17th Bttn of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers - and was hospitalised with pleurisy. He was transferred to the Monmouth Regiment in August 1917, and assessed as "honest, sober and industrious" and attached to the 2nd S Wales Borderers. His brother Gunner George Williams, Royal Garrison Artillery, was gassed and in hospital in 1918. He also had brotehrs Bertie and David and a sister Blanche. Enlisted in Cardiff. Reported missing. A baptist, according to his service record.
WILLIAMS, Thomas "Tommy" Edward CWGC 3044524None HMS Ariadne Stoker 1st Class Died 26 July 1917, aged 27 One of eight children born to Eliza McAskill (formerly Williams), of Cromer House, Havelock Place, Grangetown, and the late James Williams. Previously of Angelina Street and Maria Street, Docks. His mother had remarried and lived in Amherst Street previously. His ship, a mine-layer, was torpedoed and sunk off Beachy Head.

WILLIAMS Wilfred Howell

CWGC 2970164 Mercantile Marine
SS Mohacsfield (W Hartlepool)
First Mate 18 April 1917, aged 29, buried at Cathays Husband of Kate Williams (nee Margerison, married 1912), of 31, Clive St., Cardiff. He was boarding in Ferndale Street in 1911 at a house owned by his future wife's brother-in-law.. Born 1888 at Bryneurin Sarnau, Carmarthen, son of the late George and Margaret Williams. Died as result of attack by enemy submarine. Believed he died in hospital in Devon. His ship was hit by U-boat in January 1917 near Malta with a cargo of hay and three crew were lost.


CWGC 2759603 Royal Field Artillery Western Div. Ammunition Col. Driver 138101

d 27 Nov 1920, aged 34, buried at Cathays

Son of Henry and E. Williams; husband of Helena May Williams of 83, Penarth Rd - he died in Cardiff and left £25 in his will.

WILLICOTT, George Chapel

CWGC 2759609 Royal Flying Corps, 44th Squadron Air Mechanic 2nd Class 98275

d 1 February 1918, aged 34, at home

He died of acute rheumatism and cardiac failure at home in Llewellyn Street, Pentre, Rhondda. He left a widow Gertrude (Steele) and four young children. They were living in Cyfarthfa Street in Cathays after his death, George working as a watch and clock repairer and jeweller's assistant. George had been brought up in Penarth Road and latterly 38 Taff Embankment before his marriage in 1907. His parents Benjamin - a master mariner - and Eliza moved to live in Coedcae Street - and later Wyndham Crescent. George was part of the ground crew for the 44th squadron, based in Essex, which was involved in the defence of London and night-time raids.

WITTS Thomas "Tom" William

CWGC 572114 Durham Light Infantry, 15th Bn. L/Corp 85448 d 9 Nov 1918

b about 1894 Springwell Colliery, Co Durham, a miner but who played for Cardiff City FC as a full back c1913-1915- mostly in the South Eastern League for the reserves; he lived at Eldon Street (Ninian Park Road) and lately 39 Compton St with his wife Beatrice Alice (nee Muir, married 1915), he had two young children - sons James Frederick (b 1914), Thomas Wilfred (it was his third birthday the day his father died), while daughter Ellen was born six months after he died. She was conceived during his last leave in August - her mother reveals this in a poignant appeal to the ministry for her to be counted in his Army widow's pension. Beatrice remarries later in 1919 to John M Evans, a local boiler fireman, they have two more children and the family emigrate to Canada in 1927 to live and work on a farm. Tom served in the water treatment section of the Royal Engineers briefly. His parents James and Sarah lived back in Co Durham.

WOODYATT William Henry

CWGC 2867660 Royal Navy, HMS Queen Mary Stoker First Class, SS/116310 d 31 May 1916, aged 20 b 8 January 1897 Hereford; one of nine children to joiner Albert James and Mary Ann Woodyatt, of 39 Rutland St, Grangetown, and had been in the Navy 18 months and with the Queen Mary since July 1915. Killed at the Battle of Jutland. He worked in the engine cleaning sheds for Great Western Railway before the war. He also tried to join the Army in November 1914, claiming to be nearly 20, when he was nearly 18. He was discharged after a few days as "unlikely to make an efficient soldier". He previously lived at 61 Saltmead Road (now Stafford Road). Pic in the Echo 3 June. He was 5ft 3 ins tall. His brother Jim also fought in the war with the Labour Corps and 10th Welsh Rhondda Battalion and survived; brother Jack also joined the Royal Signals, possibly under age, and was discharged.

YOUNG (James) William

CWGC 1556551 South Wales Borderers, 2nd Battalion Pte 15571 d 1 July 1916, aged 36 b about 1880 in Wellinborough, Northamptonshire but moved to Cardiff as a boy, first living in Riverside and for a time in Splott. His last known address was boarding in 40 Machen Place, Riverside and an unemployed house painter. He was killed in the Battle of the Somme and is remembered on the main Thiepval memorial. His next of kin was sister Nellie (1882-1966), who according to family never talked about the loss of her brother.