Postman's letters from the Front: 'I'm not the only one young or gone'

Private Ivor Jones, aged 19, died in May 1916 less than two months after leaving to fight.

  His family have letters and postcards he sent back to his parents and sister, who lived in St Fagan's Street.

A telegraph messenger and later postman in Cardiff and Barry, he'd joined the Post Office Rfiles section of the London Regiment.

The letter he posted before he left, and a postcard to his mother.

He posted this letter just before he left:

"Dear Mother and Dad, We're leaving for Southampton today, Sunday, we cross France Tuesday. Don't worry about me, I shall be alright. I am happy enough, I have plenty of pals too from Cardiff coming. I shall write every time I get a chance... Love to all, Ivor. I don't worry about me, I'm not the only one young and gone."

The correspondence continued with a letter saying "if you've got time, send out a few cakes but not many. We are in a place where it is very warm in the day time."

There were also postcards sent to his mother and sister from France at the end of March 1916.

Dear Mother, Just a line to let you know I'm quite well. I received cakes fine. Will write when I want more. Hoping to hear from you soon. Love Ivor.

He was killed on 21 May, initally being reported missing.

A postcard sent to his sister Doris, hoping she was a "good girl" and "getting on with music well."

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